Suspended ADGP PP Pandey points finger at Retired DGP KR Kaushik in Javed-Ishrat case

Suspended Additional DGP PP Pandey who had been remanded to CBI custody for 5 days starting August 17th has had to answer some difficult questions. CBI is grilling him regarding his role in the Javed-Ishrat fake encounter case, more specifically the false intelligence inputs that were sourced from him.

On 15th June 2004, in the FIR filed by the then PI JG Parmar immediately after Javed, Ishrat and two others were killed, Parmar had stated that 15 days prior to the ‘encounter’, KR Kashik, the then Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad, had received an intelligence input according to which Pakistani terrorists from LET were on their way to Ahmedabad to kill Mr Modi.

Retired DGP KR Kaushik
Retired DGP KR Kaushik

Apparently, Mr PP Pandey has told his interrogators that in accordance with the original FIR, it was Mr Kaushik who had passed on this information which he had in-turn passed on to his subordinate officers and he was not aware of the staged killings. However, in the FIR, JG Parmar had also specifically stated that on 14th June 2004, Mr PP Pandey had received an information from his personal source that certain terrorists had started from Mumbai in a blue Indica car and would be reaching Ahmedabad in the early morning of 15th June.

Interestingly Mr Kaushik was on leave on 14th June 2004 and in several affidavits filed till today by PP Pandey across various courts of India, no where has he claimed that the information about the blue Indica car was passed on by Mr Kaushik.

It would ofcourse be fool-hardy to expect Mr PP Pandey to roll over and tell the truth, but lets hope that Mr KR Kaushik, who has now been dragged into the cauldron by Mr Pandey, will give some convincing answers.

CBI is likely to summon former DGP K R Kaushik for questioning.