I shall continue to rant if that gives me a better India: Response to @rraina1481

I thought I will deal with one tweet by Rajinder Raina @rraina1481 who tweeted on 12th October saying that: “Mr Mukul Sinha, your rant against Mr Modi can b heard everyday. Today u shud hv used ur enrgy fr Phailin prayers? Bt y shud u”

The reason I am responding to the above tweet is because of the accusations made by Mr Raina is that we are insensitive to the lives of people even in their moment of crisis and we remain engaged in our own idiosyncrasies. No Sir; we at Jan Sangharsh Manch love the common people and for the past thirty years we have been fighting for their right to live with dignity and with equal protection of law. Modi is only a recent despot. In these three decades we had to confront atleast four Governments in Gujarat formed by four different political parties including the Congress on two occasions. For the past three decades we have been at the sides of workers, slum-dwellers, dalits and the minorities participating in their struggle for their rights. Our support to the struggle of the marginalised is often dubbed as “ranting” by the ruling party and their supporters. But we shall continue to “rant” for rights of the struggling masses.

Jan Sangharsh Manch's fight for GISF Jawans
Jan Sangharsh Manch’s fight for GISF Jawans

I am accused of ‘ranting against Modi even on 12th October when I am supposed to use my energy for Phailin prayers? The last part is easier to reply. For the first time in India, people likely to be affected by the Phailin storm did not have to rely upon prayers of others. The Government and the public authorities of both the States of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh rose to the occasion and took all possible precautionary measures to reach relief to the affected people. The most important factor that helped the authorities to avoid the major loss of life and property was the precise information they had received from the meteorological department of the country.

Because of the advance information regarding the storm, the authorities could warn people, remove them from the danger zone, build relief centres and look after them during the crisis period. The gigantic task of moving over eight lakh people living near the sea coast to safer places was completed smoothly much before the storm could strike. Because of this remarkable task, the total loss of life was restricted to only 18 in contrast to over ten thousand losing their lives in the 1999 storm. We must therefore first of all acknowledge the improvement of administrative efficiency and scientific development in our country and appreciate the scientists and other technical personnel of IMD who are now capable to exactly predicting the weather to allow the authorities to formulate their actions.

So as far as I am concerned, I live in Ahmedabad, far away from the Gopalpur at sea, the site of the land fall of the Phailin storm. I could only watch the TV channels telling us in details the precautions and preparation made by the authorities and for a change I must admit, the media collectively played a very constructive role in disseminating the correct information to all. In complete contrast to this positive development, 114 people died in a stampede at the Ratangarh temple in Datiyan district of Madhya Pradesh during the Durga puja. Shockingly, the police which reached late resorted to lathi charge that created more panic. Few months back we saw what happened in Uttarakhand. Over ten thousand people died in the flash floods at Kedarnath. A proper management in both cases would have avoided the loss of life. Mr.Rajinderji, time has come to develop the scientific temperament of the country rather than increasing the dependence on prayers and blind faith.

Let me now try to respond to the first part of Rajinderji’s accusation; that “Mr. Mukul Sinha, your rant against Mr Modi can be heard everyday..â€

Rajinderji, for a crisis created by the forces of nature, like the Phailin storm, you urge us to pray. But if the crisis is created by the very authorities themselves who are entrusted with the work of protecting the lives of the people, what advice do you have? Pray or rant? On 27th February, 2002, one coach S6 of the Sabarmati Express burnt down killing 58 passengers. It was a most tragic consequence of communal hatred of our times. It ought to have been the time for a national mourning but as it turned out, the event became the turning point for a new brand of politics. Instead of firmly handling the communal forces, the CM himself instigated the masses by dubbing the incident as a cross border terrorism. For the next two days, murderous mobs were allowed to devastate the minority localities and over 1200 people died. No Government can be permitted to contend that the mobs were so large that they had overwhelmed the law enforcing agencies and therefore so many innocent citizens died within just 48 hours! If this is the defence of an elected government then the leaders of such a government should lose their right to rule ever again.Unfortunately, our political system not only permits such leaders to participate in the electoral process but elevates his mis-governance as a qualification for leading the country! But do we understand the real danger. Educated people like you dub our efforts to expose the misdeeds of this person as “ranting”! We end this post therefore with a few lines from the famous poet “pash” (translated).

