Arnab Goswami doctors his own video to obfuscate the truth about the doctored video he propagated

How Arnab Goswami doctored his own video to obfuscate the truth about the fake video of Kanhaiya Kumar that he let Sambit Patra play on his News Hour show and held a discussion with the base assumption that the video is genuine.

Yesterday, in response to widespread criticism and especially a scathing article by Siddharth Vardarajan on accusing Times Now, Zee News and NewsX of having played a doctored video of Kanhaiya Kumar, Arnab Goswami/Times Now responded to Mr Vardarajan with a short video clipping in which they tried to absolve Arnab of any wrong doing.

However, as it turned out, that the video clipping aired in defence of Arnab Goswami was actually a small edited version of a much longer video debate which completely obfuscates the truth.

In the below video, I have concatenated the edited clip aired in defence of Arnab and the unedited version clipped from the hour long news hour debate. In case anyone’s interested in the entire news hour debate, here’s the youtube link.

Posted by Pratik Sinha on Saturday, February 20, 2016

If you watch just the first 55 seconds which is the defence aired by Times Now in defence of Arnab, it’d seem that Arnab Goswami genuinely believed that the video clip needs to be authenticated before being debated on. However, if you watch the 6 and a half minutes of unedited portion of the debate which follows the first 55 seconds, one can clearly see that it is only AFTER being repeatedly pointed out by other panelists in the show including Swara Bhaskar and Prof. Anand Kumar that Arnab conceded that the video needs authentication. And yet, throughout his show, it can be seen that Arnab’s arguments are based on the assumption that the video is genuine. For eg, while addressing Prof Anand Kumar [at 4:21 in the video], he says (transcript borrowed from WireDotIn):

“The question to you Anand Kumar is this. There is Umar Khalid of the DSU, who is a member of a banned front organisation of the Maoists [sic], that has been established. … next to him is Kanhaiya in the video and what he’s saying is hum lekenge rahenge azadi. You know that Umar’s references to azadi were in the context of Kashmir. You can’t really turn it around to say, no, no, he is talking about azadi from BJP or sangh parivar. It cant be twisted to that point.

If he did say these words, hum lekenge rahenge azadi, are you now going to say we must establish whether it was in the context of Kashmir or whether it was in a broad context, when you know he is standing next to Umar Khalid, and if you make that argument will someone accuse you of being blind to that facts that are coming there in your face.”

It is quite shameful that the ‘great’ Arnab Goswami has to now doctor his own video to hide the shameful truth that he not only let a panelist play an unauthenticated video which later turned out to be doctored but carried on a discussion assuming that the video is genuine.