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Pradeep Sharma hits back in the Mansi Soni stalking case, issues defamation notice to Madhu Kishwar

Mansi Soni Narendra Modi Stalking case: Pradeep Sharma defamation notice against Madhu Kishwar
BJP hires Madhu Kishwar to Demonize Pradeep Sharma

In the noise that followed the exposé of the stalking of Mansi Soni under the orders of Narendra Modi, one person silently suffered the insults heaped on him by the BJP spokesperson as well as their supporters. The person was none other than Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS, the Municipal Commissioner of Bhavagar, who was himself being stalked in the same operation in which Mansi was put under a 24×7 surveillance for over 30 days. As the exposé went viral, the BJP in order to control the damage, first hired the services of Mr Pranlal Soni, who gave them the alibi that it was he who had asked Narendra Modi to do the stalking.

Within 24 hours of Pranlal’s letter being read out by Rajnath, realization had already dawned on BJP that Mr Pranlal’s version had created more trouble for BJP than being of any help to explain the stalking. BJP, thereafter, was desperately looking for a plausible reason explaining the massive stalking operation and it was their own spokeswomen who came out with the allegation that the continuous 24×7 ‘surveillance’ was required to safe-guard Mansi Soni from the alleged apprehended assault/sexual harassment by Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS. The media not only permitted this absurd allegation to be aired but in a talk show on CNN-IBN, Ms Madhu Kishwar was actually invited to take the issue head-on which she did by further outpour of vile allegations against Pradeep Sharma.

Madhu Kishwar, now the famed author of Modinama, was in fact already demonizing Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS through her tweets since 16th November onwards. In her tweets, she had described Pradeep Sharma as corrupt and debauch where she had shockingly also alleged that it was Mansi Soni who was having an affair with him. In fact on TV, she went to the extent of abusing his late father and the family by calling them as the most ‘corrupt criminal minded team’. She followed it up by alleging that Pradeep Sharma could be expected to perpetrate acts like that of Mahipal Maderna who had raped and murdered Bhanwari Devi! Madhu Kishwar was thus actually alleging before the whole world that Pradeep Sharma IAS was as dangerous a rapist like Maderna and Mansi Soni could be meted out the same treatment like Bhanwari devi and therefore Narendra Modi had purportedly therefore ordered the 24×7 surveillance to protect Mansi from Pradeep Sharma!

Battered and beleaguered by such false, wild and defamatory allegations, Pradeep Sharma through his lawyer Dr Mukul Sinha has issued a defamation notice to Madhu Kishwar today (November 22nd, 2013) and asked her to respond within 48 hours as to why a criminal complaint shouldn’t be filed against her under Section 500 and/or file a damage suit for Rs 1 crore.

If Madhu Kishwar does not respond within the stipulated 48 hours, Mr Pradeep Sharma would be moving the court against her. Henceforth, any person who attempts to defame Mr Pradeep Sharma in any forum will face the same consequences.

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Arindam Sengupta

48 hours are over. Did she respond? You owe your readers the information.

Anshuman Banerjee
Haha….after seeing Pradeep Sharma get unlimited airtime on News channels…i realised that something is fishy !! since for years media tried the Gujarat riots case against Modi….Supreme court exonerate him. Then came the fake encounters of Ishrat Jahan and co.with media claiming she was an innocent collg. gal(David Coleman Headley’s statement proved otherwise when he said she was an LET Fidayeen)…..then came the DG Vanzara letter which got airtime through late august and early September !….now the cobrapost & guleil(just like Tehelka its another Congress run website) coming out with Stalk gate ! Wat i’ve seen throughout this entire period… Read more »
Khawja Saquib

As is evident, BJP is a shameless party and UPA Govt seems too weak to act against d Gujarat state and their powerful associates including d media bigwigs. The center seems to be incapable nd inept in dealing with d situations.

Roshan Shah

Playboy in Sachivalay

Mohsin Zunzunia

If Pranlal Soni had any self respect, he would have done the same thing to Madhu Kishwar for trying to defame his daughter after suing Amit Shah and his ‘Saheb’. instead of being part of the dirty cover up trying to project ‘Saheb’ as a hero for illegally stalking his daughter.

Laddan Yadav

Madhu kishwar is such a third class woman who is being such a sycophant of the murderous modi. She needs to put into her place and pradeep shama has done the right thing…


RT @TruthOfGujarat: Pradeep Sharma hits back in the Mansi Soni stalking case, issues defamation notice to Madhu Kishwar http://t.co/XTThjbm…

R. Saroja (@rsaroja70)

It is time Madhu Kishwar’s bluff was called decisively by someone. Let Truth alone prevail.

Domadiya Keyur

right sir….

Kanishka Sinha

Most bizarre of all allegations was when she was asked why the ATS was used to stalk him since it’s only supposed to be used for anti-terrorist surveillance. Her reply was that he must have links with terrorist agencies and that’s the reason that ATS would have been used.

With such horrible horrible defense, it’s almost like the BJP is deliberately trying to screw him. I almost feel sorry for Modi. Now he knows how the victims of 2002 must have felt when he assigned RSS members as public prosecutors to fight for their interests.

Mohamed Nazeer

and why not sending the same to CNN-IBN for airing these silly defamation

Mohamed Nazeer

Right step.


Pradeep Sharma hits back in the Mansi Soni stalking case, issues defamation notice to Madhu Kishwar http://t.co/ewwZSixPvv


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