Nationalist software Photoshop joins BJP’s campaign in Kerala

Back in early 2014, multiple BJP supporters used to merrily share a poster of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on social media with a quote attributed to him which read as “America fears Modi because they know that he is incorruptible”. Sounds very good, except for that it was a fake quote. Wikileaks exposed this falsity over several tweets in March 2014 much to the embarrassment of BJP.



Though most parties exaggerate their claims via photoshop to some extent, BJP’s followers have perfected the art of photoshopping. We’ve have written here in past how they have been using photoshop to foment communal hatred. They also keep getting caught over and over again but that doesn’t diminish their love for Photoshop. This same love is visible yet again in Kerala Elections and in ways similar to how Julian Assange and so many other known faces have been co-opted through fake quotes.

In the span of 2-3 days, multiple Kerala Movie personalities have had to make public statements through social media about their political associations or the lack of it. They have had to so because there’s been a surge of photoshopped images with their pictures on it and their endorsement for BJP floating around on social media and messaging applications like whatsapp. It started with Balchandra Menon putting out a video post stating that he has not endorsed any political party when a poster of him supporting BJP was doing rounds.


Soon after, yet another actor, Neeraj Madhav, had to come out with a similar statement stating that he has no intentions of being involved in any political campaigning when a poster of him allegedly showing support for BJP was being circulated.


The trend continued with yet another actor Prithviraj Sukumaran coming out with yet another statement stating that certain closet genius/genuises have been using online anonymity as a license to his use name for propaganda.


Thus, after Narendra Modi, photoshop continues to be the single most important campaigner for BJP in recent times.



  1. The irony is that simpletons might really take this quotation about Internet (!!) by Lincoln as true!

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