New Audio Tapes Reveal Amit Shah instructing Singhal to stalk Pranlal Soni’s visit to Pradeep Sharma’s house

mansi soni narendra modi pranlal soni amit shah stalking
Narendra Modi in conversation with Mansi Soni and Pradeep Sharma

Seldom before has any person stung himself to establish his own guilt. Amit Shah has done precisely that in the Mansi Soni snooping case. GL Singhal who was his pet police officer, recorded all the instructions given by Amit Shah to follow Mansi Soni and Pradeep N Sharma, IAS and those audio-recordings were handed over to CBI by Singhal. The tapes then found its way to the public domain through the Cobra-post. One set of instructions of Amit Shah to GL Singhal was to follow and stalk the visit of Pranlal Soni (father of Mansi Soni) and his family from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar to the house of Pradeep Sharma!

Singhal religiously followed the instructions of Amit Shah and recorded every phone call. The recorded conversation of 18th August,2009 and 21, 22 and 23rd August, 2009, totally demolishes the story of BJP that Modi had provided the police coverage to Mansi to “protect” her from the harassment by Pradeep Sharma. It may be recalled that Madhu Kishwar, an ardent supporter of Modi has alleged that Pradeep Sharma was so criminally minded that it was apprehended that he might hurt her physically.

To counter such motivated allegations by BJP, Pradeep Sharma stated in multiple televised interviews that he was very close and friendly with the entire Soni family and even during the period of snooping i.e. between 6th August and 8th September, 2009, Pranlal Soni and Pradeep Sharma’s family met multiple times including Pranlal’s family visiting his Bhavnagar residence. Pradeep therefore argued, if the relations between them were so close, how could there be any apprehension of Pradeep hurting their daughter Mansi? Pradeep’s reasons are perfect provided he can prove the fact of his close relation with the Pranlal Soni family.

The incontrovertible proof was actually provided by Amit Shah and Singhal themselves through their recorded conversations between 18th August and 23rd August. During this period, Pradeep Sharma had come from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad to visit the ailing mother of Mansi at her house and thereafter on 22nd August, Pranlal Soni, his wife Hasumati Ben, two sons, daughter-in-law and their children went to Bhavnagar to the house of Pradeep Sharma. We are producing the gist of the conversation herein below and attaching the full English transcript and all audio tapes at the bottom of this post.

The recorded conversations show that on 18th August, 2009, Pradeep Sharma had come from Bhavnagar to meet Mansi’s ailing mother at Ahmedabad. He went to her house in his official car and spent fifteen minutes with her. On 22nd August,the father of Mansi, Shri Pranlal Soni, her mother, their two sons, son’s wife and one small baby left for Bhavnagar in two cars. They reached Bhavnagar in the evening and went straight to the official residence of Pradeep Sharma and stayed with him till late evening. Thereafter the family went to Circuit House in Bhavnagar where they stayed for the night. The family started for Ahmedabad in the morning and after filling petrol, they went to see the old Palace of a king near Bor lake. From there,they went out straight from Bagodra after going through Dholera-Pipri and reached the Highway. .From there they reached Ahmedabad.

To remind the readers, Pradeep Sharma was the Municipal Commissioner of Bhavnagar and the entire movement of Pradeep Sharma from Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad and back was followed by the police minute to minute and two policemen were keeping a watch on his Bhavnagar residence. Similarly, the police was watching the house of the Soni family in Ahmedabad minute to minute and their cars were tracked to Bhavnagar and back. In doing this meticulous job of tracking Pradeep Sharma and the family of Pranlal Soni, Amit Shah has in fact established the close relation between Pradeep Sharma and the Soni family destroying the BJP’s allegation that Mansi was facing any threat from Pradeep Sharma. This is called hit-wicket.

