Narendra Modi runs a Website that justifies Gujarat Riots ( through his IT Team

In the modern times, to carry out an organized religio-ethnic cleansing and then to get away despite the present day media watching every event is indeed a great feat by any Goebellian standards. Keeping aside the question as to who was the prime mover of the Gujarat pogrom, the recent pronouncements of the special courts trying the major cases of violence like Gulberg Society, Naroda Patiya, Best Bakery, Sardarpura etc would undisputedly establish that the violence was lead by the saffron brotherhood. In the Naroda Patiya case, even the minister of Modi’s Government Mayaben Kodnani and the VHP leading activist like Babu Bajrangi etc have been convicted. Yet despite these and many other irrefutable evidence, the concerted effort by the rioters to paint the violence as a spontaneous reaction of the angry Hindu masses to the “barbaric” attack of the Muslims killing 59 Hindus in Godhra has found many takers and paid handsome dividends to BJP which presided over the violence.

The perception of the common man to willy-nilly accept the action-reaction theory was primarily because of the voluminous propaganda material that the rioters threw at the common man without any effective counter by the other political establishments in the country. We have tried to research the mode and manner adopted by the saffron brotherhood to dominate the cyberspace, and to our shock and surprise, we discovered that Narendra Modi through his closest aides has created a network of websites to disseminate propaganda on variety of topics and subjects.,,, etc – All these websites are being run by Rajesh Jain’s team who is officially appointed by Narendra Modi to run his IT campaign. Their common roots can be seen from the fact that each one of these websites reside on the same server with the IP Address Rajesh Jain’s blog Emergic.Org is also one of these several sites sitting on this server. which is regularly endorsed by Narendra Modi on twitter also sits on this same server.

Modi Runs through his IT Team
Modi Runs through his IT Team

Having shown the above network of sites created under aegis of Modi, one of the websites which is immensely note-worthy for its distortion of facts is the website. The choice of the name itself is very diablolic since any netizen who searches for information on gujarat riots is likely to use phrases which includes the words “gujarat” and “riots”. As a result all the cursory searches will end up with visits to site since it features very high in Google’s search results.

Gujarat Riots consistently ranks high on Google
Gujarat Riots consistently ranks high on Google

Thus by an ingenious choice of name, the saffron brotherhood gets a netizen into their website and is fed with false and distorted information. A example of one such distortion is an attempt by the GujaratRiots site to justify the complete inaction of Gujarat Police on 28th February 2002 when the mobs went on rampage in the area of Naroda and Gulbarg Society. The site states that as on the second day of the riots, i.e. March 1st 2002, when even the army could not control the situation in Ahmedabad, how could the police control it on 28th Feb ((Myth 4: The Gujarat police turned a blind eye to the rioting)).

How fallacious this argument is can be seen from the fact that both Naroda Patiya and Gulbarg Society are within a radius of 2 kms and come under a single police zone number 4 headed by DCP Gondia IPS. The said zone also comes under the Sector 2 of Ahmedabad police led by then Additional Commissioner of Police – Shri MK Tandon. Both these IPS officers Gondia and MK Tandon were accompanied by large contingents of Armed Policemen along with Special Task Force with modern weaponry. Besides them, those areas are also covered by the local police led by the respective police inspectors of each area namely Naroda and Gulbarg (KG Erda).

From the deposition of KG Erda in Nanavati Commission, the police inspector of the Gulbarg area it is clearly seen that since 12:00 noon on 28th February, the crowd had swelled from 10,000 to 20,000 around 2:45 p.m and had surrounded the Gulberg society.

Quoting from KG Erda’s deposition in Nanavati Commission:

(On 28.02.2002) Till 12.15 pm a mob of around ten thousand people had already collected….When I again reached Gulbarg society at 2 pm there were twenty thousand people and at that time there were a total of sixteen police men…it is true that at 2.45 pm I had sent a message to the control room that a mob of ten thousand people had set fire in the area of Gulbarg society and surrounded it and that police has also been surrounded and requested for the SRP force to be sent.

At that time me and other six constables had got encircled by the mob and smoke was coming out from the houses in Gulbarg society…

During this period Erda had desparately sought for police reinforcement to disperse the mob and had made several phone calls to the Police Control room as well as Mr Gondia and Mr Tandon. The phone calls shown in the images below were obtained from the phone call data submitted in Nanavati Commission. The first image shows the desperate phone calls of KG Erda to the Police Control Room asking for police  reinforcement. The second image are the phone calls between Erda and DCP Gondia/Joint Commissioner Tandon.

