Narendra Modi and BJP shamelessly lied about “Har Har Modi” slogan being a creation of supporters

Shankarachayra Swaroopanand Saraswati, a religious leader, had asked the BJP not politicise sacred mantras like “Har Har Modi”. “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi” is the slogan BJP and its supporters have been using for many days now. As reported by PTI, Shankarachayra Swaroopanand Saraswati had said:

After learning about it, I called up Bhagwat (RSS chief) yesterday and asked him to stop such chanting, which is an insult to Lord Shiva. I told him that converting ‘Har har Mahadev’ into ’Har Har Modi’ must be stopped. Instead of worshipping god, it is an attempt to worship a particular human being and is against Hindu religion.

In response to the criticism, BJP issued a press release, in which Nirmala Sitharaman stated:

It has come to our notice that in a few television channels there are discussions on “HarHarModi” as if it is a BJP nara/slogan. This is incorrect.

The BJP slogan is “AbkiBaarModiSarkaar.”

Further, Narendra Modi himself tweeted and claimed that the “Har Har Modi” was a creation of his supporters.

Now how big a liar BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate is can be seen from the fact that in Modi’s Purnia Rally in Bihar, the stage created for the rally had the “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi” slogan in huge fonts right below where he was supposed to stand and deliver his speech. Stages in Modi’s rallies are not created/designed by his supporters, but BJP organizers and Modi’s close strategists.

Modi says "Har Har Modi" is a creation of his supporters, well this is Modi's Purnia Rally Stage
Modi’s Purnia Rally Stage fashions the “Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi” slogan, while he lies that it’s his supporters coined it

Next, two video clips of his rallies in Agra, Uttar Pradesh and Muzaffarpur, Bihar would show the extent to which Narendra and BJP indulge in blatant lies. First, in Modi’s Agra rally, as Narendra Modi is seated, a BJP leader urges the crowd to use the “Har Har Modi” slogan.

Next in Modi’s Muzaffarpur rally, a BJP leader shouts the “Har Har Modi” slogan as Modi is welcomed onto the stage.

That should be ample proof to show that BJP is a party of liars.