The Ultimate Black Money Medley courtesy Narendra Modi

This 8 minute video is the ultimate compilation of Narendra Modi’s unstoppable speeches on black money prior to getting elected as the Prime Minister of India. This includes speeches where he promised 15 lakhs per person if he gets elected as the Prime Minister of India.

Within a year of Modi being elected as the PM, on Feb 4th, 2015, in an interview with ABP News, Amit Shah categorically said that the 15 Lakhs promise was a ‘Jumla’, i.e. a political rhetoric. It is this interview that made the word “Jumla” popular. So popular that now every U-Turn and broken promise associated with BJP and Narendra Modi, and there are many, are called “Jumlas”.

That single interview hurt BJP so much that on May 21st, 2015, in Aaj Tak channel’s program called Manthan, he changed his statement and claimed that he never said that the 15 Lakh Promise was a “Jumla”.


Watch Amit Shah’s U-turn below.