NitiCentral teams up with Arun Jaitley to spread lies about Gujarat’s fake encounters

After TruthOfGujarat’s exposure of how Narendra Modi runs a site to justify Gujarat Riots through his IT Team, the flag-bearers of NaMo’s social media team are unable to digest the fact that they have been exposed. First, it was Shashi Shekhar, NitiCentral’s Chief Digital Officer, who tried to side-step the issue by raising a technical issue, albeit unsuccessfully. Now it is Kanchan Gupta, NitiDigital’s Editorial Director who is trying his best to refute as part of his statement to LiveMint:


Kanchan Gupta

What does Kanchan Gupta have to say about this? Try going to in Google Chrome and you will see that the server which hosts Gujarat Riots actually identifies itself as NitiCentral.

Gujarat Riots redirects to NitiCentral (https)!
Gujarat Riots redirects to NitiCentral (https)!

The fact is that is being actively hosted by Rajesh Jain’s team on their dedicated server which also hosts High traffic sites like have to be hosted on dedicated servers/virtual private servers which have to be paid for in full by an individual or a single organization. TruthOfGujarat’s article “Modi Appointee Rajesh Jain Spamming the Cyberspace With NaMo Lies” exposes the entire list of websites that are being hosted on this server – most of these sites are BJP/Modi sites and the Rajesh Jain is the direct registrant for majority of the websites. Even the sites like and which look non-BJP are owned by Rajesh Jain.

It is not surprising that the team at NitiDigital is finding it so hard to be upfront and truthful and admit that they are hosting and it is part of their 2014 Election Propaganda. After all they are running a business of marketing NaMo’s dubious propaganda. Once such example is Arun Jaitley’s recent letter to the Prime Minister. NitiCentral has published it as part of an E-Book and feature it prominently on their website.


On TruthOfGujarat, we wrote a detailed rebuttal to Arun Jaitley’s letter => Letter to Prime Minister – Rejoinder to Arun Jaitley’s Letter to PM. NitiCentral if it had any sense of Niti ought to have published it. We showed how Arun Jaitley’s letter is factually incorrect on multiple counts – in fact it is a deliberate attempt at falsifying the fact that Modi’s police had cold bloodedly murdered 13 persons in 3 fake encounters dubbing them as terrorists. We are reproducing here one of the many facts which we had established to be totally false. Arun Jaitley states:

1. The only evidence mentioned against Shri Amit Shah by the CBI in this (Tulsiram) case was that he was regularly in touch with one police officer Shri R.K. Pandian, IPS who was an accused in the case. The vast contemporaneous record shows that Shri R.K.Pandian, IPS had been regularly in telephonic contact of Shri Amit Shah much before and after the incident as a part of his official duty since he was also heading the charge of SP, IB(Intelligence) of the State Police looking after political agitations and political activities. Any Home Minister of any State will have to necessarily remain in touch with SP…

The entire premise of Mr Jaitley’s argument to explain the huge number of calls between Amit Shah and accused RK Pandian during the core period of Tulsi Prajapati murder case was that Shri RK Pandian being the SP IB (intelligence) of Gujarat State police had to stay in touch with Home Minister Amit Shah. However this assertion is entirely false because RK Pandian was not the SP, IB (intelligence) of Gujarat State police when Tulsiram Prajapati was killed by Gujarat Police on December 28th 2006. In fact, RK Pandian was transferred to the post of IB Intelligence on 23rd March 2007, much after Tulsi was murdered. At the time of Tulsi Prajapati’s murder, Pandian was actually SP Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) and did not have any of the duties of overseeing political agitations and political activities as stated by Mr Jaitley. He was also the SP ATS Gujarat Police when Sohrabuddin was abducted and killed on 28th November 2005 and it was Pandian himself who was part of the abduction team.

Phone calls Between Pandian and Amit Shah
Phone calls Between Pandian and Amit Shah

The above chart shows the phone calls between Pandian and Amit Shah had peaked in the month of December 2006 in which they had followed and murdered Tulsiram Prajapati.

Further, we also produced phone call records which show how Narendra Modi was Directly Monitoring Tulsi Prajapati Fake Encounter. Parag Shah, who was an officer on special duty (OSD) for the Chief Minister from the period of January 2003-January 2008 also exchanged multiple phone calls with the accused Pandian. What business did a OSD to Chief Minister have with the accused police officer?

Either way, it does not appear within NitiDigital’s code of ethics to support the victims or expose the truth. It should also be remembered that all the three cases – Sohrabuddin, Javed-Ishrat and Tulsiram-Prajapati are subjudice. Publishing and spreading false information about the facts-in-issues would amount to a very unfair and unethical brand of journalism.

Modi Runs through his IT Team
Modi Runs through his IT Team