DSP Godhra Raju Bhargava: I had neither smelt petrol nor seen any flames on the floor of the coach

In Truth Of Gujarat, we recently featured the depositions of 6 Karsevaks who jumped out of the S6 coach of the ill fated Sabarmati Express in which 58 people died. Gujarat Government claimed that the burning of Sabarmati Express was a pre-planned conspiracy and the S6 coach was burnt by pouring 120 litres of petrol from one end of the compartment. However all the 6 depositions state otherwise:

  1. They had not seen any person coming inside the coach and pouring any fluid
  2. They had not seen any fluid on the floor of the coach
  3. The smell was like that of burnt rubber

Today, as part of the Godhra evidence series, lets see the deposition of Superintendent of Police of Godhra, Shri Raju Bhargava before the Nanavati Commission during his cross-examination by Mukul Sinha representing Jan Sangharsh Manch. Quoting the relevant extracts here from Exhibit No W-31:

  • I had reached the burning coach at about 8:30 a.m.
  • I had not seen any raising of flames in the area of that coach which I could see from the door. I had seen only smoke in that area. I had not noticed any flames on the floor of the area between the two doors (of the coach).
  • I had also not smelt any inflammable fuel like petrol, kerosene, diesel etc.

The S6 coach caught fire sometime between 8:00 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. on 27th February 2002. Shri Raju Bhargava reached the scene at 8:30 a.m. and stood in front of the door from which he saw survivors jump out. Later on, it was alleged that the petrol was poured from this end of the compartment where he was standing. According to him he neither saw any flames on the floor of the coach which is a necessity if the coach was burnt using a liquid fuel nor did he smell any inflammable fuel like petrol, kerosene, diesel etc.

So how was Godhra a pre-planned conspiracy? Or was it shown as a pre-planned conspiracy for political benefits of a certain somebody?

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Rizvi Syed Nehal Asghar

bhargava must have bee out of his senses, not to have smelt the politics that was being played…