Modi Govt’s sham inquiry into the missing files in Ishrat Jahaan case exposed by Indian Express

An Indian Express sting operation has exposed how the officials of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) are tutoring witnesses in the Ishrat Jahaan case. A one man inquiry panel was setup to inquire into certain missing files in MHA that were related to the Ishrat Jahaan case. According to media reports, these files include communication between the Attorney General and the Home secretary, draft of the first and second affidavits as well as the office copy of the the 2nd affidavit.

The Indian Express sting has exposed how BK Prasad, the Additional Home Secretary, who is heading the one man inquiry panel is tutoring Ashok Kumar, who is a former director in Home Ministry. The transcript of the recorded conversation is as below:

Prasad: “Aapne ye paper dekha? (Have you seen that paper?)”
Prasad: “Aapko kehna hai ki ‘Maine ye paper nahi dekha.’ Seedhi si baat hai (You have to say, ‘I have not seen that paper.’ It’s as simple as that).”
Prasad: “Aapko itna toh kehna hoga ki ya toh woh file hi maine kabhi zindagi mein deal nahi kiya, kabhi file ko dekhne ka kabhi mauka hi nahi mila (You will have to, at least, say that either you have never dealt with that file in your life, or have never had a chance to see it)… I don’t think you have seen that file at any point… Bas, that is what I want from you: ‘I have not seen that file at all'”
Prasad: “And another question will be, ‘Did anybody give you these documents to be kept separately with you?’ Aap bologe, ‘Nahi, mere ko kisi ne nahi diya.’ (You will say, ‘No, nobody gave them to me’).”

The above conversation clearly shows that the entire enquiry is a pre-planned setup and a complete sham. However, this is not the first time that an IAS/IPS officer has been caught tutoring people on behalf of Modi Government whether it’d be at state level or union level. A sting phone call had exposed how GL Singhal and PP Pandey, both accused in Ishrat case and senior IPS officers of Gujarat cadre, were discussing how High Court judgeship could be offered to one Advocate Abhichandani if the affidavit which paints Ishrat as a terrorist is filed. The audio conversation of the sting and more facts about the case can be found in the following link:

We at Jan Sangharsh Manch, who represent Gopinath Pillai, father of Pranesh Pillai alias Javed Sheikh who was one of the four people killed by Gujarat Police in an encounter which has now proven to be prima facie fake, have always maintained that the whole charade about the missing files that has been started by Modi Government with the help of certain media channels such as Times Now is just a ploy to delay the long pending trial in the Ishrat Jahaan case where some of the top most IB and police officials are accused.

Both the affidavits by MHA during UPA which have been widely discussed, the first of which claimed Ishrat to be a terrorist and the second which rescinded that claim were placed before the Gujarat High Court. Gujarat High Court has made its stand clear multiple times that they are not at all interested in the question whether Ishrat Jahaan was a terrorist or not as Indian laws do not permit extra-judicial encounters.

We at Jan Sangharsh Manch maintain that Javed Sheikh was an IB decoy who was tasked to lure Amjad Ali urf Bunty to Ahmedabad and Ishrat was a cover for Javed. To cover their tracks, both Javed and Ishrat were diluted. We have written about it in the following story.

Modi Govt’s nefarious tactics have been exposed repeatedly. It is high time that they stop blocking the prosecution of IB officers via Home Ministry, let the trial commence and let justice take its course. It is a shame for the people of India that officers like PP Pandey who are accused in fake encounter cases are given the charge of DGP in Gujarat along with other officers who have been given fat postings and promotions. What Modi Govt is doing is obstruction of justice at its worst.


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