Welcome to the New Age of NaMo Approved Internet Trolls

There’s a huge section of Indian Main Stream Media (MSM) that has become evidently Pro-Modi. The reasons could be either ideological or financial. Mukesh Ambani’s 1700 crore investment in 2012 in the sinking TV18 group which includes CNN-IBN, Firstpost, IBN7 would be an example of a media group becoming Pro-Modi for financial reasons. One example of a channel ideologically with Modi would be India TV under Rajat Sharma who is very much a BJP man. Only NDTV among major channels doesn’t seem to be particularly Pro-Modi.

However to maintain some semblance of neutrality, these otherwise Pro-Modi media outlets do publish Anti-Modi articles/news items from time to time. That is when the ‘NaMo trolls’ get into action on news websites, Facebook and Twitter. Namo trolls can be spotted by their hate speak and use of abusive and explicit language.

PM Candidate Narendra Modi himself follows one such abuser on Twitter, Sateash Jain (@actindia). On 29th April, 2013, Sateash Jain tagged Barkha Dutt, the NDTV Journalist in the most sexually abusive tweet one can come across.

Narendra Modi Follows One Such Abuser on Twitter
Narendra Modi Follows One Such Abuser @actindia on Twitter

The fact that PM Candidate Narendra Modi continues following Sateash Jain (@actindia) even 6 months after this act of abuse would mean that Narendra Modi approves of people like Sateash Jain who sexually abuse women on twitter.

TruthOfGujarat and its authors also face such abuse on a regular basis and have cautioned some of these NaMo trolls publicly with legal notices and have made them apologize. If required, we will also drag them to the Court of Law.

TruthofGujarat will take legal action for abusive behaviour
TruthofGujarat will take legal action for abusive behaviour

Question is, how long will the Indian journalists tolerate this abuse from NaMo trolls before they take the legal route and make sure that these people are locked up in prison cells for the betterment of our country?

Lastly we would like to ask Narendra Modi – is this the India you are aspiring to build by approving sexual abusers like Sateash Jain?

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Abhay Bharatiya

SHOCKING BUT TRUE FACTS ABOUT MEDIA BEING FORIEGN OWNED AND FOREIGN FUNDED INTERESTING ARTICLE ON OWNERSHIP OF MEDIA …..ONE MUST READ Who owns the media in India ?……? Let us see the ownership of different media agencies. NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan . Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat… Read more »

Viswanath Viswanath

Are you people serious? How can Tom, Dick and Harry abusing a woman make Modi culpable for mysogyny? Can I cite a good example which will make you Modi baiters think twice before disparaging him? A Marathi lawyer recently said on NDTV that he had been abused by many followers of Modi for speaking against Modi but he doesn’t think Modi himself is a fascistic man. “I have been to Guj many times and never have I been obstructed by the Modi govt.” That says it all. Just because Sonia’s supporters call me names on a social networking site, it… Read more »

Balram Bodhi


Krishna Kant Singh

Such exposures are of great value to those who have moral conscience and care for democratic and sovereign India! Today India, part of world which is passing through longest recession in history of cyclic recession since 200 years, is at cross road with hunger, unemployment, corruption/crime while on other side people ready to fight out against this perpetual exploitation system which has degraded them beyond any limits! All progressive forces including middle and elite class, which never before, except 1974-77 participated in politics, are ready to plunge in war with peasants and workers against this tyrant system. This is the… Read more »

R. Saroja (@rsaroja70)

I very much appreciate your blog Truth of Gujarat. It is very important that the lies that are sysyematically planted in the net over the years are countered. Beside Twitter, NaMoniacs are active in other social media forum like Outlook India Readers forum. I am giving links to two posts posted today abusive of you/ Mukul Sinha. Please respond there also.

Adarsh K. Hoizal

I just hope the entire media fraternity unites and takes legal action against such abusers. Also for the next 7 months, media should put in their best efforts to expose Modi’s antics so as to dent his popularity among his blind followers.

Hameed Azar

Nice expose on so these so called sangh patriots,who are merely abusers with an agenda of destroying india or getting paid to do that