The story hidden in Anupam Kher’s Twitter timeline – Dadri to #AwardWapsi

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Modi in Election mode before May 2014: Pink Revolution, Pink Revolution

Anupam Kher: Vote for Modi, Vote for Modi

Modi in China, Ireland etc: Mocking secularism on every second foreign tour. International Media watches a PM of a country mock a principle which is one of the standing principles in the country’s constitution.

Anupam Kher: Silent

Dadri killing happened on the evening of 28th September, 2015. It was a ghastly killing by a mob based on false rumours of beef eating, which was reported by media agencies worldwide, many Indians were aghast at the barbarity just like they were in case of Nirbhaya

Earlier on the same day, Anupam Kher had tweeted:

Watched PM @narendramodi at SAP this morning San Jose. Made me feel A Proud Indian. No other politician has evoked such patriotic feelings:)

Sept 29th to October 1st: Dadri incident splashed all over media on front pages.

Anupam Kher: Silent

October 3rd: Two youth are arrested in Dadri case. One of them is the son of a local BJP leader and other a relative. Details are available in multiple media reports as to how this was a preplanned communal incident. This local BJP leader has a nice cozy picture with Union Minister Mahesh Sharma as his Facebook Profile Picture.

October 2nd, 3rd, 4th: People from all walks of life including Bollywood personalities condemn the incident and are horrified at the conduct of BJP’s leaders.

Anupam Kher: Silent

Through this first week since the killing, Mahesh Sharma said things like “the 17 year old girl wasn’t touched”. BJP MLA Sangeet Som said he will help the accused. BJP MPs Sakshi Maharaj and Adityanath openly voice support for the accused.

Anupam Kher: Silent

October 5th: Anupam Kher retweets a Chetan Bhagat tweet

A lawless Indian mob killed an innocent Indian. That’s the Dadri incident. It isn’t about beef, hindu, muslim or who is superior.

Despite media and police reports suggesting that it is was pre-planned killing and a false cow-slaughter rumour was propagated by the temple priest via temple’s loud speakers, Anupam Kher retweets a typically brainless Chetan Bhagat tweet which suggests that the killing was nothing as the media and police reports suggest. It was not about “beef, hindu or muslim” apparently.

October 6th: Nayantara Sehgal returns her award and with that a deluge of ‪#‎AwardWapsi‬ starts.

October 8th: Anupam Kher tweets:

#‎DadriIncident‬ is a Blot on our democracy. So is ‪#‎KasmiriPanditExodus‬. Sadly, Don’t remember any literary scholars returning their awards…

Till date no outright condemnation, the first tweet is “What about Kashmiri Pandits”.

A relevant question must be asked here. What has Modiji done for Kashmiri Pandits? A recent TOI article suggested that exactly 1 family has gone back to the valley in last 25 years. This is after 1.5 years of Modi Govt and a BJP-PDP combine in J&K and 6 years of Vajpayee Govt. A resettlement promise to exhiled Kashmiri Pandits is always one the prominent ones in BJP Manifesto.

And since then, as the #AwardWapsi intensified, so did Anupam Kher’s appearances on News Channels. Anupam Kher is not silent anymore. Anupam Kher is now busy casting aspersions on people returning awards. Anupam Kher is worried about India’s image.