Narendra Modi’s proxies lie about land allotment to Adani – Proof of Modi’s Toffee Model


Kartikeya Tanna, an Ahmedabad based lawyer close to Narendra Modi, has responded to Rahul Gandhi’s claim about Gujarat Model being ‘Toffee Model’ by claiming that it was Shankarsinh Vaghela who had given land to Adani at Rs 1 per square metre and Modi never gave any land in Kutch at the ‘toffee model’. Fact is that, Modi has given land to the Adanis in every possible Model – Eclair Model, Dairy Milk Model, Snickers Model. We present below a detailed breakup of land allocated to Adani by Gujarat Government between 2005-2007.


Further, in a reply in Gujarat Assembly dated 29.02.2012, Anandiben Patel gave further details about land allocated to Adani.


The above details clearly show the crony capitalism Narendra Modi has indulged in throughout his tenure as a Chief Minister.