Haresh Bhatt of Bajrang Dal: CM gave us a free hand for 3 days. (Video)

Haresh Bhatt, the national co-coordinator of the Bajrang Dal in 2002 states that Chief Minister had given them a free hand that they could do whatever they want for three days. After that, Bhatt says, “He asked us to stop and everything came to a halt.” Skip forward to 5 mins 20 secs in the video to see his statements about the Chief Minister.

(Sting Video By Tehelka)


  1. @Renganathan Iyengar In today’s parlance many a myths have assumed the status of unshakable facts. Generally it is assumed that Muslim kings destroyed Hindu temples to spite the Hindus. Today’s ‘social common sense’ believes that not only Somnath temple but also Ram Janm bhumi temple, Kashi Vishwanth temple, the Mathura Krishna Janmasthan and thousands of other temples have been destroyed by the Mughal aggressors. The general and sweeping statement apart let us have a look at some of these demolitions. Mahmud Gazni on way to Somanth encountered the Muslim ruler of Multan (Abdul Fat Dawod), with whom he had to have a battle to cross Multan. In the battle the Jama Masjid of Multan was badly damaged. Further on way he struck compromise with Anandpal, the ruler of Thaneshwar who escorted his army towards Somanth with due hospitality. Gazni’s army had a good number of Hindu soldiers and five out of his 12 generals were Hindus (Tilak, Rai Hind, Sondhi, Hazran etc). Before proceeding to damage the temple he took custody of the gold and jewels, which were part of the temple treasury. After the battle he issued coins in his name with inscriptions in Sanskrit and appointed a Hindu Raja as his representative in Somnath. Similarly Dr. Pattabhi Sitarammaiya in his History of India describes the circumstances under which the Kashi Vishwanth temple had to be razed to the ground. He states that when Aurangzeb’s entourage was on way from Delhi to Kolkata the Hindu queens requested for the overnight stay in Kashi to enable them to have the Darshan of Lord Vishwananth. Next morning one of the queens who had gone to have the holy prayer did not return and was found in the basement of the temple, dishonored and raped by the Mahant of the temple. The Mahant was punished and the temple was razed to the ground as it had become polluted due to this ghastly act. Aurangzeb gave land and state support to build another temple.

    It should be noted that Hindu Kings were not far behind in attacking and damaging temples when it became a political necessity for their rule or for the lust of wealth. Retreating Maratha armies destroyed the temple of Srirangtatanm, to humiliate Tipu Sultan whom they could not defeat in the battle. Parmar kings destroyed Jain temples. A Hindu king called Shashank cut off the Bodhi tree where Lord Gautam Buddha got his Nirvana. Similarly Kalhan a Kashmiri poet describes the life of King Harshdev of Kashmir, who appointed a special officer, Devotpatan Nayak (An officer who uproots the images of Gods) to usurp the gold from the temples. Aurangzeb did not hesitate to destroy the Jama Masjid in Golconda as Nawab Tanashah refused to pay him tribute for three consecutive years and hid his wealth underneath a mosque, which was damaged by Aurangzeb to recover his ‘dues’. Also many a Muslim kings gave Jagirs to the temples to keep their subjects happy. It is clear that kings from both the religions destroyed the places of worship for the sake of amassing wealth or for other political purposes.

    Similarly the myth that Islam spread on the point of sword is equally baseless. It is true that many a ruling nobles and Rajas adopted Islam to rise in the hierarchy of the Mughal emperors. Also some families must have adopted Islam out of fear of the Muslim kings. But this conversion is a small trickle compared to the majority of Dalits (then called untouchables), the poor toiling peasants who took to Islam to escape the tyranny of Brahmins and zamindars. This was out of a longing for social justice, which prompted them to interact with the Sufi saints who unlike Ulama were mixing with the poor and the deprived of the society and adopted local idioms. It was in response to the appeal of peaceful Sufis and the longing to achieve social justice that majority of Shudras got converted to Islam.

    • Many RSS, Bajrang Dal,VHP,Sanf Parivar Goons are masquerading as Muslims to post on Gujarat massacre sites, to put the blame on Muslim community of Gujarat.

  2. Babu Bajrangi, Maya Kodnani, Haresh Bhatt, DG Vanzara – all have one thing in common. They had the assurance of impunity from the CM himself. They were made to believe that what they were doing was for the good of their state or their community. The CM who was their Idol/Hero, has now made them all his villains. Consequently, they will be languishing in jails, and if the judiciary has its way, some of them will be executed for committing crime against humanity, while their CM, their hero, is enjoying his RACE TO SEVEN RACE COURSE ROAD!

  3. Our judicial system is a failure, which as a rule protects criminals, rioters, saboteurs and only as exception punish big and influential! Time we said bye to present constitution for a new democratic, secular, socialist and sovereign India!

  4. agar isi tarha musalmano dalito aur sikho ka khoon bahta raha tab yeh desh toot jayga aur iski zimmedari BJP,, RSS,, VHP ,, BAJRANGDAL,, SHIVSENA,, AUR CONGRESS ki hogi yeh log votes ke liye apas mai larwate hain,, desh ka apne baap ka samjhte hain yeh india har us insan ka hai jo isme rehta hai,, sabhi ne desh ke liye Qurbani di hai,,

  5. The real horror is in the history when a muslim invader called Gazni invaded Gujarat 17 times and looted the hindu temples. It is a fact. And what any one can do about it ? Let us all know this – Whom-so-ever is called a muslim now is very much our relative like so many of our hindus who live here. All of us are related. In fact it is the job of the majority hindus to protect the minority muslims. To me this is real secularism not the killing of the innocent muslim people. Also muslims also must understand the reality of secularism in this land of India – you need the total protection of the hindus. Hence make people in all possible ways – after all we are all brothers and sisters. There is no other way. Now, all these killings are act of politics which divides people by religion, race, caste, language and what not. The politicians are scoundrels – whether they are in power or outside it. The acts of terror in Gujarat are the acts of religious politicians only. Do not drag common people – muslims and hindus alike in to this. Catch the politicians and bring them to book. Instead what we are seeing is the political mud slinging by one party – here the BJP and the Congress over Godhra. IMHO this is all due to murky politics of murder – like what hitler did to the Jews. In India we will not / should not allow the same to happen to anybody. Godhra is a eye opener on what religious politics can do – It will only murder. It is time people learn the lessons. Such stories about Godra are welcome and please do read them – but learn this lesson – it is the politics and the scoundrels who call themselves are politicians are at fault. For me, I will protect all my muslim friends with my life and I am sure all my muslim friends will protect me. We may have differences but we are indeed relatives and will protect one another. WE WILL NOT BE PROVOKED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Is there any policians saying these things – none. Only people like us will say this. Enough of madness and witch hunting. Let us avert Godhra’s in future.

  6. This was the element never did any thing for the freedom struggle of India and when we got independence they are trying to steal from the grandchilderns of the freedom fighters.Not Britesh divided the great India these power mongers did it and now trying once again to divide,but this dream will never be come reality.

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