Looting of others labor is not the ultimate danger,
The assault by police is not the ultimate danger,
The ultimate danger are those eyes
That see everything but turns blind,

The ultimate danger is the peace of the grave yard,
To absolve everything without a protest,
To go to work from home and return back from work to home,
The ultimate danger is the death of our dreams!

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7 years ago

Eviction must be last resort =Tuesday, June 23, 1998- The fact-finding team on rights violation MP Haroobhai Mehta visited some of the slum settlements = Aloria assured the team that the VMC would not demolish slums without providing alternative sites.
From: Dr.R.K.D.Goel (drrkdgoel@hotmail.com)
Sent: 13 October 2013 21:46PM
To: G.R. Aloria IAS Principal Secretary UD&UH (securban@gujarat.gov.in); Varesh Sinha IAS Chief Secretary (csguj@gujarat.gov.in); Secto CM (sectocm@gujarat.gov.in)
Cc: Manish Bhardwaj IAS,Mun.Comm.VMSS (vmccomm@gmail.com); Vinod Rao IAS (collector-vad@gujarat.gov.in); Anil Mukim IAS (secrev@gujarat.gov.in); DrRKD Goel (drrkdgoel@hotmail.com); RK Sugoor IFS,Dy.M.C.South Zone VMSS (vmssdymc@gmail.com); Shailesh Mistry City engineer (ce_vmc@yahoo.com); Bharat Shah (mayorvmss@gmail.com); Dr.J.S. Bandukwala (drbandukwala@yahoo.co.in)
5 attachments (Read in your e-mail)
2=060711= GHB Akashdeep Soc.illegalities..doc (910.0 KB) , 23061998=Eviction must be last resort=MP Harroohbhai Mehta-FORUM OF WHISTLE.docx (13.6 KB) , 05102013=Only 7 % JNNURUM Houses constructed in Gujarat..docx (16.5 KB) , 21052013=Thanks to Mr G.R.Aloria IAS-I completed 14 years when a builder attacked to murder me due to you when you were MC.docx (14.4 KB) , 17082006=Section officer UD&UH deptt.1168[1]=CM letter on floods.doc (45.5 KB)
FORUM OF WHISTLE – BLOWERS OF President: Dr. R.K.D.Goel, (RTI Act 2005 Activist) 1414-A, Akashdeep Soc., behind Akaaswani, Makarpura Rd.390 009 Ph: 2647677 News paper reports Name of News paper: Indian Express DATED 23.06.1998 Tuesday, June 23, 1998 Eviction must be last resort EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE VADODARA, June 22: Te fact-finding team on rights violation visited some of the slum settlements demolished by the VMC and the Gujarat Housing Board and the relocation sites in the city. The team said a comprehensive participatory urban policy should be formulated giving primacy to right to life, shelter and livelihood. Addressing a press conference on Monday, former MP Haroobhai Mehta reiterated that the fundamental rights of the evicted people should not be violated. All evictions must be subject to a rigorous social cost benefit analysis. The team which visited 10 demolished sites and relocation sites and met the DC Anil Mukim, Municipal Commissioner Aloria and Commissioner of Police Kuldip Sharma on Sunday and Monday. It recommended that the citizens should have access to master plans, TP Scheme details, civic amenities and infrastructure development in the sites relocation
The team suggested that eviction should be the last resort and in the interest of public. Existing slum settlements should be regularised and a census of the slums should be undertaken by the VMC. The VMC should not violate the UN Charter on Project-Affected People to which India is a signatory, the team said.
Aloria assured the team that the VMC would not demolish slums without providing alternative sites. The Commissioner had agreed to give civic amenities at the relocation sites. He also assured that the VMC would demolish slums only if they cause inconvenience to public. Aloria, the team claimed, had said notice was not a prerequisite for demolishing slums along the road line. Police Commissioner Sharma told the team that the demolition and the use of force `were not illegal’. Collector said the demolitions were not held on government land during the past two months.
The team comprised former MP and advocate Haroobhai Mehta from Ahmedabad, Rashmi and Qaiser Madni from Mumbai’s Centre for Human Rights and Law, advocates Hina Desai, M.S. Mansuri, members of the PUCL, Sahiyar, Gujarat Forum for Women’s Studies, and Narmada Bachao Andolan. They visited Ganeshnagar, Pratapnagar, Dholikui, GIDC Makarpura, Ambedkar, Chhani Jakatnaka, Chikuwadi areas on Sunday the relocation sites provided in Sayaji Park and Priyanka Gandhinagar, situated in the outskirts of the city ============================================================= 13.10.2013 to: – Mr.G.R.Aloria IAS, Principal Secretary, UD & UH deptt. Govt. of Gujarat Dear sir Please read above report of 1998 after demolition of Dholi Kui from Masia Kans of Vadodara. See how we faced 8 Human Right Activist in 1998 chaired by Mr. Haroobhai Mehta Ex MP.
I faced Late Mr. Mehta in Vadodara as well as in Gujarat High Court by taking a contempt of Court Case in SCA # 3426 of 1998 PUCL Vs State and others.
Please read affidavit of Mr. Anil Mukim IAS the then Collector Vadodara on 10/2/1999 against GHB.
Why you are now defending of wrong doings of GHB in Tarsali GHB Housing lands of Vadodara? Thanks with regards. Yours truly, Dr.R.K.D.Goel

