The fire in S6 Coach of Sabarmati Express was not caused by Petrol or any such inflammable liquid fuel.

Gujarat Police alleged that, as part of a pre-planned conspiracy, S6 Coach of the Sabarmati Express was set on fire from inside by pouring 120 litres of Petrol. However evidence on record tells an entirely different story.

6 Karsevaks who jumped out of the S6 coach of the Sabarmati Express deposed before the Nanavati Commission formed by Gujarat Government. According to their depositions:

    1. They had not seen any person coming inside the coach and pouring any fluid
  1. They had not seen any fluid on the floor of the coach
  2. The smell was like that of burnt rubber

Then Superintendent of Police of Godhra Shri Raju Bhargava also deposed before the Nanavati Commission. He reached the S6 coach at 8:30 a.m, 10-15 minutes after the fire started. When cross examined by Mukul Sinha from Jan Sangharsh Manch, he stated that:

  1. He had not seen any flames on the floor of the S6 coach.
  2. He had not smelt any inflammable fuel like petrol, kerosene, diesel etc.

One Income Tax officer Mr Hariprashad Joshi who along with his wife was travelling in the S6 coach and was seated on Berth No 43 also deposed before the Nanavati Commission.

According to his deposition, to save his life, he had crawled on the floor of the S6 Coach from Seat No 72 to Seat No 1 and then escaped through the door near Seat No 1. Additionally he escaped with burns on his face and ear.

If the fire in S6 coach was caused because of Petrol, it would be impossible for a person to crawl the entire length of the Coach with fire burning right under him. Additionally Mr Hariprasad Joshi had no burns on his hands and feet which again is an impossibility if an inflammable liquid was used and he had to crawl through the fire.

Also, read on Truth of Gujarat, how the story of Petrol was actually fabricated by the Gujarat Police.


  1. So how the coach caught fire.. had all the karsewaks farted at one go? Better do some constructive work rather then demonizing Shri. Narendra Modi Ji all the time.. He is going to become our PM in 2014.