Modi’s interview with ABP News: 56 inch ka seena, choohe jaisa dil!

A tweet from Navbharat Times account which was later withdrawn exposed Modi's choohe ka dil
A tweet from Navbharat Times Twitter account which was later withdrawn exposed Modi’s choohe jaisa dil

An interview of Narendra Modi which does not ask pointed questions about Modi’s criminal complicity in Ishrat Jahan encounter and the snooping of Mansi Soni is nothing but a ‘fixed interview’. In July, 2013, CBI’s charge-sheet in the Ishrat Jahaan case exposed how the Gujarat Police had sought Narendra Modi’s and Amit Shah’s approval to murder Ishrat Jahan and 3 more. Multiple policemen stated in their testimonies before the CBI or Magistrate that Safed Dadhi (white beard) and Kali Dadhi (black beard) had given approval for the staged encounter of 4 person. In their testimonies, they also clearly specified that Safed Dadhi is used as a moniker for Narendra Modi and Kali Dadhi is used as a moniker for Amit Shah in Gujarat Police. In November 2013, and exposed recorded phone conversations of Amit Shah and GL Singhal IPS which showed how Amit Shah was stalking a young woman on behest of his ‘Saheb’ using Gujarat Police and Anti Terrorist Squad. No guess work needed to figure out who Amit Shah’s Saheb was. The murderous ‘Safed Dadhi’ and the stalking ‘Saheb’ is now vying to become the Prime Minister of this country and Indian Media does not have the guts to ask a single pointed question.

On April 22, 2013, Narendra Modi gave an interview to three journalists of ABP News as part of their program called GhoshnaPatra. Previously, multiple politicians have taken part in this program including Amit Shah, Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav. In each one of the previous installments of this program, a room full of journalists and audience fired questions at guest being interviewed. However to everyone’s surprise Narendra Modi’s GhoshnaPatra Interview was sans journalists and sans audience, except for 3 journalists from ABP News. Why were the journalists not invited like they have been in every installment of this program? Why was the audience missing? Considering that the exceptions were made only in case of Narendra Modi, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Narendra Modi himself decided the format of the program which excluded the audience and journalists. What sort of a coward is BJP’s PM Candidate that he cannot face the very audience that he wants to become a Prime Minister of?

Besides the Navbharat Times tweet that we showed above, other journalists also casted aspersions on this sudden change in format of Ghoshnapatra to suit Narendra Modi. Abhinandan Sekhri, the co-founder of, tweeted twice:

As it turned out, Narendra Modi was asked about his interest in movies, whether he would prefer watching an Aamir Khan movie or a Salman Khan movie? How much did he enjoy the film on Vivekananda? What time does he wake up in the morning? It is obvious the the interview by ABP news was as fake as the encounter that Narendra Modi approved.