7 years ago

Dear Mr. Mukul Sinha=Do you know how many peoples died in Gujarat due to floods from 1992? For Floods of 2005 / 2006 and in 2013 the responsible is State Government Bureaucrats during the time of Mr. Narendra Modi only. Why you are not taking the criminal negligence case in Hon. Gujarat High Court against the Gujarat State Government a tleast from 2005 and Surat floods of 2006. Read report of Surat floods Chaired by Hon. Mr. R.A.Mehta (retd) Justice of Gujarat high Court. Mr. Mehta cahired the people’s Committee of Surat floods in 2006 including Gujarat floods of 2006 due to negligence of Gujarat state officers. Read flood report of Surat below: –
From : Digant Oza
Sent : Wednesday, July 11, 2007 1:12 PM
To : “Dr.R.K.D.Goel”
Subject : Executive Summary of the report of the People’s Committee on Floods
Dear Friend
I am forwarding the Executive Summary of the report of the People’s Committee on Floods, in which I worked as Member Secretary.
Digant Oza
People’s Committee on Gujarat Floods, 2006: A Report
Executive Summary and Recommendations
All the Gujarat Floods in the year 2006 were “MAN MADE” says People’s Committee headed by Justice (Rtd.) R. A. Mehta
Ukai Water Could have been Released 42 hrs earlier
If release was kept at 5.50 lakh cusecs Surat district back waters could have been prevented
Four Judgments of Gujarat High Court were ignored and water ways were NOT cleared
Center Sanctioned Funds for repairing Gangasagar Dam in Banaskantha but state did not repaired it
Dholka Taluka in Ahemedabad District Farmers were forced to pay mining fees for removing clay mixed and from their own farms instead of paying compensation. ===============================================================GIVEN / STATED IN THE ABOVE EXECUTIVE REPORT ABOUT VADODARA.
Large parts of Vadodara city also came under water due to floods in Vishwamitri and also due to water logging caused by incessant rains coupled with inadequate storm water drains. More than 60,000 people had to be evacuated from low-lying areas in these districts.
Then there were other issues, which further aggravated the flood situation. These included faulty urban planning and area planning with inadequate provision of storm water drains, non-maintenance of and encroachment on traditional water bodies and water ways (drains), transfer of traditional low lying government lands of river-beds / drains to industries and other entities for ‘development’, etc. This is clearly seen in Vadodara city where the problem of widespread water logging during monsoon has now become a routine affair. Surprisingly this problem is mainly confined to the newly developed posh areas, while the old city of Vadodara, planned and developed under Gaekwad rule, is largely free from this problem! This indicates that in the field of urban planning, instead of progressing, we have actually retrograded. Not enough attention is being paid to proper layout of roads and providing adequate storm water drains. And despite three clear orders of Gujarat High court, Vadodara corporation has not maintained and cleared the traditional water bodies and water ways (drains or ‘kaans’) that were created during Gaekwad rule. Not only this, the Corporation has even recently admitted that it has no ‘contour’ map of the city!
FORUM OF WHISTLE BLOWERS OF INDIA President-Dr. R.K.D.Goel, 1414-A, Akasdeep Soc., behind Akaswani, Makarpura Rd. Vadodara 390 009
11.07.2007= Please refer all my letters and representations from 1995 for removing the encroachments from Water Bodies of Vadodara as per the Hon. Gujarat High Court directives and Hon. Apex Court orders on the Natural Water Passages / Water Bodies / Ponds / Kaans of Vadodara city. The Executive Summary of the above report is submitted to the Collector Vadodara and Municipal Commissioner of VMSS Vadodara for information. Will the Authorities of State Govt. / Vadodara Collector and VMSS Vadodara now awake from their deep sleep for not obeying Hon. High Court / Apex Court order?
Dr.R.K.D.Goel (Enclosure one) Copy of my E-mail letter dated 25.Jun.2007 11:45 pm to Mr. Digant Oza also.
From :
rkdgoel goel
Sent : Thursday, July 12, 2007 7:53 PM
To : cm@gujaratindia.com, rkdgoel@aol.com, vmccomm@gmail.com, securban@gujarat.gov.in, secrev@gujarat.gov.in, collector-vad@gujarat.gov.in, info@gsdma.org, rkdgoel@lYahoo.com, drrkdgoel@hotmail.com, ajai_dave@yahoo.com, chairmangpcb@gmail.com, sanjiv_tyagi_ms@rediffmail.com, gpcbvadodara@rediffmail.com, gscic@gujarat.gov.in, v_parekh@guj.bhaskarnet.com, advanilk@sansad.nic.in, ayesha.khan@expressindia.com, sectocm@gujarat.gov.in, editor@gujaratsamachar.com, secyurban@nic.in, aniruddha.kr@nic.in, editor@divyabhaskar.co.in, csguj@gujarat.gov.in
Subject : FW: Executive Summary of the report of the People’s Committee on Floods .
110707-REPORTOFfLOODS_Thentherewereotherissues.doc (0.03 MB), CM-Grievance11.02.2006_6pages.doc (1.79 MB)