KG Erda's calls to Police Control Room
KG Erda’s calls to Police Control Room
KG Erda's calls to Gondia and MK Tandon
KG Erda’s calls to Gondia and MK Tandon

While on one hand a massive crowd was surrounding the Gulberg Society making Erda desperately ask for police reinforcements, on the other the hand the analysis of the locations of Joint Commissioner Tandon establish that he along with his task force had come to the Naroda/Gulbarg area around 12 noon and had hurriedly gone away with his task force to a distant area called Revdi Bazar and hung around there  till 4 p.m. despite there being no major rioting in those areas.  By the time MK Tandon went back to Gulbarg Society at 4 p.m, the mob had already burnt down the entire society along with 64 men, women and children including Ehsan Jaffrey with only Erda and his few policemen being silent spectators to the whole massacre. Similarly DCP Gondia reaches Gulbarg only at 4 p.m. when the society had been already burnt down. This clearly shows how Police along with their task force moved away from areas of rioting.

MK Tandon's Location Graph
MK Tandon’s Location Graph
Gondia's Location Graph
Gondia’s Location Graph

It can therefore be seen as how Narendra Modi through GujaratRiots is trying to mislead the nation by providing distorted account of Police Action and much more. TruthOfGujarat therefore finds it necessary to go into details to disabuse the wrong perception being created by the saffron brotherhood to justify violence that was nothing but an organized pogrom against the Muslims.

We will deal with the other ‘myths’ being circulated by site and demystify them in the coming days.

Continuing our research into Modi’s IT conspiracy, we found many more websites running on the same IP Address, all promoting one man – wanting us to believe that all the websites springing up are spontaneous support for him – Infact they can all be tracked back to one man – Rajesh Jain. Read More At: – Modi Appointee Rajesh Jain Spamming the Cyberspace With NaMo Lies

Update2: promptly changed its IP Address from to after our exposure. You can see that the change was detected on 06 Oct 17:38 GMT i.e 11:08 p.m. IST. We published the post at 8:08 p.m. IST. Is Modi feeling shy now? IP Address Change IP Address Change

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7 years ago

What a pathetic article this is! You have not made even one solid point. What does same IP of those websites show? Does the BJP not have a right to put across its point of view through websites.
On, i have nowhere seen a justification of the killings of 2002. It merely presents ‘facts’.

Websites like your are the ones that spread false propaganda about Modi and trying to show him/BJP in bad light through cheap articles like this one. Get a life authors.

Modi US Visa
7 years ago

We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.

Please visit to review and sign this petition.

Mayank Kumar
7 years ago

Pratik, is it possible to share the whois lookup service you used to get the above data?

Gupta Deepak
7 years ago

Very good work guys.

Abhay Kumar Mishra
7 years ago

By the way
$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=56 time=54.610 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=57.171 ms

Do not spread wrong inormation

7 years ago

Conspirators & Rioters Vadodara: Charred City GUJARAT 2002 – THE TRUTH FULL COVERAGE

Every Muslim locality was attacked in phases spread over two months. At Best Bakery, 14 people were burnt alive

THOUGH NOTHING could be compared to the violence unleashed in Ahmedabad, Muslims in Vadodara — the second largest city in Gujarat — were also assaulted in a phased manner. The first round, which started on February 27 itself, lasted until March 2, with the worst incident taking place on March 1, when 14 persons were burnt alive at the Best Bakery in Hanuman Tekri. Thereafter there was violence between March 15-20 and, following this, between April 25-May 2, with some incidents taking place in the intervening period, especially on March 25.
Almost every major Muslim locality of the city was attacked. Kisanwadi, Sama, Ashabiwi Chawl, Madhavpur II, Makkarpura, Audhootnagar, Raghovpura, Noor Park, Karelibagh, Gotri village, Hajimiyan ka Sara, Hanuman Tekri, Roshannagar, Panigate, Taiwada and Macchipith were among the areas where Hindu mobs went on a rampage. Hundreds of Muslim homes and businesses were looted and torched. In Sama, a relatively new part of Vadodara with a predominantly Hindu population, a mob of around 20 people attacked the residence of Prof JS Bandukwala, a professor of physics at the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) and a respected figure in Vadodara, on the morning of February 28. The mob left after Prof Bandukwala and his daughter managed to take shelter in their Hindu neighbour’s house.
However, on the following day, March 1, a larger mob, armed with gas cylinders among other weaponry, launched a second assault and succeeded in torching Bandukwala’s house. The homes of two other prominent Muslim bureaucrats in the area were burned down. TEHELKA stung a rioter, Dhimant Bhatt, who was in the mob that torched these three homes. Bhatt is an accountant by profession — he is the chief accountant and auditor of MSU — but his real vocation is to inflict damage on Muslims.

