Subramanian Swamy makes up with RSS – Merger of Brand Hypocrisies

Subramanian Swamy teamed up with Jayalalitha to bring down the Vajpayee Government.
Subramanian Swamy was left out of the 13 day Vajpayee Government.

It’s not long back that Mr Swamy was one of the loudest critics of RSS. On not finding a birth in the 13 day Atal Behari Government of 1998, Mr Swami had heaped abuses on RSS. In an interview given to Rediff on March 21, 1998, Swamy states:

Q. Why is your personal relationship with Vajpayee so bitter?

A. It has now improved. From reverse gear it has become neutral.

It is wrong to say that Vajpayee is bitterly against me. It is the RSS which is most bitterly against me. They want to finish me off. They don’t realise that I am indestructible.

Not to be outdone, the ever green hypocrite of all times, Ram Jethmalani, who was made the Law Minister in Vajpayee Government retorted back in his article penned in Indian Express on April 21st, 1998, which described Subramanian Swamy as “The Diseased Insect“. Ram Jethmalani writes:

This country has suffered many a misfortune but none greater than the vice and persistence in our public life of a despicable character called Subramanian Swamy. His has been a life of character assassination, malicious mendacity and sordid blackmail of any one who happens to cross his path. No body has been able to deflect him from his criminal course of conduct because few have the inclination to take on this vicious viper and expose him for what he really is.

After 15 years, the same diseased insect as was aptly described by Jethmalani, has crawled back to his old mentors, RSS. On August 2nd, 2013, Subramanian Swamy declared on twitter that he has made up with RSS.

Thus met the two hypocrites. RSS the other hypocrite in this equation  has been most accurately described in the words of learned Mr Subramanian Swamy in his own article in the January 2000 issue of Frontline magazine which was titled – “The RSS Gameplan”. Swamy writes:

Today the creeping fascism of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is coming upon us not as gradually as imperialism did, nor as suddenly as did the Emergency. Its spread is being calibrated adroitly by seven faceless men of the RSS, the RSS “high command”…… As the period of the Emergency clearly demonstrated, the RSS is astute enough to know when to hunt with the hounds and when to run with the hares. They are smarter than the German fascists in this respect.

Mr Swamy’s understanding of RSS is impeccable. But it’s not just the RSS, Mr Swamy is equally adroit in knowing when to hunt with the hounds and when to run with the hares. Now that he has realized that the top corporate houses adopt Narendra Modi as their poster boy and RSS stamped their approval to this ignominious choice, Mr Swami now knows whom to hunt with.

The self proclaimed ‘chela’ of the secular JP movement is the loudest voice nowadays from BJP in the TV talk shows in support of the Ram Janmabhoomi issue and has given full support to the VHP rallies in UP even after the Muzzafarnagar riots. In fact, however much we disagree with Mr Jethmalani, we believe that he quite cogently described Mr Subramanian Swamy in his Indian Express article. Not strangely while this creature has joined BJP, Mr Jethmalani has been thrown out from BJP and is busy filing suits against the top leaders. As it is said, history always repeats itself as a farce.