Narendra Modi’s LIE about America admitting he’s incorruptible trashed by @WikiLeaks

On 22nd March, 2011, after a lecture at Pandit Deen Dayal University at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Narendra Modi proudly announced:

America has shown me incorruptible. There are many non- corrupt people, but they have termed me incorruptible, which is good for the people of Gujarat. Wikileaks shows two faces – that of the Government of India and another of progressive Gujarat.

WikiLeaks, which Modi referred to, is an international, online, non-profit, journalistic organisation which publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. As part of the leaks, they had published several classified US Cables. One of those cables dated November 2, 2006, sent by Michael S Owen, the then Consul General in Mumbai, referred extensively to Narendra Modi. It was this cable that Narendra Modi was gloating about and claimed that America has admitted that he’s incorruptible. Narendra Modi’s personal website was also promptly updated.

Modi's website claims that America admits he's incorruptible
Modi’s website claims that America admits he’s incorruptible

Modi’s appointed volunteers who are part of the Mission272+ team, put an entirely different spin to this. They started attributing the statement that “Modi is incorruptible” directly to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. They started distributing images of Julian Assange with the quote “America fears Modi because they know that he is incorruptible” with Assange’s signature to go with. One such image was tweeted by an official BJP representative => Operations In-charge, National Digital Operations Centre of Modi’s Mission 272 team, Prasanna Karthik.

Prasanna Karthik, an official representative of BJP, tweeting BJP's Fraud Propaganda
Prasanna Karthik, an official representative of BJP, tweeting BJP’s Fraud Propaganda

In fact, Narendra Modi himself follows Prasanna on Twitter and Prasanna’s Twitter cover image shows a picture of him with Modi.


The propaganda involving the above Julian Assange image has been going on full swing leading up to the Elections. Wikileaks apparently took notice of BJP’s fraudulent propaganda and has come down heavily on Modi and his bhakts (supporters). In a series of tweets from the official WikiLeaks Twitter Account, they completely exposed Modi, his supporters and their cheap mis-leading propaganda. In fact, WikiLeaks not only demolished the Julian Assange endorsement, but they also completely rubbished Modi’s original claim that America had admitted he’s incorruptible.

In the above tweets, WikiLeaks clearly state that Assange has never said anything about Modi being incorruptible and it’s a completely fake propaganda by Modi and his bhakts. They go on to tweet that Modi’s original propaganda that America has admitted that he’s incorruptible is baseless as well.

To elaborate, the Diplomatic Cable released by WikiLeaks actually consists of a quote by Manoharsingh Jadeja. Mr Jadeja is quoted as follows:

Rajkot Congress party leader Manoharsinh Jadeja said “Modi’s accomplishments are undeniable,” and admitted that the Congress would make little headway against the BJP in Gujarat anytime soon. Modi is extremely popular, Jadeja said, and even Muslims are now supporting him to some extent because he is viewed as someone who is completely incorruptible and can deliver the goods.

So the most misleading and unethical propaganda was actually started by Narendra Modi. He claimed on his website that “America admits Modi is incorruptible” while the diplomatic cable was clearly a quote of a Gujarat Congress leader who stated that “he is viewed as someone who is completely incorruptible”, the operative word being “viewed“. BJP’s official volunteers took it a step further and attributed “Modi is incorruptible” claim to Julian Assange.

However, this fraud propaganda by Modi and BJP, is not surprising at all. In fact, that’s the very basis of their Election Campaigneering – How to portray a “Vinash Purush” as a “Vikas Purush”.

WikiLeaks exposes Narendra Modi's role in Gujarat Pogrom
WikiLeaks exposes Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat Pogrom