Profiling Terrorists to Create Hindu Nationalists


Gujarat has been used as a crucible for the Hindutva experiment post Babri Masjid and it was quite natural that the ‘Indian war against terrorism’ was also initiated in Gujarat. But to fight Jihadi Terrorism, logically you need Jihadi terrorists who unfortunately do not come to Gujarat on invitation. So you have to create them. We will tell you the story of Sadik Jamal, a very ordinary boy from the poor slums of Bhavnagar, Gujarat who was profiled to become a dreaded terrorist of the D-company.

Sadik had run away from his house in 1995 after a quarrel with his father when he got into a fight with another guy and he landed up in Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai. A guy called Tariq Praveen engaged him as a domestic servant and when Tariq moved his base to Dubai, he took Sadik along. Sadik’s younger brother, Shabbir, was to get married on 12th January 2003. Sadik decided to come over to Bhavnagar to attend his younger brother’s marriage which he never could. Infact he was the ‘dreaded terrorist’ who was shot dead on 13th January 2003 and Shabbir had to carry his corpse to the graveyard.

How did Sadik become ‘the dreaded terrorist’? The story is better told by Journalist Ketan Tirodkar who admitted to have profiled Sadik as a terrorist on the request of Daya Nayak, the real life Ab Tak Chappan hero, the then PSI of Crime Investigation Unit (CIU), Andheri. Ketan Tirodkar, a confidante of Daya Nayak,  had filed an affidavit in the writ petition (SCrA No. 963 of 2007) filed by Shabbir seeking a CBI investigation into the ‘encounter’ of Sadik. We quote here in below paragraphs 3 and 4 of his sworn affidavit.

3. I say and submit that in my aforesaid complaint in paragraph nos. 7 and 8, I have specifically stated about the manner in which Sadik Jamalbhai Mehtar was deliberately profiled as being a member of Dawood Ibrahim gang by Shri Daya Nayak and me, and further profiled as if he was to go to Gujarat as a contract killer of Lashkar-e-Toiba for eliminating the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi.

4. I further say and submit that Shri Daya Nayak and I had undertaken this exercise at the request of some big politician of Gujarat who had approached Daya Nayak for getting a so called “militant” for `encounter killing’. I say that as I have stated in para-7 of my aforesaid complaint, the said Shri Sadik Jamal had come to me for a help and taking undue advantage of his helplessness, I had taken him to Shri Daya Nayak who found Sadik to be an ideal person for being portrayed as a `Terrorist of D gang’ and also a `contract killer’ in order to hand him over to Gujarat police for being killed in staged `encounter’. 

The rest of the fateful story is stated under CrPC section 161 before the CBI on 24.08.2012 by the IB Officer Shri Ambady Gopinathan who was acting on the basis of the intelligence input created by the IB officer Rajinder Kumar of the Javed-Ishrat encounter fame. The relevant extracts are as below:

In the morning on 19.12.2002, Shri Praveen Bhai Ladhani  was directed by me to visit Andheri railway station, where two other SIB officers will meet him and place of apprehension of Sadik will be conveyed to them. Thereafter, in a joint operation organized by IB higher officers with Mumbai Crime Branch, on 19.12.2002, Sadik was apprehended near Arsa hotel, Andheri (east) Mumbai and taken to CIU, Andheri crime branch. Shri Praveen Bhai Ladhani along with other officers interrogated Sadik at CIU Andheri Office.

It is further stated that for about a week, different ACIO-1/ACIO-2 level officers of SOG, SIB, Mumbai used to visit to CIU, Andheri from time to time for interrogation of Sadik. On the basis of interrogation, it was concluded by SIB, Mumbai that there was no substance in the input that Sadik had intention to cause any harm to VVIPs as alleged in the initial source report. The interrogation report containing, the conclusion of interrogating officers of SOG, was forwarded to IB HQ, New Delhi.

On 03.01.20013, the custody of Sadik was taken over by Crime Branch Ahmedabad, Gujarat Police from Mumbai Police for interrogation at Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar. On 13.01.2003, I came to know from media news that Sadik was killed in a police encounter at Ahmedabad.

The aforesaid well scripted encounter was converted into a First Information Report (FIR) on 14.01.2003 by the Crime Branch, Ahmedabad which alleged that Sadik along with Chota Shakeel, Dawood Ibhrahim and others in conspiracy with ISI had come with the malafide intention of destroying India….and with the aim of murdering the Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Pravin Togadia etc. That is how all the scripted encounters created the Hindu Nationalist.


  1. Unfortunately Gujarat has a upper hand hardcore criminal as a constitutional executive. If we people who believe in justice and rule of law do not make much needed steps to annihilate these Hindu nationalist, a great danger is waiting for India.

  2. Please don’t call these Hindu Nationalists. Terrorists really have no religion nor nation. These are fanatics who happen to hold some religious identity but no religious belief or conviction.

  3. It seems that 2002 made everything look so easy and possible that thurst for control and hegemony of power saw no limits with the ideologues of partisan empire.