Amit Shah's Saheb Illegal Stalked a Woman
Amit Shah’s Saheb Illegaly Stalked a Woman

In a joint venture of Gulail and Cobra Post, a widely known secret has finally come out into the public domain. The investigation by Truth Of Gujarat reveals that along with the charge-sheet papers submitted by the CBI in the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case, the CBI had filed the copy of the panchnama by which Mr GL Singhal had submitted 2 pen drives on 9th June 2013. The panchnama was annexed as exhibit D-162 and annexed at Page 2107 of the charge sheet. The scanned copy of the first page of the panchnama has been reproduced at the bottom of this post.

The panchnama reveals that the first pen drive had 267 audio clippings which were mostly the recordings of conversation between Singhal and Mr Amit Shah, the then Minister of State for Home. In these conversations, Mr Amit Shah is continuously instructing Mr GL Singhal, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, during the period of August and September 2009 to continuously track and monitor the movements of a young lady from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and in the city of Ahmedabad. Mr Singhal is also instructed to track the phone calls the lady is making to any other person.

Mr Shah also instructs Singhal to take the help of any number of policemen from Crime Branch, Intelligence Bureau and Anti-Terrorism Squad and also the help of Mr AK Sharma, Inspector General of Police and the Superintendent of Bhavanagar to help Singhal monitor the lady and another official. Curiously the other officer that the SP of Bhavanagar was asked to track was the then Municipal Commissioner of Bhavanagar, Mr Pradeep Sharma who had previously been the collector of Kutchch during 2003-2006.

It appears that Mr Pradeep Sharma who had been victimized by the Gujarat Government and had filed petitions before the law courts and in one such petition Mr Sharma had revealed the identity of one lady who according to him had developed a relation with Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The relevant paragraph from his petition is reproduced as under:

It was in between 2003 to 2006 that the Petitioner (Pradeep Sharma), in the capacity of District Collector of Kutch, commissioned a series of projects toward the beautification of Bhuj city and overall development of Kutch district. A site was selected for developing a hill garden in 2005, for which Ms. Mansi Soni from Bangalore was selected as the Landscape Architect. The Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, visited Kutch to inaugurate the hill garden project upon its completion, and was at this time introduced to Ms. Soni. Thereafter, Ms. Soni communicated to the Petitioner (Pradeep Sharma) her decision to return to Bangalore as well as shared her ongoing interaction with the Chief Minister. The fact of the intimacy between Shri Modi and Ms. Soni was confirmed when the Petitioner was in close proximity of the two and overheard their conversation during one of the official functions. Subsequently, Ms. Soni further revealed to the Petitioner (Pradeep Sharma) that when she called Shri Modi in his office, he would freely interrupt scheduled meetings, walking out of his office on senior officials in order to speak to her privately……

The original copy of the petition is available here.

The tracking ordered by Shri Amit Shah in August-September 2009 was also apparently of the same lady as mentioned in Pradeep Sharma’s petition. What is shocking is that the privacy of a woman was completely violated and she was tracked ,followed and all the conversations recorded because the political bosses of Gujarat had taken an interest in her. It must be noted that Government of Gujarat had no legal sanction or authority to track a person who is not an offender and tracking of phone calls of any person without the sanction of the competent authority is wholly illegal. Can such behavior be tolerated in a country that believes in the rule of law?

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Hemen Parekh
Much Ado About Nothing ! American spy-agencies , FBI and NSA , regularly ” spy ” upon , not only its own citizens ( – including its Congressmen / Senators ), but also on foreign dignitaries such as , > Chancellor Angela Merkel ( Germany ) > Prime Minister Hollande ( France ) > Prime Minister Cameron ( Britain ) > Prime Minister Kerzai ( Afghanistan ) > Sundry Indian Politicians… etc When revealed by whistle-blowers like Asange / Snowden , American Secretary of State , John Kerry simply said , ” All of this spying is crucial for the… Read more »
Firstly its done by Ashish Khaitan and Aniruddha Bahl who used to work with Tehlka…..aren’t these the same guys who worked for Tehelka sting for 2002….wow…what a coincidence…..or another part of Hate Modi Propaganda….ok whatever It sounds like Amit shah was keeping eye on some people like Pradeep Sharma, Madhuri ( Alleged to be Mansi Soni who is architect and worked on many projects for Guj Govt with Pradeep Sharma when he was collector in Kutchh), Vidhyarthi (DDO of Amreli), Shanti (Narmada Collector), Tyagi (Airport officer). Amit shah was trying to find out what all this people are conspiring with… Read more »
Its done by Ashish Khaitan and Aniruddha Bahl who used to work with Tehlka…..aren’t these the same guys who worked for Tehelka sting for 2002….wow…what a coincidence…..or another Hate Modi Propaganda. It sounds like Amit shah was keeping eye on some set of people like Pradeep Sharma, unknown girl (alleged to be Mansi Soni ), Vidhyarthi (DDO of Amreli), Shanti (Narmada Collector), Tyagi (Airport officer). Amit shah was trying to find it out what all this people are conspiring with Pradeep Sharma….he talks about it 48:00 And this moron Ashish khaitan tries to make it like snooping on a girl… Read more »
Saumya Purkayastha

Looks like all commies who had enjoyed the Marichjhapi Massacre of Hindus are enjoying this article as well. Our national security is more important than the privacy of any freaking boy or girl, to whichever special community he belongs to. Amit Shah should become the Home Minister and change the way Homeland Security in India is handled.


How long will the Government of India continue to dither? How long will we allow this farce?

Mohsin Zunzunia
Looks like a very paranoid “Saheb” desperate to maintain his APCO enhanced image of being a development icon. I guess they would have stopped hiring female architects for his development projects or else there would be a risk of the project developing into something more intense! On a serious note, if “Saheb” is so honest, a torch bearer against corruption, and really India’s last hope as some of his fans claim, why would he need put the full police machinery behind personal espionage missions like this? And to violate the privacy of a citizen like this, one can imagine what… Read more »
Amitabha Basu

More exposes of criminals like safed darhi and kala darhi. Their criminalkity knows no bounds.

Sai Kiran Sharma

Well, no one knows what is gulail or cobrapost. Anptehr cheap attempt at hogging limelight by trying to implicate Modi. Mo matter what you lefties try, Modi for PM.

Krishna Kant Singh

These criminals are anti people, anti democracy and their only aim is to cling to power and loot money by any means, including sycophancy of Ambani/Adani!