Pradeep Sharma has spoken. It is now Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s turn to do so

Mansi Soni Stalkgate: Pradeep Sharma reveals Narendra Modi
Pradeep Sharma reveals Narendra Modi’s Conspiracy

Finally Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS has spoken. In his candid interview with several news channels, Mr Pradeep Sharma clearly stated that he was close to Pranlal Soni’s family through Pranlal’s daughter. Pradeep said that even during the period of snooping (August-September, 2009), her parents, her two brothers and other relatives had come to him and had food with him. The clinching evidence of their goodwill towards Pradeep Sharma was that even after Pradeep got arrested by Modi Government in January 2010, the young lady’s father and mother brought food for him in the jail on his first day of custody. Even now, Pradeep had great respect for the father Pranlal.

In view of these categorical statements coming from Pradeep Sharma, the BJP spokeswomen Meenakshi Lekhi and Sitharaman’s version before the nation through the news channels are clearly falsified. The entire BJP is clearly lying to the nation regarding the stalking issue. In light of what has been said by Pradeep Sharma, it can be also noticed that Mr Pranlal Soni also gave incorrect reasons to justify the stalking in his two letters. Moreover Mr Pranlal Soni did not make any allegation against Pradeep Sharma in any of his letters. He did not allege that there was any threat from the side of Pradeep Sharma towards Mansi Soni which required protection to be given to her.

Besides demolishing BJP’s lie that Modi had ordered the surveillance/stalking/snooping through ATS, IB and other departments of police because a threat perception from Pradeep Sharma, Pradeep Sharma brought out another important fact. Pradeep said that due a missed call from his phone to a very private number of Modi known only to his closest confidante, Pradeep came within the circle of suspicion. Pradeep further stated that at that time, a message of a video clipping involving the young lady was also doing rounds and Modi apprehended he himself was involved somehow and that the young lady was sharing information with Pradeep Sharma. That was the real reason why the massive tapping cum surveillance was ordered to follow both Pradeep Sharma and the young lady. This Pradeep said was the real truth. Pradeep Sharma’s revelations can be seen in a video interview with ANI news attached at the bottom of this post.

Sharma prior to coming before the news channel had filed an application-affidavit before the Supreme Court putting all these facts before the Court. Since all these facts have now been said on oath before the Highest Court, there is no reason to disbelieve them unless specifically contradicted by Modi or Amit Shah. The nation will be waiting for their version now since Pranlal’s version has no pran (life) left in it? Will Modi and Amit Shah come out clean?

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Gopikanta Ghosh

Shocking truth. It is greater shame when educated people support such person.

Laddan Yadav

Shame on these two monstrous stalkers. they need to be condemned roundly by all and sundry including the mental defectives meenakshi lekhi, madhu kishwar, seetaraman, rao and the enitre bhajpayees. Modi and amit shah actually should be tried and send to gallows forthwith…

Alexander Luke

They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they reply, trying to justify what has happened, they will descend to the level of Kishwar, N.Rao and Lekhi, certified mental defectives. If they do not, then it is an admission of guilt before the Indian people. The third alternative, of honestly admitting their mistake, we can rule out. The prime ministerial ambitions have been hit by a poisoned arrow. He is mortally wounded. The BJP should look for another alternative before the the situation is irretrievably lost. Advani, Sinha, Jaswant Singh and other senior leaders have not… Read more »


Pradeep Sharma has spoken. It is now Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s turn to do so:

Shivraj Harale

Its shocking …. this is live example of of IAS officers comes under pressure from autocratic power, Very basic point is that, why that lady is not coming into picture, and what is that clip send to pradeep sharma is all about? does modi will answer although it true or false..???


Pradeep Sharma has spoken. It is now Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s turn to do so: