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Was Mansi Soni confiding in Pradeep Sharma – Modi Stalks Mansi to find out

Was Mansi Soni Confiding in Pradeep Sharma, Narendra Modi Stalks Mansi to find out

Truth has its own wings. The GL Singhal tapes that were put out in the public domain had neither disclosed the name of the young lady who was ordered to be stalked by Amit Shah nor did it reveal who was the Saheb that had ordered the stalking or the Saheb’s intention of doing so. The entire credit should go to the BJP for exposing the Saheb, who the young lady was and Saheb’s interest in stalking the woman.

Mr Rajnath Singh on the very day of the expose had produced a letter from Pranlal Soni who according to Rajnath Singh was the father of the young woman and in the said letter it is stated that the father being a close friend of Narendra Modi had asked Modi to look after his daughter since she has to travel at odd hours. Thus the Saheb was identified as Narendra Modi.

As the debate raged on between the Congress and BJP regarding the legality and morality of Modi ordering the illegal stalking 24×7 for over a month, the BJP spokesmen and their supporters have now unwittingly spilled the other beans.

Ms Meenakshi Lekhi as well as ms Sitharaman repeatedly drew the attention of the nation to few paragraphs in a writ petition filed by Pradeep Sharma before the Supreme Court in 2011 and were ordered to be deleted. We examined the said writ petition which is available on the internet and on scrutiny we did find that Paragraphs 15-25 and Page F did contain a graphic description of the relationship between Narendra Modi and a woman named Mansi Soni. As these paragraphs have been ordered to be deleted, we need not dwell on the contents of these paragraphs any further, but we did discover the 2 grounds (e and f) in the writ petition which were not ordered to be deleted. We are reproducing the Ground ‘E’ here in below:

E. Because the apprehension of not getting a fair and impartial inquiry or trial is not imaginary, based upon conjectures and surmises but is reasonable. It is submitted that Shri Narendra Modi is aware that the Petitioner has knowledge of his secret liaisons with Ms. Mansi Soni and if the same comes to public knowledge it would seriously hamper his political aspirations. Thus it appears that the dispensation of criminal justice is not possible impartially and objectively and without any bias.

After an impartial reading of the ground ‘E’ in light of what had been said in the paras 15 to 25, we do not find any reference to any form of stalking or phone tapping during the period of 4th August to 6th September 2009 which is essentially the period in which Mr Singhal had taped the conversation between him and Amit Shah. But the ground mentioned does in clear terms allege that Mr Pradeep Sharma was being victimized by Mr Narendra Modi for the reason that he “has knowledge of his (Narendra Modi’s) secret liaisons with Ms. Mansi Soni”.

However, Modi cheerleader Ms Madhu Kishwar let out a series of tweets of which two are significant. We are reproducing them, here in below:

Madhuri was having affair with corrupt & debauch Pradeep Sharma – already under suspension- old enough to be her grandfather.

Pradeep & brother Kuldeep are linked to mafia elements. Father’s concern understandable- Pradeep was already under watch

Ms Madhu Kishwar, therefore, in no uncertain terms has justified the stalking by Shri Narendra Modi alleging before the nation that Madhuri (Mansi Soni) was having an affair with Mr Pradeep Sharma IAS, a debauch, who was also the brother of one Kuldeep Sharma IPS and further alleged that the brothers had links with mafia elements and therefore the father of Madhuri had sort the help of Narendra Modi that led to the round the clock surveillance of the young lady. Ms Madhu Kishwar was also present in the CNN-IBN talk show between 9:00-10:00 p.m. on November 18th, 2003, and there also she has categorically reiterated the above allegations against Pradeep Sharma and has also gone further to abuse the entire Sharma family include the late father Narain Sharma as the most corrupt family.

Ms Sitharaman, the official BJP spokeswoman, who was also present in the same talk show had supported Madhu Kishwar and had further alleged that it was due to the harassment of Mr Pradeep Sharma that protection was required to be given.

The averments and allegations of Mr Pradeep Sharma in his petition and the counter allegations made by BJP representatives including Madhu Kishwar gives a sufficient insight into the real reasons behind the order of the stalking of the girl. Nay! not just the girl but the phone tapping and stalking of Mr Pradeep Sharma also. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the cat is now really out of the bag. The allegations and counter allegations regarding the young ladies relationships with Mr Narendra Modi or Mr Pradeep Sharma clearly suggests that some dispute had arisen between Mr Modi and Mr Sharma that resulted in the suspicion in the mind of the all powerful Chief Minister that Mr Pradeep Sharma was privy to some information that would be politically damaging for him in future.

By January 2009, Mr Modi had already been named as a BJP Prime Ministerial candidate by the top bosses of the Indian Corporate houses at the Gujarat Vibrant program and Modi had to take all precautions not to allow his past relations come in the way of his political future. He had therefore ordered the 24X7 round the clock stalking and tapping and tracking of Pradeep and Mansi to find out if they continue to meet each other in August 2009 and if they do what exactly transpires between them.

The offence of Mr Modi is thus far beyond the misuse of ATS or illegally tapping of phones. The stalking had nothing to do with offering of protection to Mansi but it was really for snooping on her and the people she was meeting. It was to safeguard Modi himself from any leak from Mansi to Pradeep Sharma that may jeopardize his Prime Ministerial ambition, which of course is indeed under the scrutiny of the nation now.

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MK Kumar

What a Fake ARTICLE !! More u malign MODI – More he will become famous

MK Kumar

What a Fake ARTICLE !! More u malign MODI – More he will become famous

Kapilbhai Babubhai Upadhyaya

Truth remains truth only. It can not be hidden any long
I would like to say … …
” Vinash kale veeparit buddhi “

Hemen Parekh
Ignorant All ! American Congressmen are not much different then Indian ” Congress “-men , when it comes to Modi-baiting ! They are all , equally ignorant ! American Congressman , Keith Ellison ( Democrat ) and Joe Pitts ( Republican ) , have introduced a resolution in their House of Representative , demanding that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi should continue to be denied a visa Except that they don’t even know ( or seem to ignore ) , that Modi has NOT even applied for an American visa ! So , where is the question of ” denying… Read more »
Hemen Parekh
Issues Vs Non – Issues For the forthcoming elections ( State + Central ) , what are the ” Issues ” for the contesting politicians ? If that is your question , here is a partial list : > Labeling of Opponents ( Shehzada / Sahebzada / Chor / Terrorist / Murderer / Criminal ..etc ) > Blaming the Incumbent Governments ( Riots / Phone-tapping / Illegal Surveillance / Not awarding Bharat Ratna / Misuse of CBI ….etc ) > Running down of Opposite Political Parties ( Foreign funding / Lack of transparency / Freebies in Manifesto / Dynasty /… Read more »

#Malice in #Modiland. Where Truth is actually not only stranger, but murkier than Fiction. http://t.co/koMpen27vf

Alexander Luke
We have only seen the disappearing tail but a big and hairy beast is growling in the undergrowth. There is something rotten here in the state of Gujarat. All the attention is being focused on this case and the and the Modi Govt. is in the happy position of implying to the world that this is the only such case. This is obviously not true and there must be numerous such instances not yet revealed. There is a continuing pattern here and not only the govt. but even the social and cultural life is infected by this realization, making people… Read more »

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