RSS has been the staunchest Anti-Ambedkar outfit, Modi has no right to usurp Ambedkar’s legacy

Even on the solemn occasion of the 123rd birth anniversary of Baba Ambedkar, Modi couldn’t keep his foul mouth shut. While paying his “respect” to Ambedkar, Modi instead of remembering the leader, made yet another acerbic attack on Rahul Gandhi accusing him of continuously insulting Baba Ambedkar!

Modi’s main allegation appears to be against Rahul’s claim that the laws like RTI, MNREGA, Food bill etc were statutes passed by Congress for the benefit of the people. Without entering into the merit of the laws, it is almost impossible to figure out how Rahul Gandhi insulted Ambedkar by claiming credit for his party in legislating the laws. The Prime Ministerial candidate apparently does not know that Baba Ambedkar had authored the Constitution which empowered the Parliament or the Assembly to pass laws. There is nothing wrong in what Rahul Gandhi has said that can be remotely insulting to Ambedkar.

The reality is that BJP and its mentor RSS are the most anti-Ambedkar outfits and the primary struggle of Ambedkar was against the caste-based Brahmanical order that treated the Dalits as slaves for over three centuries. RSS was created to protect this archaic social order and Ambedkar had to give a call to the dalits to embrace Buddhism to escape the barbaric exploitation that they had suffered for centuries. But all these historic truth has very little meaning for a hypocrite like Modi who thrives and grows on lies and divisive politics.

Very few people today however will remember that BJP was born in the cauldron of poison of the anti-reservation movement led by BJP in 1981 against the reservation for dalits. After consolidating themselves amongst the upper caste, BJP thereafter led the anti-OBC movement against the reservation for the other backward classes in 1985. The anti-OBC movement was soon converted into an anti-minority riots and for three long years there were series of riots till it merged with the anti-Babri Masjid agitation. The ground was laid down for the rath yatra of LK Advani from Somnath in 1990. BJP was thus baptized in the most poisonous primordial fluid that was produced in the decade of 1980-90 in Gujarat. This is the essence of Gujarat Model.

Even today, the dalits are most roughly treated in Gujarat save and except few of those who are going to BJP for their own selfish reasons. In a recent case, I had handled, tree dalit youth were shot dead in cold blood in Thangadh in Gujarat by an upper caste PSI. The Government refused to arrest the PSI till we moved the High Court.

Gujarat-2009-survey-dalitsIn a survey by the Navsarjan Trust and the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights (PDF Copy), which was carried out over three years in randomly selected 1,589 villages in the State, it was found that not only was untouchability practised against Dalits by caste Hindus, it was practised by the relatively ‘upper’ sub-caste Dalits against the ‘lower’ sub-caste Dalits. The report also said that inter-caste marriage was strictly prohibited in 98.4 per cent of the villages and such marriages within the Dalit sub-castes was found banned in 99.1 per cent of the villages. Any violation of the “rule†would invariably attract a violent reprimand against the defying couple, who were often forced to leave the village. Even in tea kiosks, cups and saucers were kept separately for the Dalits and such customers were required to clean their own utensils before putting the same back in the rack meant for the Dalits. In schools, separate sitting arrangements were made for caste Hindus and Dalits for mid-day meal schemes. Dalit students were not served water in schools. They were expected to go home or carry their own water with them.

While BJP talks of Dalits on one hand, it goes and ties up with PMK in Tamil Nadu whose leader is known for his anti-dalit diatribe.


On this day of Ambedkar’s 123rd birth anniversary therefore let people tell Mr Modi that enough is enough. Modi as the leader of BJP has the least right to usurp the legacy of the great man.