Besides being a university employee, he also works as a personal assistant to the current Vadodara BJP MP Jayaben Thakkar. Bhatt revealed that on the night of the Sabarmati Express incident, a meeting was convened of Vadodara’s top BJP, RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and ABVP functionaries. Bhatt, who is also an RSS member, was present at the meeting, which is where, he says, a strategy of attacking Muslims was outlined. A plan for providing legal assistance to Hindus who may face legal action after the riots was also chalked out at the same meeting.
TEHELKA met another Vadodara BJP leader, Deepak Shah, who not only corroborated what Bhatt told us but also gave the name of the farmhouse where the meeting took place — Narmada Farmhouse. Shah, who is also a member of the Syndicate of the MSU, also corroborated what Babu Bajrangi had boasted of in Ahmedabad — that saffron organizations used lower-caste Hindus for carrying out anti-Muslim attacks.
Nov 03, 2007
Fwd: Will Congress investigate Vadodara riots of 2002 to know role of Chinnam Gandhi in killing of Muslims in south zone of Vadodara. Will the Govt. Start investigation what happened in Vadodara from 27.2.2002?

I am residing in South Zone of Vadodara where 20 out of 21 VMC councillors were of Congress. I have seen how congress councillors used Slum Dwellers against Muslims. All the Muslims fled from Tarsali area after leaving their property burning. TARSALI IS IN SIT INVESTIGATIONS BUT NOT STARTED AS BOTH BJP AND CONGRESS LEADERS WERE ACTIVE AGAINST MUSLIMS.
Crime Against Humanity
Volume I An inquiry into the carnage in Gujarat
List of Incidents and Evidence
By Concerned Citizens Tribunal -Gujarat 2002
Incidents of Post-Godhra Violence
Expert Witnesses
KB Pandey (Advocate)
1. This witness, an advocate in the Gujarat High Court, deposed before the Tribunal at the Vadodara ‘Open Forum’ on May 10. He said that he had not been adversely affected by the riots, but he was a keen observer. He said that the only reason for violence continuing for so long was that people wanted to claim false compensation. He said that the Congress party was responsible for the violence. He quoted exten- sively from the Manu Smriti, which, according to him, says that the existence of a traitor for even a second is not desirable. He should be killed and killed immediately.
2. Thereafter, this witness spoke about the “latest example” of treacherous behaviour – the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. He said that the American reaction — when troops moved thousands of kilometres to invade Afghanistan, and killed mercilessly with no regard for human rights — was the necessary and right reaction. “They who have attacked our Parliament, all traitors, must be identified and killed”.
3. When the Tribunal questioned this witness in detail about whether all Muslims were traitors, he said he did not believe that: Whosoever shouts, ‘Pakistan zindabad’ is a trai- tor. Apart from this, the witness laced his testimony with a lot of examples of areas where weapons had been seized, like Yakubpura, in Vadodara. However, whenever the source of this information was sought, he quoted from Gujarat Samachar or Sandesh. —————————————————————————————————— NOTE: – Mr. K.B Pandey was resident of GHB Tarsali, Akashdeep Soc, where all the Muslim houses of GHB societies were looted and torched. All the Muslims were run away to save their lives leaving their house hold articles burning. High caste Hindus used the anti-social low caste peoples of Dholi Kui Slum of GHB Tarsali area for burning the Muslim properties. Tarsali case is under SIT investigations.
Mr. Pandey was also the advocate of Dholi Kui slum dwellers of Masia Kans from 1994 not to be removed their illegal encroachments from the GHB Kans / He was close with Mr. Chinnam Gandhi, VMC Councilor to help him not to remove illegal encroachments from biggest Masia Kans. Resulting logging rain water in societies of Vadodara city.
Mr. Pandey was the Legal advisor and Advocate from 1999 to 2012 of GHB Akashdeep Society against constructions of Krishna Duplex Houses behind Akashdeep houses Nos 1415 to 1427.with out margin on 7.5 mts. road of TPS18 Mr. Pandey was very active member and advisor of GHB Akashdeep Soc. Vadodara.