All the Gujarat Government Authorities.
Dear Sirs,
In this report it is clearly stated that the floods of Vadodara become every year problems due to encroachments on water bodies of the Vadodara city and not obeying the four Hon.High Court’s orders and directions. Barodians are suffering since 15 years for floods in vadodara. This year in 2007 monsoon Rain water also logged mixed with sewerage in the houses of each and every society.
No Natural Storm Water Drainages / drains / Kans / ponds of the city are cleaned from the JNNURM projects. It is reported that the work on the Deepings of the Kaans are on the paper only. Mr. A.O. Sharma IAF, Adl. Commissioner of VMSS has stopped the payments of Rs 40 lakhs to the contractor as no work is carried out to clean the Rupal / Masia Kans.
How long the Barodians will suffer of the rampant corruption prevailing in the VMSS and not obeying the four Hon. High Court Orders and directives to remove the encroachments from the Water Bodies of Vadodara City.
Will the Government conduct the enquiry as each year the same rampant corruption reported in the media against the VMSS officers / Politicians? Even JNNURM projects are not prepared having transparency and public participation of the citizens as per the norms of the NURM guide lines. The NURM moneys used as per the requirements of builders / Politicians areas.
We remained no alternative now except to knock the doors of the Hon. Gujarat High Court and Apex Court to expose the rampant corruption in the VMSS to get justice and Fundament Rights of the Citizens.
Dr. R.K.D.Goel, President of Forum of Whistle Blowers of India. Ph: 0265-2647677
From: “Digant Oza”
To: “R.K.D. Goel”
Subject: Executive Summary of the report of the People’s Committee on Floods
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 13:12:05 +0530

Hemen Parekh
7 years ago

BJP agrees with Congress ?

