Why has CBI offered 5 lakhs for Information about Jeeshan and Amjad?

In the charge sheet filed by CBI in the Javed-Ishrat case, CBI was not quite certain regarding the antecedents of two of the persons that were killed on 15th June 2004. They were Amjad Ali and Jeeshan Johar. The original FIR filed by JG Parmar (one of the present accused) of Gujarat Cadre, had named these two persons by 8:30a.m the very same morning of 15th June 2004 and had specifically given their respective addresses in Pakistan. That was pretty impressive police work to have found their exact addresses in Pakistan in just 3 hours from the time of the encounter.

Parixita Gurjar who was appointed as the Investigation Officer had also confirmed their nationality and infact had gone a step further. She was able to identify 3 more Kashmiri youth who were locked up in the Kothibaug Police Station along with 15 other Kashmiri boys who were all rounded up and arrested in connect with FIR 114/2003. It was alleged that the aforementioned 3 Kashmiri youth had helped Jeeshan and Amjad enter India from Pakistan and also helped Amjad Ali to get medical aid for his injured shoulder.

In light of these background facts, it is surprising that the CBI has declared rewards upto 5 lakhs for any information regarding the antecedent of Amjad and Jeeshan. Evidently, the CBI no longer believes either the intelligence input that was recorded in the FIR by JG Parmar nor the confirmation of Parixita Gurjar regarding the nationality of Jeeshan and Amjad Ali. A closer scrutiny of the manipulation of evidence by Parixita Gurjar would of course make this move of CBI quite obvious.

The three kashmiri youth who were referred to by Parixita to identify Jeeshan and Amjad as Pakistanis were arrested under the FIR 114/2003, which means that the three so called witnesses were already in the jail under detention since 2003. Moreover they were not released from jail till July 2004, a month after the Javed-Ishrat encounter. However it is the case of the Gujarat Police that Jeeshan and Amjad Ali had entered in Apri/May of 2004 and the 3 Kashmiri youth had actively aided them. One has to wonder, how did 3 people sitting in a lockup help Amjad and Jeeshan?

Thus it is abundantly clear that the 3 witnesses being in jail since 2003 to July 2004 could not have come in contact with Jeeshan and Amjad and the entire evidence regarding the nationality of Jeeshan and Amjad was fabricated.