Modi Appointee Rajesh Jain Spamming the Cyberspace With NaMo Lies

The saffron brigade are keeping up with their ever lasting spirit of denial after TruthOfGujarat’s exposure about how Narendra Modi runs a site to justify Gujarat Riots through his IT Team. We showed how a network of sites including run by Modi under the garb of Rajesh Jain can all be linked to a common root IP Address ( and are sitting on the same server.

Modi Runs through his IT Team
Modi Runs through his IT Team

After yesterday’s exposure, the Modi team tried to rubbish our findings by raising a technical objection that a large server can host several domains linked to the same IP Address and therefore our assertion that the IP address can be linked exclusively to Rajesh Jain doesn’t hold any water. Belying their expectation that we would call it a day, we actually dug more and what we found is even more damning than yesterday’s exposure. Earlier we had only discovered some of the sites that were pointing to this IP Address, but further investigations have revealed the entire list of the websites as revealed by the A-Record Mapping. And lo and behold, most of these websites are owned by Mr Rajesh Jain. The websites that have their privacy protection on thus protecting the identity of the owner can also be linked back to Rajesh Jain’s company Netcore.

A Records pointing to
A Records pointing to
Domains owned by Rajesh Jain
Partial list of domains owned by Rajesh Jain

So who is Mr Rajesh Jain? He appears to be the dotcom poster boy who had made a net 500 crores by selling his India World website to Sify in 1995. He then went onto build Netcore and around 2010, Netcore acquired website which became a primary vehicle for Modi’s NRI propaganda. Modi also made him the director of Gujarat Informatics Limited around 2011 and it was ever since then Rajesh Jain has been spawning websites after websites for promoting the political fortunes of Modi. 2 of these websites have been mentioned by us which hold very central position to the scheme of political propaganda – the first one is which for the last 5 years has been trying to whitewash the black deeds of Modi in riots whereas the second one is which is the current flagship for their desire. to win 272 seats in Lok Sabha.

This we believe is the whole story of the IT machination to fool the people of India to vote for Modi.

Very interestingly after we posted our earlier story exposing the link of and Modi’s IT endeavour, a very guilty Rajesh Jain changed the IP Address of to make it appear that it is not linked to and in fact for a short while even went off the air last night. We can only tell Mr Jain that you can’t wash off the blood of Gujarat 2002 by changing IP Addresses. The tragedy of 2002 shall follow Modi till victims get their justice.


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Thanks to the Truth of Gujarat team for this investigation which confirms what we already suspected – namely that Modi’s propaganda war is a highly centralised effort, rather than something carried out by lots of independent and “enthusiastic volunteers”.

Dharam Singh

no matter from which party modi,jagdish tytler sajjan kumar balwant kokhar should be brought to justice they are involved in mass murder

Raj Malhotra

So, what’s the expose here ? I don’t understand. Are you telling guys that sun rises in the east, hence Modi got exposed ? Man, you call yourself a linux expert and showing people a whois query ?
This is a job which 8th grade guys do – please explain what’s the expose in linking all the sites to one person or one domain registrar ?

Deepika Dudeja

Dear Mr. Sinha, First of all, thank you for telling us that such a site exists. It is an absolutely wonderful site and needs to be advertised and shared more. So thank you again 🙂 This controversy is actually a blessing in disguise for the two volunteers who this site for free, they should now look at Donations or advertising revenues to get some money after all. SECONDLY, Mr. Jain was appointed in July 2013, so what do we make of your argument on that. This has been up since 2008, atleast 6 years before Modi’s PM candidature, but surprisingly… Read more »