Iqtidar Javed
7 years ago

Here in Pakistan a common man wishing always to have good relations with its neighbours especially with Modi’s country has deep rooted apprehensions regarding his attitude.He is just like Hafiz Saeed o non state actor.

Raviforjustice Raviforjustice

Would love to know how much Sinha duos got from the congies for writing this piece!

Anjum S Khan
7 years ago

I know only one thing. There is no smoke without fire. There are very good BJP cms like CG cm Raman Singh, MP cm ShivRaj. If congress is bad, and all media is bad, then by that logic these good cms too should have been targetted too. Modi is the culprit and under attack since 2005 when he was not BJP poster boy.

Puneet Garg
7 years ago

For someone so interested in “ethnic cleansing” the fellow stopped at only 1 riot in 12 years??? That is very poor motivation.
Just look at the relentless pursuit of secularism by Congress, Samajwadi, NC, they’ve scored a double century of “secular” riots in the same time span. Now that is called performance.
God save this country from such seculars. They’ve effectively changed the very meaning of the word Secular. It stands for a joke today.
India is going to get a leader who does not consider a Hindu any different from a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian.
And there is only one man who even dares to say this in public. Other’s do not even have the moral strength left to even say it!!!
God Bless my dear India. God bless you all.

Rakesh Garg
7 years ago

By hating NAMO u r creating more NAMO followers , keep it up guys, and NAMO is getting LARGER than LIFE, I request all of u who hate NAMO please do it more , more and more so that our love for NAMO goes up more, more and more. Stop dreaming of what u r dreaming, because ur so called wellwishing party congress “with small lettered c” cannot do anything inspite of so much of negative propaganda with all the media being in their pocket, as there r no direct or indirect evidences against OUR GREAT NAMO , so stop even thinking of this and support NAMO in the coming 2014 elections if u r true sons/daughters of this GREAT LAND called India/Bharat/Hindustan.

Raj Malhotra
7 years ago

Seriously, Can you hire some technical guys to do the work ? You are a dumbass interpreting your half-knowledge into some facts. Although hollow techies like you get a lot of following in India, I am really surprised that even here you could not get sizable followers. My suggestion to you is at least stop your stupid technical domain name query and ip addresses knowledge to impress – it looks so stupid and kiddy. Just write plain Modi-bashing stories, you will get lacs of people to read your article.
I don’t u nderstand – Here is pro-Modi site so he is defending Modi. you are a Pro-congress and Anti-Modi site – you are defending burning of hindus in trains. What is the difference between you too ?

Mayur Panghaal
7 years ago

The SIT’s reports in 2010 concluded that many allegations were found to be correct but still the material was not adequate to prosecute any of the 60 accused. On the other hand, the apex court’s amicus curiae and senior lawyer, Raju Ramachandran, who is examining the same evidence collected by the SIT, categorically stated that this was enough to prosecute Mr. Modi and others.Following these two contradictory assessments, the Supreme Court remanded the case to a lower court directing the SIT to file its final report, but also ordered that the complainants had the legal right to move a protest petition and access all investigation papers if the Team files a closure report. The report giving a clean chit to the accused was filed on February 8, 2012, but it took over a year for Citizens for Justice and Peace and Ms. Jafri to get the SIT’s investigation papers. Finally, the protest petition was filed on April 15 this year.

Mayur Panghaal
7 years ago

Recently there was a sting operation done on Sohrabuddins brother and others which showed that Tulsiram prajapati was eliminated as he had been tricked to give Sohrabuddin’s location to the police.When he realised that the police had tricked him and had shot Sohrabuddin,he was numb with remorse in Jail and swore to kill Vanzara and Co as soon as he got out of jail.That sting was just too much…here is the link…
After that there was another sting which showed that the Entire Guj govt ministry was conspiring along with the Guj Attorney general to derail the SIT probe into the Ishrat Fake encounter case….here is the link… If anyone still doubts that modi killed all of them,these stings should put that to rest.One should never forget that Modi appointed Kodnani as a minister even after charges of Murder and killing were slapped on her.But she is not the only one,there are many others who have been convicted like Babu Bokhiria who are still in BJP as Ministers in Guj.
God help this country if this monster becomes or comes even close to being a PM.

Himangshu Talukdar
7 years ago

go home the Author… U r drunk.. 😀 Namo Namo

ಪ್ರಭುರಾಜ್ ಹರಕಂಗಿ

Mukul Sinha should have got dead in RIOTS.. !!

