Was the Rape and Murder of Kausarbi, Vanzara’s ‘Patriotism’ or that of his Political Bosses?

Kausarbi was raped and murdered in the custody of Gujarat Police, by the very custodians of law. Who is going to light candles for her, express outrage?

Kauserbi was locked up in Arham Farm much like Javed and Ishrat.

Policemen Ajay Parmar and Santaram Sharma confessed that Kasaurbi was raped by PSI Balkrishan Chaubey in Arham Farm.

When Vanzara and his cohorts including SP Pandyan and PSI Choubey failed to buy her silence, she was drugged and murdered in Ahmedabad’s ATS office by their resident doctor DySP NK Amin.

She was then cremated by Vanzara, Pandyan, NK Amin and other policemen at Vanzara’s village Illol as confessed by Nathubha Jadeja.

Vanzara in his resignation letter tries to defend his actions by making it look as if he and his men were doing a service to this country. He also unequivocally states that Gujarat Government was inspiring, guiding and monitoring their actions from the very close quarters and that he and his men were just ‘loyal soldiers of the government’.

Was the rape and murder of Kausarbi, Vanzara’s ‘Partriotism’ or was it the ‘Patriotism’ of his political bosses who were inspiring and guiding him?

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  1. According to the latest Supreme Court directive, charge-sheet containing ‘ SCURRILOUS TRUTHS’ should be removed before any court is authorized to entertain any charge-sheet. That is why there is absolutely no progress in any of the fake (scurrilous?) cases investigated by CBI for the past several cases in Modi’s Gujarat.!!!

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