Narendra Modi hits the lowest notes in Kolkata’s rally: Parochial, Communal and Anti-Regional

CPI-M Rally vs Mamta Rally vs Modi Rally, all in Brigade Parade Grounds, plus no hired audience in the first two
CPI-M Rally vs Mamta Rally vs Modi Rally, plus no hired audience in the first two

Only an imbecile can stand in the Brigade Parade Ground of Kolkata, which still may be reverberating with speeches of stalwarts like Jyoti babu and allege that “Third front will make India Third rateâ€. Firstly this man doesn’t even understand the political aspirations of the regions that led to the creation of the third front. One of the heaviest price paid by the centralized planning system of India dominated by the north-western ruling classes was the consistent neglect of the rest of India. While capitalism is well known for non-uniform growth, but in the Indian context, even the Nehruvian utopian socialism led to the growth of only certain regions of the country, wherever such regional forces could dominate the center. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Western UP etc are some of the areas which flourished, whereas, the rest suffered.

The significant economic developments of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar etc can be directly related to the growth of their own regional political parties. This is the basic politics of federal capitalism. But, what would Mr Modi know of this development? He has even forgotten perhaps that HD Deve Gowda was the first prime minister of the third front and his state Karnataka instead of becoming third rate is the IT capital of India. Orissa has crossed Gujarat in growth rate. West Bengal had the highest agricultural development during the left front, even crossing over Punjab’s figures.

Mr Modi, in his total ignorance of the Indian reality, is following Congress’s blind centralized politics which had led to the regional discrepancies, but in a far more dangerous way, since with his anti-regionalism, he mixes the equally potent parochialism and communalism.

This man had the audacity to try and instigate the Bengali crowd by injecting the parochial passion around the denial of post of Prime Minister to Pranab Mukherjee on the grounds that he was the senior most leader in Congress when Rajiv Gandhi/Manmohan Singh were chosen as Prime Minister. Two points are required to be made here. Firstly he very conveniently forgets that he has himself dislodged and destroyed almost all senior members of BJP, whether it’d be Keshubhai Patel of Gujarat or Advani at the center. Infact, through his sponsored website Niticentral, he led a malicious campaign against Advani, when Advani refused to endorse him.

Secondly, this hypocrite, does not tell the Bengali crowd that he along with rest of BJP had opposed the candidature of Mr Pranab Mukherjee as the President of India as recently as in July 2012 and BJP’s spokesperson, Mr Shahnawaz Hussain had said:

His nomination for the post of President is not a reward for his performance, but for his non-performance, Congress is celebrating that Pranab is no more the finance minister. They are reversing the decisions taken by him. He was not an asset, but a burden in financial management and to get rid of him he has been made the candidate.

Modi with PA Sangma, BJP's candidate for Presidency against Pranab Mukherjee
Modi with PA Sangma, BJP’s candidate for Presidency against Pranab Mukherjee

So much for his love for Pranab da. Let Mr Narendra Modi understand that politics of Bengal has gone far beyond parochialism and communalism since 35 years of the Left Front rule has successfully kept BJP out of West Bengal and BJP is the root cause of the communal poison entering the political field.

Mr Modi can however never give up his original stripes i.e. those of communalism. One of the most favorite propaganda lines of the Sanghis to spread communalism through their pseudo-nationalism is to keep punching the Bangladesh refugees. It may be recalled that, in the 1971 war which was primarily aimed at dismembering Pakistan and creating a free Bangladesh, the entire country supported the Bangladeshi freedom struggle against the Pakistani oppression. At that point of time, several Bangladeshis did immigrate to India in Assam and other bordering towns as their poverty was worse than ours of which a large were fraction were Hindus. In fact, a very large number of the people gathered in the brigade parade ground for Modi’s rally were originally Bangladeshis since BJP is active in those areas. So what is Mr Narendra Modi complaining of? Is he dividing the refugees also along communal lines and trying to inject the poison of communalism in West Bengal? He may try, but he will fail, since the Gujarat Model will not work in West Bengal. He may have got Tata thanks to Mamata’s misconceived agitation, but he will not be able to bring his brand of politics to West Bengal in return.