Snooping of Mansi Soni in focus again, PIL before Gujarat High Court

The Government of Gujarat appointed the Inquiry Commission presided by Sugnya Bhatt with the hope that the atrocious stalking of Mansi Soni by the Gujarat Anti Terrorism Squad under the orders of Modi and Amit Shah would be swept under the carpet for sometime. This attempt by Modi may also prove futile with a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by an advocate before the High Court of Gujarat challenging the very reference made to the Commission. Can a commission be appointed for inquiring into private snooping as the Government tried to make out initially? Is this issue a matter of definite public importance which would fall under the Commission of Inquiries Act?

While the Gujarat High Court is going to decide this all important question, it is the Government itself which is responsible for reducing the Mansi snooping case into a private security arrangement for a young lady who had to attend to her mother’s operation in Ahmedabad at odd hours! After the snooping scam broke out, BJP procured a letter from Pranlal Soni, the father of Mansi Soni which was read out by Rajnath Singh at Delhi. Pranlal had stated that as the mother of Mansi had to be operated at Ahmedabad (at Sterling hospital) and that’s why he had requested Modi to provide Mansi with security as she had to travel at odd hours.

We recently found the discharge certificate of Mansi’s mother Hasumati Soni which clearly states the dates she was admitted and discharged from Sterling hospital. The certificate shows that Hasumati was admitted on 11th August, 2009, and discharged on 13th August, 2009,. The scanned copy of the relevant part of the certificate is given herein below:

Mansi Soni’s Mother’s Discharge Certificate Shows Exactly 2 Days of Hospitalization

Thus the number of days spent by Mansi’s mother in the hospital was just 3 days! The snooping was done from 4th August to 6th September, 2009. Would Modi explain why ATS was following her for a full month and more? Would this be a private issue or a horrendous misuse of Government machinery?