Sikandar visits Bihar for the third time: Hunkar has become more of a comic interlude

As kids, we were taught in history that Alexander the Great (Sikandar) could never accept a combatant who was superior to him. He came all the way to the Kingdom of Porus located between Jhelum and Chenab rivers and faced the stiffest resistance of his career. Alexander finally defeated Porus and accepted his surrender. The purpose of this post is certainly not to tell little stories about Sikandar and Porus but as Narendra Modi in his Hunkar rally of Purnea howled against the “audacity†of Nitish kumar to consider himself a better candidate as a Prime Minster, we thought Modi was behaving like the Sikandar. It may be recalled in his Patna rally, it was Modi who had made the gaffe of declaring that Sikandar had visited Bihar!

Equally incredulous is that Modi blames all ills of Bihar on Bihar Government! Guess it is beyond his limited knowledge bank that it was his own party BJP allied with JD(U) and governed Bihar from 2005-13!

In the last two rallies of Modi in Bihar at Muzzafarpur and Purnea, Modi had vociferously attacked the track records of the State Government of Bihar for the “complete lack of development”. Congress not being the immediate target in this State, the compulsion of Modi to attack his former ally Nitish can be understood. However, before we can comment on the new gaffes, let us summarize the accusations Modi levies against the “Nitish Kumar Government†in his last two meetings.

  1. The economy of Bihar has gone to the dogs ever since Nitish has become the CM
  2. The health care system in Bihar is none-existent
  3. The youths have no jobs
  4. The minorities have suffered the most; Modi referred to Sachar committee report to support his accusation.
  5. Etc. Etc. Etc.

As per his proven track record , Modi’s accusations fly in his own face and BJP. He lost sight of the fact that, the man who he was sharing the stage with, Mr Sushil Modi, was the Deputy Chief Minster of Bihar Government till June, 2013. Not just that, Mr Sushil Modi, was the Finance Minister as well. Ashwini Kumar Choubey, of BJP, was the Health Minister from 2005-2013. The Urban development minister, Prem Kumar, was from BJP. The list goes on and on as BJP was responsible for a lot of important portfolios.

Nitish Kumar, Sushil Kumar Modi were the CM and Deputy-CM respectively from 2005 to 2013
Nitish Kumar, Sushil Kumar Modi were the CM and Deputy-CM respectively from 2005 to 2013

In the 2005 Bihar elections, JD(U) had won 88 seats with 20.4% votes; BJP had won 55 seats with 15% votes whereas RJD had won 54 seats and LJP had won 10 seats. Thus in a house of 243 seats, BJP-JD(U) formed the Government with 143 seats. Thus of the total period of nine years of the Nitish Kumar Government, eight years BJP and JD(U) worked like twins and BJP and Sushil Modi must take the full blame of the accusation made by Narendra Modi in the Hunkar rally.

Nitish Kumar held a conference on March 12th, 2014 and made fun of Modi’s knowledge vis-a-vis his claims regarding Bihar’s development. For eg, the Sachar Committee report, that Modi referred to, to support his claims that Minorities had suffered was a 2004 report, BEFORE the BJP-JDU combine had formed the Government.

A similar blunder committed by Modi in Jharkhand where BJP had governed most of the time yet Modi blamed Congress for all the ills of Jharkhand. This is the bankruptcy of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate or should we say he is a deliberate trickster who is fooling the country by making such ludicrous allegations to hide BJP’s own failures in Bihar.

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Shrikant Asthana

People should have come to know by now that Modi is uneducated and his assertions are nothing more than an uniformed or mis-informed man’s musings. He has repeatedly shown that he has is not interested in facts and believes in fanning out his beliefs and perceptions.

Drrkd Goel
I challenge to all the BJP Politicians and Bureaucrats of Gujarat to show me what are the developments in Vadodara. How many people died in floods of Gujarat in 2005 and Surat floodsi 2006. These floods are described as man made disaster by the two Judicial Commissions. One was headed By Justice (retd) Mr. R.A.Meha chaired the Peoples’ Committee of Surat floods of 2006. He also investigated the floods of 2005 of Gujarat. Second inquiry Commission was headed by Hon. Ms Justice Ms Saguna Bhatt, which is appointed by Mr. Narendra Government Both the Commission said that the Surat floods… Read more »