Official Airlines of Narendra Modi – Adani Airlines

Modi with Karnataka BJP President Joshi with Adani's Challenger 605 in the backdrop
Modi with Karnataka BJP President Joshi with Adani’s Challenger 605 in the backdrop

Gautam Adani has become one of the richest men in the world primarily due to the largess received by his company from the Government of Gujarat. Adani has remained one the closest confidants of Mr. Narendra Modi and, along with other top industrialists, is a staunch votary of Modi for the post of Prime Minister. Not surprisingly, in Modi’s mega campaign for the top job of the country, Adani’s contribution has been enormous. His jet plane carries Modi all over the country and has become Modi’s official carrier. Recently one of the sleekest jets of Adani’s stable, the Challenger 605, carried Modi to his Karnataka meeting on February 18th, 2014.

Adani's Challenger 605
Adani’s Challenger 605
Adani's Challenger 605
Adani’s Challenger 605

Adani’s Challenger 605 shown in the pictures above can be seen in the backdrop as Modi is received by BJP’s Karnataka President Prahlad Joshi at the airport on February 18th, 2014. Not surprisingly, the bond between Adani and Modi is so deep and firm that when US Ambassador Nancy Powell recently met Modi on February 13th, 2014, it was Adani who organized a dinner party for her later in the day.

Can a common man ever dream to be part of this coterie and be a member of this jet club?

Narendra Modi, Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani - Exclusive members of the jet club
Narendra Modi, Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani – Exclusive members of the jet club

Note: The top most picture of Modi with Adani’s jet in backdrop was posted by BJP’s Karnataka President Prahlad Joshi on his Facebook Page

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7 years ago

Bhrashtachar Janata Party
Officially sponsored by Reliance
Co-sponsored by – Tata Motors
Airline partner- Adani groups pvt ltd
Media partner- niticentral,rediff,indiatimes,a huge moditards

Babu Chand
7 years ago

u Skamgress has ruined the country….u will loose big way….

Babu Chand
7 years ago

Modi is the even though i am Muslim i will always vote for him as well whole India will vote for Him

Viral Kapadia
7 years ago

I have seen his house in VADANAGAR, Gujarat.

Still same as a poor villager..

Is he grabbing the Money for Him Self ?


Who ever Comment of Modi’s Gujarat should come to Gujarat.

See is house than decide.

Dont be part of fake party politics.

Be an Indian and select a person who is indian in real sense.


Viral Kapadia
7 years ago

I don’t agree with it … He travels in Airline not for the Personal Tours … He Travels for public welfare. Come to Gujarat and see.. He visited our area and the Penalty was the “Traffic Jam for 30 Min” and Advantages:
1. Lights of that area was repaired
2. Road became really wonderfull.
3. Water lines were repaired.
4. Govt Employess were working day Night

WHO got the advantage “MODI” of sitting in plane ??? No, the people of MANJALPUR, Vadodara, Gujarat



Mayur Panghaal
7 years ago

Modi is spending 20 crores for each of his paid rally. He has already held 72 such rallies incurring 1440 crores. He is planning another 150 rallies costing 3000 crores. He gave 1400 crores to the corrupt media to broadcast fake sting operation against AAP before Delhi polls. Who is funding him? Who is sponsoring his private jets/helicopters, five star hotel stay and costly designer clothes? WHY MEDIA IS NOT RAISING THIS QUESTION? BECAUSE THE CORRUPT MEDIA GETS A SHARE OF THE LOOT?

Mayur Panghaal
7 years ago

Arnab Goswami is a media hooligan of Modi. Have you ever seen him questioning Modi’s corruption? CAG indicted Modi for looting 15000 crores from mining. Why Arnab did not question Modi on this topic? Why his channel is busy showing only Modi’s paid rallies? But he is very prompt in branding a peaceful dharna as anarchy. After destroying AAP, he will again shed crocodile tears about corruption. Arnab wants the same corrupt system to continue so that he can have his share of loot from Ambani and Modi. The combination of Ambani, Modi, Arnab along with all corrupt political leaders should be sent to jail for the welfare of billion Indians

Mayur Panghaal
7 years ago

All major Political parties are pretending to fight the LS polls on the anti-graft plank. However, not a single Politician closely associated with the game of cricket, such as Sharad Pawar, Arun Jaitly, Rajiv shukls etc. etc.has spoken about the report’s finding and the need to remove Srinivasan from positions in BCCI and ICC and ban CSK from IPL .All these fellows are hand in glove and are there for the status and money and not to promote cricket. Also, come to think of it, not a single Ex. cricketer has also spoken about action against Srinivasan and CSK since all of them have been rendered helpless by being given lucrative financial contracts by BCCI from time to time. Now there appears to be no place in India which is corruption free and all are deeply involved, whether they are Politicians, bureaucrats, Cricket administrators, or ex Cricketers.. They are all taking the whole country for a big ride !!

Krishna Kant Singh
7 years ago

Undoubtedly, Modi is one of the most corrupt politician in India!

Uday Chhatre
7 years ago

Crony capitalism from the Ministerial Berths…. Corporate Democracy…
India is killed under the capitalism and Imperialism..

Rkd Goel
7 years ago

For any developments in a country even a house every one having security provision from the theft or from external attacks. In Indian Myths the Lunka was of gold. Ravan provided all the safety for his Lanka from out siders. . We have a defense department who’s duty to protect India from foreign invaders. Internal security of the country is the duty of Center Government.

We are getting daily threats from LeT / Islamic ISI trained Pakiistani Muslim Jjihadi’s to kill Mr. Narendra Modi, if he will be BJP PM of India in 2014,

Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP Presidents and other leaders should give guarantee that there will be no Islamic attacks in India and will provide safety to Indian’s from external attacks of LeT / Talibans.
How many innocent peoples are died from 1992 to 2014 by the Bomb attacks of Islamic Jihadi’s after Demolition of Babari Masjid on 6.12.1992 and riots of Gujarat in 2002 against Muslims.

For both these riots of 1992 and 2002 the Taliban’s are giving threat with killings the innocent people of India by Bomb Blats and Fidayeen attacks in India.

Will the BJP give assurances to Indian peoples that the India will be safe in their hands after 2014, when the BJP will formed Center Government in 2014 with Mr. Narendra Modi PM of India?

AS the Indian youths are with Mr. Narendra Modi to see him PM of India in 2014, will the BJP provide safety to Indians from Pakistani Islamic terrorists those did several bomb Blasts in India from 1992 to 2014 ?

All secular people of India wants peace in India. What happened in Muzaffarnagar in September 2013, Muslim -Jats and Hindus riots. WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE TO DISTURB COMMUNAL HARMONY IN MUZAFFARNAR U.P IN 2013?

The LeT repeatedly giving warnings that they will take revenge of all these riots from1 992 to 2014 against Muslims from the Saffron Pariva paticularly from Mr. L.K.Advani and Mr. Narendra Modi.

Mr Rajnath Singh President of BJP should think again and again for safety of Indians by the attacks of LeT / Islamic Terrorists of Pakistan?

Mr.AB.Vajpayee failed from 1998 to 2004 to have normal relations with Pakistan with Kargil War in1999?

They are ignoring now respected Mr. A.B.Vajpayeeji who is / was very respected people of world. Can Mr. Raj Nath Singh President of BJP have comparison of Vajpayeeji?