Note: In the text below, AS=Amit Shah, GLS=GL Singhal; PN=Pradeep Narayan Sharma; RSV=RS Vaisnav

Clip 1. 18.08.2009 (Pradeep Sharma comes to meet Mansi’s mother at Ahmedabad)

AS: Yes tell me Singhal.
GLS: Sir, that Bhavnagar wala person has come
AS: hmm.. hmm.. hmm..
GLS: There is an official car with a driver and a commando {Pradeep Sharma’s car}
AS: hmm.. hmm.. hmm..
GLS: He had stopped for 15 minutes at the place where her ailing mother is. Presently he has come to the audit bhavan which is near the commerce six roads where he is alone with that lady who is there.
AS: Keep special watch on the lady.
GLS: Yes Sir. Yes Sir

Clip 2: 18.08.2009 (Pradeep goes back from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar)

Office of Home Minister: Saheb, I’m handing over the phone
GLS: okay
AS: Okay Singhal tell me
GLS: Sir that person has started for returning and his car has crossed Sarkhej. The car behind it is ours.
AS: hmm.. hmm.. hmm..
GLS: And that lady is still there, thaltej vala .. The name is Shiv Ganesh Bungalows sir.
AS: Is it Shiv Ganesh Bungalows
GLS: Sir Sir.

Clip 3: 21.08.2009 (Amit Shah informs GL Singhal that the whole family is going to Bhavnagar)

Office of Home Minister: Please hold, I’m giving it to Saheb.
GLS: Yes
GLS: Hello
Office of Home Minister: I will give the phone after call is over.
GLS: Yes
Office of Home Minister: Please hold on to the call
GLS: Yes
Office of Home Minister: Hello
GLS: yes
Office of Home Minister: I am giving it to Saheb
AS: The whole family is supposed to go to Bhavnagar today.
GLS: Yes Sir
AS: Watch them in two ways…Make arrangements for keeping a watch on them till the end and increase the number of person at that place.
GLS: Yes Sir
AS: Do you know who else are going to his house at Bhavnagar?
GLS: Right sir
AS: These persons are to start in advance around 12-12:30
GLS: Yes
AS: And with them the lady is there, you have to see whether she goes or not
GLS: Right Sir, Right Sir.
AS: 6-7 person are to go, the whole family.
GLS: Yes Yes Yes Yes Sir
AS: They are going to go to PN {Pradeep Narayan Sharma}
GLS: All right Sir.
AS: Now did, PN actually go to meet them there?
GLS: He was in their house itself…, He was visiting that house for half an hour.
AS: This did not come in our report?
GLS: Sir I did told you. He had in his black coloured Chevrolet court bearing the number GJ-4-G-4444 with his BMC driver and one Commando. {BMC – Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation}
AS: Their house means, that house? {the family’s house}
GLS: Yes Yes.
AS: Oh no, that’s terrible.
GLS: After getting out from there, went to Udhyog bhavan, and from Udhyog Bhavan to Gandhinagar, from Gandhinagar to his brother’s place and from there to Vrindavan.
Amit Shah: hmm .. hmm. hm.. Okay
GLS: Yes Sir.

Clip 4: 22.08.2009 (Amit Shah discusses stalking arrangements with Singhal)

AS: Singhal, Amit here.
GLS: Yes Sir
AS: There is an information that, the family of these people are to go somewhere and the lady is also to start and go to the airport at 12:30.
GLS: Yes Sir
AS: So you have to make arrangements in two ways.
GLS: In both places, people have been arranged.
AS: No, one should go behind the family and the other …
GLS: Yes sir in both ways
AS: And perhaps, her ticket is also there for the evening flight..Go-Air.
GLS: I’ll get it checked sir.
AS: Please get it checked quickly
GLS: Sir Sir Sir

Clip 5: 22.08.2009 (Amit Shah and GL Singhal discuss Mansi being dropped at the airport and which cars are going to be used by the family to travel to Bhavnagar)

AS: Yes Singhal
GLS: Sir, that boy had given the drop at the airport and had gone away.
AS: hmm..hmm.. hmm..
GLS: In the other two cars, there are 6 persons in total. The mother, her husband, their two sons, son’s wife and one small baby is there but it is a Ford Icon and not the dezire
AS: Ford?
GLS: Yes
AS: In place of Swift?
GLS: yes..yes sir, in place of swift.
AS: That means one Ford Icon and one Honda City
GLS: Yes Sir.

