Pramod Muthalik, the Woman-beater, Minority-hater, President of Shri Ram Sena joins BJP ‘temporarily’

Modi-fied BJP welcomes the woman beater Pramod Muthalik to further Modi's Women Empowerment
Modi-fied BJP welcomes the woman beater Pramod Muthalik to further Modi’s Women Empowerment

It would be difficult to find a crime in the Criminal Manual that Pramod Muthalik, the President of BJP’s fringe organization Shri Ram Sena, is not accused of. However it was the attack on a pub in Mangalore which brought him and Shri Ram Sena into national limelight when goons from Ram Sena were caught on camera attacking and molesting women. Pramod Muthalik currently has 45 cases pending against him, and is wanted by the police in 11 districts of Karnataka. Yet, 45 is a modest number compared to the number of criminal cases he used to have before ‘Saint’ Yeddyurappa’s Government withdrew 54 cases against him. Muthalik is known to be a die-hard fan of Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi and has been a regular at a function held in Pune every year to mark the death anniversary of Godse.

Today, BJP officially inducted him into the party, thus putting an official stamp to the otherwise unofficial relationship between BJP and Shri Ram Sene. The induction happened in the presence of former Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar, former Deputy CM K. S. Eshwarappa and current Karnataka BJP State President Prahlad Joshi. While speaking to reporters, Muthalik said:

I have joined the BJP unconditionally to campaign for the party anywhere and ensure Narendra Modi becomes prime minister to provide a decisive leadership

As soon as the news of Pramod Muthalik joining BJP reached the media, there was an unparalleled unanimous outrage in the social media. Soon after, BJP panicked and the Central Leadership instructed the Karnataka State leadership to expunge Muthalik from the party. The excuse given was that the Karnataka State leadership did not inform Central leadership before the decision was taken. However, the excuse is quite lame considering that the top most leaders of Karnataka BJP were present to officially induct Muthalik into the party.

Babu Bajrangi, jailed in Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Jail for master-minding mass murders during Gujarat Riots, must be beaming that his contemporary in Karnataka finally got official recognition, albeit very briefly.