Narendra Modi Stalks Mansi Soni
What the joint venture of Gulail and Cobrapost could not do by all their innuendos, Mr Pranlal Soni, the father of Mansi Soni alias ‘Madhuri’ did it very candidly. Gulail and Cobrapost’s exposé did not explicitly state who was the Saheb of Amit Shah that had instructed the stalking of Pranlal’s daughter. But Pranlal’s letter circulated by BJP headquarters is quite candid about who the Saheb was. He has stated in his letter that.

She was required to frequently commute at odd hours, due to which, I would obviously be worried as a father. Under the circumstances, I orally requested Shri Narendra Modi, Gujarat CM, with whom we had long standing family relationships, to take care of my daughter.

While we appreciate the concern of the father in defending the horrendous act of the Chief Minister Narendra Modi of stalking his daughter for over a month’s time, his defence doesn’t remotely support either the intentions of the stalking or the actual tracking and monitoring that been done of his daughter. The defence that because Mansi had to come to attend her Mother’s operation, and therefore she needed the ‘exclusive security coverage’ does not hold water because the hospitalization was just for a few days whereas the stalking lasts for more than a month.

We at Truth of Gujarat would like to make it absolutely clear that we do not wish to comment or pry into the the privacy of either Mansi’s or Narendra Modi’s private life as it is their own concern. The conversation between Amit Shah and GL Singhal however brings out a completely different narration which is both disgusting and against all rule of law. Despite the father’s protestation it would be clear from the instructions given from Amit Shah to GL Singhal that the only purpose for tracking of Mansi was to pry into her private life and track every moment of hers which in turn was reported to Saheb which is now admittedly disclosed as Narendra Modi. For illustration, we reproduce here-in below some of the instructions flowing from Mr Amit Shah to GL Singhal.

The first snippet of conversation would clearly establish that the police was asked not only to track Mansi but to track every movement of the Municipal Commissioner of Bhavanagar who happened to be Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS who was victimized by Government of Gujarat and Pradeep Sharma had in turn filed affidavits mentioning his knowledge of Mansi’s relationship with Narendra Modi as the reason for victimization. Mr Pranlal Soni had certainly not asked Modi to look after Mr Pradeep Sharma.

Amit Shah: Singhal… Any updates ?
G.L. Singhal: Sir, she has left the hotel and now she is going back towards Prahlad Nagar
Amit Shah: How are your relations with SP Bhavnagar?
G.L. Singhal: Good enough Sir!!
Amit Shah: Check whether the Commissioner is at her home or would be coming here
G.L. Singhal: Ok sir…
Amit Shah: Municipal Commissioner…
G.L. Singhal: Ok sir…
G.L.Singhal: Some secretive work needs to be done
R.Asari: Sir
G.L.Singhal: Would you please tell me the location of our BMC, Municipal Commissioner secretively ?
R.Asari: Sharma sir’s location
G.L.Singhal: hmm
R.Asari: Ok, I will check it sir
G.L.Singhal: But secretively, ok
R.Asari: Yes yes… yes sir
G.L.Singhal: …And regarding the inquiry to be made at Bhavnagar, till I got the message very late so did not disturb you, He is there only in Bhavnagar
Amit Shah: Keep a watch on him
Amit Shah: Ok… and that guy from Bhavnagar … and his location ?
G.L.Singhal: Sir… he is there in Bhavnagar only

The second snippet would further establish that the tracking of Mansi was done not for ‘taking care of her well being’ but to secretively track her movements for reporting to Narendra Modi. In case, it was for her well being, authorities would have certainly informed her about them following her movements. The conversation down below would however show that Mansi was not only kept in dark but the police was actually trying to lay a trap to find out what she was upto.

Amit Shah: Singhal, did you check ?
G.L. Singhal: Sir our men have reached there. No movement reported as yet.
Amit Shah: Check whether they are there or not ?
G.L. Singhal: Actually we also tried to lay a trap at night pretending to be calling from a travel agency and asked whether a guest called Nancy D’Souza is staying in that room ? But they confirmed that no one with that name is staying with them but they told that someone called —– is staying in that room. But that girl is so clever that when she was returning from the airport someone gave her a missed call then she called back on that number and started asking who has called. But it was told that it was a public booth. She started asking who had called and how was his/her appearance.
Amit Shah: Hmm
G.L. Singhal: And again we tried to confirm whether there was someone else in her room or not at around 11:00 pm.

