Narendra Modi lies to the Nation about Gujarat Riots through his proxy Madhu Kishwar

“Professor Madhu Kishwar” has been presenting Modi’s insight to the nation for the last four days through the NewsX channel under the title, “Decoding Modi”. Yesterday (1st April, 2014), Mr Modi spoke of his experience of the 2002 violence and in few minutes dismissed the entire period of violence as a matter of ‘usual’ riot between two communities. No remorse, no sympathy for the dead, no sense of responsibility as the Chief Minister. We quote herein below certain excerpts of his “insight”:

The riot was not of one (political) party or the other, the riot was between Hindu and Muslim ; what they allege about it being pogrom etc are all wrong, both sides were fighting each other, yes both sides.. large number of police were also killed , government employees were killed..

98% Gujarat was peaceful; comparing with 1984 riots, in the first 72 hours there was no lathi-charge, no teargas as used, nothing was done; but here on the same day even preventive arrests were made in thousands; here the violence was controlled in the First seventy hours

If we examine these assertions by Modi regarding the 2002 violence and compare it with the reality of those days, it will be seen that every word spoken by Modi amounts to gross deception. To dub the violence against the minorities as a “riot” where both Hindus and Muslims were fighting each other is a blatant lie. For the first 48 hours , Hindu mobs of over 20 thousand goons led by VHP and BJP activists including Mr Modi’s colleague and friend Maya Kodnani were attacking small Muslim settlements like Naroda village, Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg society. The police under Jt commissioner MK Tandon and DCP Gondia who were accompanied by large contingents of Armed Policemen were withdrawn from the above mentioned areas between 12 p.m and 4 p.m when the maximum rioting took place so as to allow the mob to burn down the settlements. KG Erda who was at Gulbarg society made multiple calls to the Police Control Room to request for extra force, but none arrived.

KG Erda in his deposition before Nanavati Commission stated:

(On 28.02.2002) Till 12.15 pm a mob of around ten thousand people had already collected..When I again reached Gulbarg society at 2 pm there were twenty thousand people and at that time there were a total of sixteen police men…it is true that at 2.45 pm I had sent a message to the control room that a mob of ten thousand people had set fire in the area of Gulbarg society and surrounded it and that police has also been surrounded and requested for the SRP force to be sent.

At that time me and other six constables had got encircled by the mob and smoke was coming out from the houses in Gulbarg society..

While on one hand a massive crowd was surrounding the Gulbarg Society making Erda desperately ask for police reinforcements, Joint Commissioner MK Tandon along with his huge contingent of armed task force came to the Gulbarg area around 12 noon and then hurriedly went away with his task force to a distant area called Revdi Bazar and hung around there till 4 p.m despite there being no major rioting in those areas. Analysis of MK Tandon’s phone call records which shows his location graph is shown below:

Joint Commissioner MK Tandon's location graph
Joint Commissioner MK Tandon’s location graph

Ehsan Jafri was hacked into pieces and 69 residents of Gulbarg society were surrounded by a mob of 20 thousand and burnt alive. Modi Government did not send a single policeman to save the hapless people and when the police came at 4 p.m, Gulbarg had been reduced to ashes. In fact, there are phone call records which prove that DCP Gondia was taking direct instructions from Jaydeep Patel, the main accused in Naroda Gam.

Modi’s assertion that large number of policemen had died is equally false. Let the Government of Gujarat give the names of the policemen who had died date-wise for the first 72 hours, the period in which he claims the violence had been controlled! In fact Gujarat Government’s own data and testimonies show that police was actually shooting down the Muslims.

The data that Gujarat Government submitted to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), clearly shows that even though it was Hindu mobs that were attacking the Muslims, as many Muslims died in Police firing in the first 2 days of the Gujarat Pogrom

Deaths in Police Firing, Data submitted by Gujarat Government to NHRC
Deaths in Police Firing, Data submitted by Gujarat Government to NHRC

In Naroda Patiya, when the residents realized that they were under a massive attack, some of the youngsters put up a defense near the only entry to the Patiya from the main road to prevent the mob from entering their settlement. That was when the local police started firing at the Muslims boys to open up the entry. The deposition of Abdulmajid Mohammad Usman Shaikh witness no 156, before the Special Designated Court of Jyostna Yagnik, tells the sordid story.

The mob attacked on us and police started firing and bursting teargas, the firing hurt Hasan Qureshi on his head, Abid on his private part who fell down there, hence we all ran towards back side of our Muslim chawls and started stepping back and back…

Three young Muslim boys were shot dead near the entrance of Naroda Patiya by the police at 11am on 28th February, 2002 as they were preventing the mob from entering their hutments.

It is another blatant lie to say that the violence was controlled in 72 hours. In fact the violence continued till mid May with a few hundred more people dying during the latter period. Narendra Modi has repeated this lie again and again. We have written a detailed article on this subject => “Narendra Modi lies about bringing sanity within 72 hours of violent outbreak“. Atal Behari Vajpayee during his visit to Gujarat was furious at the complete failure of the Government to control violence had sent KPS Gill IPS to control the situation. An excerpt from a Times of India article on August 31, 2004, states the reality.


And the most shameful lie is Modi’s assertion that “The riot was not of one (political) party or the other”, essentially trying to take the blame away from BJP/VHP/RSS. Truth is that the main accused in all the cases are BJP/VHP people whether it’d be Maya Kodnani, Jaydeep Patel or Babu Bajrangi. The Special designated Judge made the following observations to justify the punishment to Narendra Modi’s colleague and Minister for Women and Child Development, Maya Kodnani, in the Naroda Patiya case:

A-37 (Mayaben Kodnani) has been proved to be the kingpin of the entire communal riot and one of the principal conspirators who has actively instigated the rioters and has abetted them to form unlawful assembly to execute the conspiracy hatched under her leadership with other co-conspirators…

How long will Mr Narendra Modi deceive the nation? Liar.