Visa to New Delhi?

Everyone seems to have misunderstood poor Rajnath Singh Ji. People jump to the conclusion that Rajnath Singh Ji was appealing for a US visa for Modi when actually Rajnathi Ji was seeking a visa for Modi to New Delhi! The 2014 election is still quite far away and it is amusing to find BJP raising the pitch of the campaign as if the Central Election has already been declared. They have already declared their Chief Election Campaign Manager and perhaps it is this declaration that has got them into all sorts of trouble. The NDA has been reduced to just 3 allies, with not only JDU parting with NDA, but taking a whole lot of Bihar BJP MLA’s with them. Shivraj Chouhan’s Madhya Pradesh prefers to be without the Poster Boy on their posters. No regional party has shown any special interest in reviving NDA and BJP’s bugle has become a distant sound in the wilderness. With their campaign faltering, BJP desperately needed a controversy to warm up the political environment in their favour. The issue of American ban to grant a visa to Modi was thus resurrected to raise a political storm.

It can be easily noticed that the controversy in context of the impending election is clearly a non issue since an elected Prime Minister cannot be barred an entry to US because of diplomatic relations between the two countries. So if Modi were to win the election and become the Prime Minister, he doesn’t need to worry about a US visa. One would have therefore thought that he was bringing the cart before the horse by raising the visa issue. But nay, the think-tank of BJP feels that the visa controversy raised at this stage can give them 2 major advantages:

  1. It would create a highly polarized debate dividing India even more communally and
  2. In case, the US administration does concede to grant Modi a visa before the election, it would be a major victory in his campaign towards New Delhi which he desperately needs.

The controversy over the letter written by several Members of the Parliament with a large number of them being Muslims and the letter being released by Indian American Muslim Council is just the type of brewhaha that the BJP think-tanks were looking for. In fact some of the reports suggest that the Indian diaspora residing in the US has gotten divided on the visa issue along communal lines. This fallout however didn’t quite amuse the US administration. This controversy hence, instead of persuading the US administration to reconsider their view on Modi’s visa, has in fact boomeranged. An administration worried about the polarization in their own land would not allow this contradiction to grow any further. It was therefore not surprising that Shri Rajnath Ji meekly surrendered by saying that he will not appeal for Modi’s US Visa. A well laid plan went awry and Modi’s cap was denied an American feather again.

The trick to raise the issue in New York didn’t quite work for Mr Rajnath Singh Ji.

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Girish Mishra

Rest assured, Modi is not going to become PM and, in spite of all the efforts to manage the media and create the impression that BJP with its two allies is certain to come to power, its total score in LS elections may not touch three digit mark. Thank God, people at large are not touched by sponsored election surveys which are in violation of the principles of statistics.

Syed Munnaf


Dhruva Mistry

Born Hindu Nationalists don’t need any US visa to go to Delhi, unless they want to impress their Internationalist subscribers that they mean ‘India first’.

Smriti Tokes

Rajnath ji America se modiji ke liye visa ki bheek mang kar RSS aur BJP ka apman kyon kar rahe ho? RSS aur BJP Hamesha Angrejon aur Angreji ke khilaf hai.

Alex D Mello

BJP proved it’s hypocrisy again

Khalid Noor

Rajnatji…USA Obama ka ashirwad lene gaye……

Ramesh Parmar

BJP akeli dal