Gujarat Riots: Narendra Modi lies about bringing sanity within 72 hours of violent outbreak

Modi Riots

In 2002, Gujarat burnt and the violence lasted for months, yet an unrepentant Chief Minister repeatedly claimed in his interviews that there was no failure of the State Government as they had brought sanity within 72 hours.

One such claim of Gujarat’s Chief Minister was captured in an interview given to Ranjit Bhushan printed on March 18th, 2002 in Outlook Magazine. On being queried as to whether he was playing fiddle while Gujarat was burning, Modi responded as follows:

Were you playing the fiddle while Gujarat burned?
No. Contrary to what is now being projected, I brought sanity within 72 hours of the violent outbreak. It would take months before communal rioting during the previous Congress governments could be brought under control and a semblance of normalcy could be restored. This is for the first time that a communal riot has been controlled in record time.

A simple sampling of news headlines in the months of March-July 2002 would show what a diabolical lie Modi’s claim is. We are presenting here a chronologically ordered set of headlines (click on them to go to the original articles) from website starting from March 2nd, 2002 till April 12th, 2002 in the first set and April 16th, 2002 to July 20th, 2002 in the second set.

In the first set shown above, it can be easily seen that the violence continued much beyond March 3rd, which marks the 72 hours since the start of the outbreak of violence starting February 28th, 2002. In the second set of articles from website, one can see that there was widespread violence till mid-May with people getting killed almost everyday and sporadic incidents of rioting continued till end of July.

Even though, Gujarat saw riots in the 1990s, the violence was usually limited to the bigger cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodra and Surat. However, in 2002, BJP and RSS’s gameplan was to spread the violence to smaller villages and towns thus pulverizing the minority community and spreading fear throughout Gujarat.

The same man who presided over the most bloody pogrom that lasted for months and blatantly lies about the extent of violence, dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of India today.


  1. In other words Modi was admitting that ‘INSANITY’ prevailed for 72 hours. What is the difficulty to connect this admission/confession as Modi’s utter failure to govern , a sufficient cause to register an FIR against Modi to find out his alleged collusion in the state sponsored genocide pogrom. ? But alas, INCREDIBLE INDIA had a SIT created by a suspected INCREDIBLE JUDICIARY. . !!! ” ASATHYAMEVA JAYTHE” !!!

  2. From Tehelka sting –
    According to the three accused, the police not only gave them a free hand, but also exhorted the rioters to kill Muslims. Mangilal Jain said that the police inspector in-charge of Meghaninagar police station, KG Erda told the rioters that they had three to four hours to carry out killings. TEHELKA found that the police inspector had given this time since extra forces were expected to be in Ahmedabad that evening.

    Jain said some in the police kept away, indicating to the rioters that they were to do whatever they wished in those few hours. This further fuelled the mob’s frenzy all over Ahmedabad and led to the deaths of many more Muslims.

    Raju also told TEHELKA that police personnel deployed in the area not only stood back but signalled to the rioters to go for the kill. Erda arrived to “rescue” the survivors after the massacre was almost over. At this point, relates Chawal, the rioters approached Erda and told him he was not doing the right thing as the survivors could testify against them. So Erda came up with a heinous plan — as the van carrying the survivors drew away from Gulbarg, the rioters were to pelt stones at it so the constable on the vehicle could claim to have been scared off. He would flee and the mob could then torch it. But the plan could not be executed because of the timely intervention of a Muslim inspector called Pathan, Chawal said.

    PI Pathan fired into the mob which resulted in four deaths.

  3. Manipulation of data is Modi Govt speciality. Here is an extract from a book-

    Who died in Police Firing?

    On 2 May, law minister Arun Jaitley told Parliament it was not true Muslims had been targeted by the Gujarat government. At the same time, he refused to provide a religion-wise breakdown of those killed in police firing.
    He had good reasons not to do so.
    For on the same day, the police in Ahmedabad was admitting it had killed more Muslims than Hindus in its ostensible attempts to stop what was clearly mob violence against Muslims. ‘Of the 184 people who died in police firing since the violence began, 104 are Muslims, says a report drafted by Gujarat Police’, Vinay Menon of Hindustan Times reported (‘Cops admit killing more Muslims’, 3 May 2002).’The statistic substantiates the allegation … that not only did the local police not do anything to stop the Hindu mobs; they actually turned their guns on the helpless Muslim victims’.
    For example, on 28 February, 40 men shot dead near the Bapunagar police station in Ahmedabad were all Muslims, most shot in the head and chest. They had been defending themselves from a 3000 – strong mob.(Janyala Sreenivas, ‘Who shot them point blank?’, Indian Express, 9 April 2002).
    Though the number of Muslims and Hindus killed in police firing has been collated by the Gujarat government, noted Menon,this has so far not been released. ‘Coming out with the truth would only inflame the situation, it is feared’. The government argues that in the first 72 hours of violence, more Hindus were killed in police firing. State home minister Gorghan Zadaphia told Menon : ‘I have data that shows more Hindus were killed till March 3, but it cannot be disclosed.’

    By the third week of May, 75 of the 105 killed by police firing in Ahmedabad were Muslims.’But the real numbers,’ said Raveen Thukral, ‘are probably likely to be far larger : major manipulations are alleged to have been done at the stage of carrying out autopsies.’(‘The missing are dead, Gujarat toll may go up,’ Hindustan Times, 24 May 2002).

    (Gujarat — The Making of a Tragedy ed Siddharth Varadarajan, page 182 )