Oh My GAD: Comedy Nights with Madhu Kishwar

Exclusive Pictures from Modi's Newsx Interview
Exclusive Pictures from Modi interviews Modi on Newsx

The scintillating show that is being staged since the past two days by Madhu Kishwar decoding her God is seriously threatening the TRP of the show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Hilarious to say the least. Take this one for instance that gave deep insight to the character of Modi and his greatness:

One Mr Bhattia came to see me after I took over the charge as the Chief Minister. I was told that the GAD is coming to meet me. I didn’t know what GAD stands for then. To me it seemed like something to do with GOD. I thought he was saint or something and I showed due respect. Later he told me he was the Secretary of GAD which stands for General Administrative Department ..

Ha, Ha..A scintillating discovery by Prof Kishwar of the “complex traits of Modi’ss enormous personality”

In between such hilarious interludes, Modi was of course boasting and bluffing his way through as usual. He wanted to grab the credit for the rehabilitation of the earthquake ravaged Kutch. The total mess of the rehabilitation program of Kutch had led to the people’s anger against Keshubhai Patel’s ministry resulting in the removal of Keshubhai and installation of Modi as CM in October, 2001. In the first year, hardly any houses were constructed with people living in tents or temporary houses constructed by NGOs. Modi’s assertion in his lengthy monologue that substantial amount of rehabilitation was done in his first 100 days in office is absolutely false. Pradeep Sharma was posted as Collector and District Magistrate, Kutch where he took over on 28.04.2003 and served till 03.06.2006. It is during this period that the rehabilitation and rebuilding of Kutch actually took place. The story by Uday Mahurkar in September, 2004, candidly admits that, it was only after Sharma was appointed as the Collector of Kutch, that the rehabilitation got going. Thus till April, 2003, the rehabilitation didn’t see much progress. Uday Mahurkar writes:

What helped the rehabilitation process was the posting last year of two official to implement the plans-Collector Pradeep Sharma, who is concentrating on infrastructure, and Bhuj Area Development Authority (BHADA) Chief Executive K.B. Thanki, who is focusing on housing, a segment which is still posing some problems.

A sum of Rs.4,070 crore has been spent on the rehabilitation of Kutch with over Rs.400 crore going to Bhuj alone. Appreciation of the rehabilitation work is accompanied by criticism. Many quake victims say that the Government’s priorities are wrong and that it should have concentrated on housing first and then on infrastructure.

It may be recalled that the very same Pradeep Sharma was arrested by Modi Government in 2010 on trumped up charges of corruption because Pradeep Sharma had allegedly stumbled upon an alleged relationship between Narendra Modi and Mansi Soni.