First it was Jairam Ramesh who said ,

“ In India more people have access to a mobile phone than have access to a toilet “

Then along came Narendra Modi to declare ,

“ For me , development translates into , Toilets before Temples “

It is another matter that both may be eyeing the votes of 50 % of the Indian population which have no access to private toilets and must do their dirty work , out in the open !

But then why is UPA government in a tearing hurry to give away ( free ) , 22.5 million mobile phones to BPL ( Below the poverty Line ) families ?

Especially when they already have a mobile phone ?

Would it not make more sense – even electoral sense – to urgently build 22.5 million toilets , on the corners of each and every street ?

Just imagine the boost that will give to the economy !

Can some clever engineers / economists figure out the number of jobs that will get created in the Steel / Cement / Construction industries ?

And by converting thousands of existing dry toilets to flush toilets , 750,000 families will be relieved of carrying night-soil ( from dry toilets ) on their heads ! A nation’s shame beyond words !

If this idea is properly packaged / sold to Bill Gates , he may even make an outright grant of $ ONE BILLION to Sulabh Sauchalaya to implement the project !

Among dozens of differences , it is refreshing to find BJP and Congress agreeing that toilets make a better “ Meeting Place “ for millions , than Temples !

Cleanliness is Godliness

• hemen parekh ( 15 Oct 2013 )

Rakesh Garg
7 years ago

मुझे इन बेच्चारे लोगों की बुधि पर तरस आता है. कुछ अच्छा करने को है नहीं तो चलो किसी NAMO जैसी हस्ती को पकड़ लो दुनिया में नाम हो जायेगा . अरे पहले तालिका में एक नंबर आता है न की १००वाँ नंबर. इतनी ही दिल में हिम्मत होती तो पहले तालिका में नंबर १ पर आयी हुई 1984 के दंगो की बात करते और उसके हक के लिए लड़ते परन्तु वोह कर नहीं सकते क्योंकि कांग्रेस वाले मार कर कहाँ फ़ेंक देते पता भी नहीं चलता इसलिए NAMO के पीछे पड़ जाओ. अरे भईये हिंदुस्तान में रोज कहीं न कहीं किसी माँ , बेहेन या बेटी के साथ दुर्व्यवहार होता है जाकर उन अबला नारीओं की कुछ सहायता करो जीवन सफल हो जायेगा क्यों व्यर्थ के कामो में समय और ताकत बर्बाद करते हो. मुझे पता है बुधि तो आप में बहुत होगी तभी तो NAMO के पीछे लगे हो. LOL .

Jairaj Menon
7 years ago

When anybody enters the arena of debate and makes claims, he/she will be challenged.People like Mr.Mukhul Sinha and others are doing precisely that and you cannot question them on that.It is not ranting, it is putting the record straight and putting things in perspective. You cannot brush 2002 Gujarat riots under the carpet as a mere aberration, nor can you deny the fact that Mr.Modi was the head of state then. Yes, there was 1984 and scores of other communal riots under various dispensations in different states and those too cannot be brushed under the carpet and the heads of state who were in charge then be allowed to go Scot free. But right now the claims to greatness of Modi by his supporters are under debate and therefore the question, why he could not preempt the gruesome violence in spite of warning bells sounding days in advance of the actual day of mayhem, is something which in a debate he or his supporter will be asked till such time incontestable truth prevails. People demand the resignation of Head of State when files go missing from his office and rightly so, in like vein someone who presided over the death of so many will be put under the lens especially if he is aspiring for the top post in the land!

Kanishka Sinha
7 years ago

It’s not ranting. It’s an impassioned plea. There’s a difference.

It’s a bugle call to honesty, rationality and compassion.

Najid Hussain
7 years ago

Very appropriate response, Mukul. Taking timely action is more important than simply praying. Rajinder Raina, if really concerned about human lives, should know this. Scientific action in Odhisha saved thousands of lives. A social action in Gujarat can save millions all over India. I salute your efforts of exposing Modi’s crimes against humanity.

Tee Pee
7 years ago

Which God is capable of hearing & answering Raina’s prayers soaked in rabid venom ? Perhaps the same Demon God that is strengthening the hands soaked in the blood of thousands of innocent citizens of Gujarat. Let that ‘world’ be known as’ DEVILs HELL’, and not of Humans.!!!