Does RSS want women to become baby making machines?

In recent days, the mentors of the saffron brigade have suddenly become conscious of the demography of India. They have been arguing that the rate of increase of Hindu population is going down as compared to the rate of growth of the Muslim population. Terrified by the prospect of the Muslims outnumbering the Hindus, the RSS leadership are now openly giving fatwa to the Hindu community to make more children. This is what RSS joint secretary Dattatreya has said in Kochi recently as reported by TOI.

The RSS has suggested that the Hindus should revisit their practice of “blindly accepting” family planning methods and start embracing big family norms.

This would help check the reported demographic shift that is happening in favour of minorities in certain parts of the country, RSS joint secretary Dattatreya Hosbale told reporters.

Hosbale claimed that former RSS leader late KS Sudarshan had also suggested that Hindu families should have more children.

Quite apart from the fallacy that the Muslims would numerically run over the Hindu population, the real issue is, does the RSS leadership want an explosion of population in the Indian sub-continent by their absurd formula of Hindus making more babies? In fact the real effort should be to convince all sections of the population to plan their family properly such that the no family have more than 2 babies irrespective of cast, creed or religion. The communal hatred should not be pushed to the extent of cutting off the nose to spite the face. The entire emphasis should be how to persuade and convince all communities to accept the family planning norms of Government of India and it goes without saying that education and alleviating the living standards are the two most important factors that would go a long way to plan a small family.

Having said this, the fatwa of RSS also reflects their attitude of the organization towards women. Are they to be treated as baby making machines? In fact, the RSS mindset is such that they expect women to be subservient to men. The photograph here-in-below would indicate this subservience of women to the leaders of RSS.

Women washing RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's feet
Women washing RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s feet

The same Mr Bhagwat who is getting his feet washed by women, has gone on record by saying that:

“Rapes are rare in “Bharat” (rural India) but occur frequently in India. You go to villages and forests of the country and there will be no such incidents of gang-rape or sex crimes.”

If we look at the conditions in the saffron citadel, i.e. the experimental laboratory of Gujarat, the recent statistics will further go to show that women are not a part of Modi’s so called developmental agenda. While most of the states in the country has an upward trend in dealing with India’s abysmal male-female ratios, Gujarat is one of the three India states besides Bihar and Jammu & Kashmir which has a downward trend.

Gujarat Females per Thousand Males
Gujarat Females per Thousand Males

On TruthofGUjarat, we have also pointed out that Gujarat has one of the lowest conviction rates in crime against women even though the rate of crime has increased year after year.

Perhaps the situation of the women in a saffronized society would be best described as below:

Women who vote for Modi
Women who vote for Modi
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Abhay Bharatiya


Ayesha Rahman

And this, the extremists say, is a rumour BECAUSE it isn’t dictated by any Muslim brother!!

Who say that in rural India area there is no rape? Now rape is reported more in urban area due to electronic media. How the upper class salaried Hidus will afford to have more than two children, It is difficult to maintain even one child due to increase cost of fees etc of a child. Now all the RSS Pracharak should marry also to have more Hindu population. When Mr Late M.S.Golwarkar was the RSS chief, he does not allow woman to touch his feet. Now Mr. Mohan Bhagwat allowing the lady to wash his feet. Allow only two children… Read more »
Krishna Kant Singh

More and more you know about fascist parties, more and more filths come to your face. RSS is a true cancer of our society and BJP, its political wing is trying its best to capitalise anti Congress wave, is basically pro corporate world and works to enhance their profit for commission, and does not hesitate opening our market to foreign investors!
People are revolting against RSS, Asaram Bapu and other rotten entities along with Congress, their mother party!
Hopefully AAP will give us a society based on honesty, women’s equality and logic!