Clip 6: 22.08.2009 (GL Singhal informs Amit Shah that the family has reached Bhavnagar)

AS: Has the group reached?
GLS: Yes sir, its been 10-15 Mins. I have spoken to Asari already.
AS: Have they reached his house only?
GLS: Yes they have reached that house only and we have put two person there so that we can report to you whoever comes there or whatever be there movements. {Pradeep Sharma’s house}
AS: Hello
GLS: Yes Sir

Clip 7: 22.08.2009 (Mansi has reached Bangalore, GL Singhal keep track of her cell phone location)

AS: Hello
GLS: Sir Namaste.
AS: Yes
GLS: Sir the … people have reached. The people of Asarai are watching and you will be reported their movements.
AS: Okay Okay
GLS: Secondly, that lady has reached there and her location is coming as North Bangalore Sir at quarter to eight now.
AS: Alright
GLS: Yes
AS: In short, they she’s there
GLS: Yes, I have asked for after one hour, so I will get it after one hour and thereafter I will let you know.
AS: Understood. So that we know the location.
GLS: Yes yes
AS: And take their numbers from Sharma.
GLS: Yes I will take it.

Clip 8: 22.08.2009 (Singhal informs Amit Shah that family has left Pradeep Sharma’s house to go to Circuit House)

AS: Singhal
GLS: Sir
AS: You ask Asari whether they are staying there or staying in a hotel.
GLS: Yes sir Yes Sir, they are all in the circuit house at present
AS: The same family?
GLS: Yes
AS: Really?
GLS: Yes Sir
AS: Did they go there from his house?
GLS: They have gone to the circuit house.
AS: Find out everything, when did they go there.
GLS: Yes Yes Sir
AS: Keep a watch whether any person comes to his house or not.
GLS: Yes sir, I’m taking care of everything.

Clip 9: 23.08.2009 (Mansi’s location is tracked to Bangalore, family’s location to Circuit House, Bhavnagar)

GLS: Sir, Namaste Sir, They are there. Everybody is in the circuit house.
AS: Hmm.. hmm. Hmm.
GLS: That lady is bangalore. Her locations in the night and at 7 in the morning is at that place.
AS: Did anybody come to meet them in the night.
GLS: No Sir, no one had come Sir.
AS: Okay.
GLS: Yes Sir

Clip 10: 23.08.2009 (Pranlal’s Family starts from Bhavnagar for Ahmedabad)

Office of Home Minister: Hello
GLS: Yes
Office of Home Minister: Sir, please hold the line
AS: Yes Singhal
GLS: Sir, those people have started. Filling Petrol. I will let you know which road they take.
AS: They have started to come here? Hmm.. hmm..
GLS: Yes Yes
AS: Okay

Clip 11: 23.08.2009 (Singhal keeps track of family’s location)

RSV: The number of Saheb sir.
GLS: 23259961
RSV: Should I speak?
GLS: Yes
RS: They have gone to see the old palace of a king near Bor Lake.
GLS: Alright..Alright
GLS: Okay Okay Okay

Clip 12: 23.08.2009 (Singhal continues to keep track of family’s location)

GLS: Right Right
RSV: They will come out straight at from Bagodra after going through Dholera-Pipri…Or they may reach the Ring Road, Sarkhej Side, after going through Dholka
GLS: Okay
RSV: Most probably they will come towards Bagodra
GLS: Right Right Right
RSV: They have already reached the Highway.
GLS: Okay Okay Okay
RSV: Yes Sir.