Lastly in another part of the conversation, it is also apparent that Saheb through his independent source had ‘solid information of some activity‘ and therefore Singhal was asked to put a policemen in the airplane to snoop on the lady.

Amit Shah: Singhal…..
G.L. Singhal: Yes Sir….
Amit Shah: Can we have somebody sent in the flight to Mumbai
G.L. Singhal: Hmm…..
Amit Shah: Saheb has solid information of some activity so better put somebody on the flight
G.L. Singhal: Yes sir…..very well sir I will send somebody
Amit Shah: Give some money and put him on the flight and second if she has made call from STD PCO at the airport have the number checked
G.L. Singhal: Yes sir….right sir…

The BJP Headquarters attempted to white wash yet another brazen and illegal act of Narendra Modi by hiding behind the letter of father Pranlal which is yet another pathetic and diabolical attempt to twist the truth. This is indeed Modi’s Soni-gate which requires to be immediately investigated by CBI. Let us hope the Central Government on this occasion remains determined to do Justice and not develop cold feet as they have done till now in other cases.

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Truth Devotee

Even a dowood would have been a gracious street Lout. Those sections of Indian society who poured ounces after ounces of their physical and mental energy to realize Gujarat and India come out of medieval and machiavellian morass ought to have been grievously hurt and pained of the abhorrently obnoxious episodes being coming to light more often.

Vijay Kumar Mago
Have these Pranlal Soni and Mansi Soni been extended favours by Mr. Modi to the extent that they are now being forced by those benefits to keep quite, even though the entire country is aflamed by this controversy and their murky relationship with Mr. Modi. They are not moved even by the plight this poor IAS officer called Pradeep Sharma whose service carrier and the family life is shattered, if he is not wrong. Come out Mr. Soni and Ms. Mansi soni in the open and say something what is right and what is wrong. Dont hide behind the comforts… Read more »
Hemen Parekh
Much Ado About Nothing ! American spy-agencies , FBI and NSA , regularly ” spy ” upon , not only its own citizens ( – including its Congressmen / Senators ), but also on foreign dignitaries such as , > Chancellor Angela Merkel ( Germany ) > Prime Minister Hollande ( France ) > Prime Minister Cameron ( Britain ) > Prime Minister Kerzai ( Afghanistan ) > Sundry Indian Politicians… etc When revealed by whistle-blowers like Asange / Snowden , American Secretary of State , John Kerry simply said , ” All of this spying is crucial for the… Read more »
Akshat Srivastava

if there is a Modi controversy, people need one.. just one escape hole to prove him innocent. I am not saying Modi is involved as nothing has been proven yet.. but what is amusing is that BLIND BHAKTS of him are even denying an remote possibility of him being a complicit in this act…

Tee Pee
Hoping investigation by present CBI ? Mr Mukul Sinha, please don’t talk and dream things like a ‘baby’ !. Every move by the Government and the Cabinet and PMO and HM’s office and residence etc etc are all readily available on the radar of the ‘ yet to be crowned EMPEROR’ , thanks to world class Spying Agency hired from ISI (Israeli Spying Industry). One single forward step by CBI, will witness dozens of live audio video BLACKMAILING CDs (adults only production) going to air through over enthusiastic money making TV channels. Dare to challenge me and Amit Shah’s ‘SAHEB’.?… Read more »
Mayur Panghaal

This nation will sleep easy only if this mafia duo is behind bars or better…on the gallows.

Subhash Tiwari

बेचारा, साहब के दबाव में बिना सोचे समझे खुलासा दे बैठा, वो थोड़े ही जानता था कि बिना पाँव का झूठ दो कदम भी नहीं चल सकता.


Pranlal Soni creates a Soni-Gate for Narendra Modi


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