Ravikumar Vj
7 years ago

before blaming Modi, please go ahead and read the report of supreme court appointed SIT. And if this author of this article have any more information, then he is welcomed to submit it to the supreme court.

7 years ago

Since times immemorial, Prejudice and Ignorance have always been the handmaidens of misleading propaganda.

Anoop Sukumar
7 years ago

Yours is also a propaganda site right? Prove your claims? and what is wrong in publishing his side of the story.. when sites like yours and congress have been shouting accusations against modi.. to paint him as communal..!!! when congress themselves is the biggest trouble maker with the most number of communal riots under their credit..!! they are psudo secualr party…!!!

7 years ago

Teestha’s site cjponline(dot)org ( has same IP as onlinesexmethods(dot)com veenamalikmuzik(dot)com. So RUN SECULAR JOKERS RUN!

Sunil B. Satyawakta
7 years ago

What do people targeting Modi for 2002 have to say for people till date seeking justice for 1984…… any answers…

Younus Sk
7 years ago

the best article of Truth Of Gujarat .,., hats off Mukul Sinha , Pratik Sinha .,.,

Sehba Imam
7 years ago

This is the kind of responsible communication that India needs. Not jingoism and accusations and smokescreens. But hard facts, backed with consistent proof.
Anyone who has worked with riot victims or has first hand information about Gujrat is convinced of Modi’s culpability.

Rahul Raj
7 years ago

The very title of the article is wrong, “Narendra Modi runs a Website that justifies Gujarat Riots ( through his IT Team”

Why? Because the site does not justifies Gujarat riots, it presents facts about Gujarat riots…

Ramesh Mantri
7 years ago

By the way, by making such allegations (baseless) you will only give publicity to the site, and readers are not fools to not see the arguments and come to conclusions. They will understand that people like Mukul Sinha and co cannot refute on merit any arguments of That is why the challenge has been unanswered for more than 3 and a half years!

Ramesh Mantri
7 years ago

Is that an answer to ‘s arguments? The site has been on the net for more than 5 years, from May 2008. See the IP address of from May 2008 till August 2012, it will have nothing to do with anyone- Rajesh Jain or anyone. As for the TRASH ARGUMENTS on this site that the police did nothing on 28 Feb in Ehsan Jafri case and Naroda Patiya case, Police saved 900 lives out of 1000 in Naroda Patiya despite being outnumbered and around 180 out of 250 in Ehsan Jafri case. The website gives all details of it. Mukul Sinha is unable to refute a single point raised by it.

Ramesh Mantri
7 years ago

Ok I know the author and admin of These lies by Mukul Sinha and co. Mukul Sinha defended the inhuman barbaric killers of Godhra by denying that Muslims ever burnt the train in Godhra. His site also suggests that Modi got Haren Pandya killed. This is all bogus trash.

The 25 year old author ran that site single handedly from 2008 when he was 19 years old to 2011 with the help of someone in US who got the domain registered for him. He wrote the book when he was 18 years old in 2007 and for 1 year tried to convince anyone who would listen that a website is needed to bring out the truth of the 2002 riots. It all went on deaf ears, and it is only by the efforts of an individual volunteer that we got the site registered in May 2008.

In Aug 2011 he got the help of a social media actvist who is an engineer. In 2012 they revamped it with help of some individuals who I have no idea were ever with Narendra Modi or not. But even today the entire site is run by the author-25 years old- alone. Narendra Modi may not even be aware of him. He says

“that even today we dont even have firestats installed on our site for months. We are without working firestats, and this man says Modi’s IT team runs it. What nonsense! Some members who I dont know (and possibly could have helped Modi in some of his endeavors) did help in revamping the design in 2012- thats all. Rest all content is by me- I ME AND MYSELF the 25 year old, who wrote it at the age of 18.

What an answer- saying Modi runs it! And even if did, for argument’s sake, is that a refutation of the arguments? What a logic. As we say again- we are open to correction, pin point a single wrong information said and we will make the correction. See our challenge. We dont need certificate from liars and murderer defenders like Mukul Sinha.

By the way, its a huge compliment for a guy like me, that my work (which was done when I was 18 years old) seems to be the work of a man of the level of Narendra Modi to some people, and they think Modi’s IT team runs it! 😀 “

Biju Kottarathil
7 years ago

What the Voters of the Nation should know, before the election!!!

Sheeraz Ahmed
7 years ago

good work

Md Jamal Ashraf
7 years ago

commendable job,keep it up