The Murder most Foul. The Rape and Murder of Kauserbi.

She thought she had the entire Taj Mahal in her hands; a dream that most of us share with our loved ones. But this dream of Kauserbi turned into ashes, a most tragic end to her love story. She was raped and brutally killed by a group of policemen in Ahmedabad and her body was burnt on the river bed of a small village called Illol, the village of D.G.Vanzara, the DIG of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS). They murdered her as she was the eye witness to the kidnapping of her husband Sohrabuddin.

Kauserbi at Taj mahal
Kauserbi at Taj mahal

Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi had boarded a luxury bus from Hyderabad to go to Sangli, Maharashtra at about 9 p.m on 22.11.2005. But they never reached Sangli. A group of policemen from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh led by an IPS officer from Gujarat, Shri Rajkumar Pandyan, kidnapped them on their way in the wee hours of 22nd/23rd  November, 2005. One passenger Sharad Apte who was travelling in the same bus stated before CBI that around 1.30 a.m on 23rd Nov, a Qualis Jeep blocked their bus and three policemen with guns abducted Sohrabuddin and another man and took them away. While getting down, Kauserbi refused to allow the police to take away Sohrabuddin alone and she was heard shouting that she would not allow them to take her “Shoher†alone.

The recent supplementary charge-sheet filed by CBI on 6th May 2013 alleges that Vimal Patni, the owner of R K Marbles and former Home Minister of Rajasthan Shri Gulab Chand Kataria had conspired to kill Sohrabuddin as he was allegedly trying to extort money from R K Marbles.  The killing was outsourced to the Gujarat Police in consultation with Amit Shah, the Minister of State for Home of Gujarat. Kauserbi became the tragic victim of the inter-state conspiracy and subterfuge.

Sohrabuddin was “encountered†in the early morning of 26th November, 2005. Kauserbi was confined in a farmhouse known as Arham farm from 26th to 28th November, 2005 (Amjad Ali who was killed along with Javed-Ishrat was also kept at Arham farm). One PSI Chaube was given the job to guard her. The evidence of a Gujarat Police man first revealed Chaube’s heinous act. Ravindra Makwana ASI, PW-25 on 25.8.2010, stated before the CBI that,

With regard to Smt Kauserbi, I state that Ajay Parmar and Santram Sharma ( two other policemen who have turned witnesses) while discussing stated that Shri Choube the then PSI who was deputed to look after Smt Kauserbi, raped her in farm house.


The last journey of Kauserbi was of course the most brutal. On 29th November around 12.30 p.m, she was taken to the ATS office at Shahibaug by PSI Choube. DG Vanzara, DIG and Rajkumar Pandyan, SP, tried to buy peace with her and offered her a huge sum of money for her silence but she refused. On being told about the death of Sohrabuddin, she turned hysteric. Narendra Amin, DySP Crime Branch Ahmedabad, who was earlier a doctor by profession, was summoned by Vanzara around 4 p.m. Kauserbi was drugged and killed in that very office.

As per the statement of PI Rathod, Vanzara called him to fetch a tempo to transport firewood around 5 p.m. Kauserbi’s dead body was carried away in a police jeep to Illol village from ATS office around 6 p.m. The last part of this heinous tale is most lucidly explained by another Police Officer, DySP Padheria, who was the first Investigation Officer of the Sohrabuddin murder case under the order of the Supreme Court:


I further state that during the examination of Nathubha Jadeja, driver stated that Kauserbi was cremated by Sh. Vanzara, the then DIG , ATS, Sh. R.K. Pandiyan, the then SP, ATS, Sh. N.K. Amin, Dy.S.P., B.R. Chaubey, NV Chauhan, both were sub-inspectors, on the bed of Dhavdi river at Village Illol and her remains of bones and ashes were cooled down by pouring water and was kept in a gunny bag. Thereafter, Shri BR Chaube, the then sub-inspector and NV Chauhan, the then sub-inspector, had taken the remnants of Kauserbi to dispose off in the Narmada River in Bharuch District.

Nirbhaya’s rape and murder had aroused the whole country and rightly so. Why is there a deafening silence in the case of Kauserbi?



  1. I know..Current BJP party n it’s two owners are most deadliest ppl who will spoil our country’s integrity n unity for sure… Thanks mukul & pratik sir to bring it to public… Guys let’s share it as much as we can to the right ppl… #truthofgujrat

  2. PSI Chaubay & DIG Vanjara should be severly punished 4 this Act with the Lady Kausar B. Police reforme is badly required in this country. Police is being used by so many bad peoples.

  3. if not human….god will surely punish the culprits……i wish & pray that culprits who ever is it irrespective of religion, caste , should die with hunger and may god destroy there whole upcoming generation.

  4. Killing the unsuspected and unarmed women is an act of terrorism. whichever community they belong to.No human being will dare to do such things but only men in khaki as they become robots & pawns in the hands of politicians. These khaki men should be punished for ruthless murder.

  5. No wonder that almost all comments here are by muslims whereas one will never see muslims commenting on other such stories of rape/assault/murder of innocents until the victims are muslims. Clearly for this community everybody non-muslim deserves to die. So, I’d say this is a case of swallowing their own medicine. Islam is a religion of terror and terrorists like Soharabuddin and anybody associated with him is a terrorist and does not deserve any human right. So there killing is actually an act of society cleansing.

    • It is fascists like you who will destroy our country. The society should be cleansed of neo-nazis like yourself and (sadly) the hundreds of thousands of your comrades.

      It was Farhan Akhtar who launched the MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination).

      It was Hindus and other non-muslims like Teesta Setalvad who stood up for justice and the rights of Muslim victims of the Gujarat pogrom/genocide.

      Sane, peace-loving, rational and humane people around the world will seek to promote harmony and stand united against injustice and fascism.

  6. this is called development….brutal murder of innocent peoples…..wat a development..hats of 2 U feku…. Ohhh our upcomming prime minister ( sapne dekhta reh)

  7. common idiotic supporters of FEKU now comment this is also fake as ur FEKU govt karke all are silent becoz wribrant gujarat is for name sake the true gujarat is communal and it sucks ….

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