The Ludicrousness of Clean-Chits

Is this India
Is this India’s future under Saffron Rule?

After Manmohan Singh’s scathing attack on BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi, calling him disastrous for the country and responsible for the massacre that happened on the streets of Ahmedabad, BJP’s Party Chief Rajnath Singh had to jump to Modi’s defence. Rajnath Singh said:

It is unfortunate and highly condemnable that in spite of getting a clean chit from the court and SIT, Narendra Modi has been targeted by the PM

Time has therefore come to have a closer look at the ‘clean-chits’ that the BJP leaders wave every time Modi is under attack. In law, clean-chits can only have one meaning and that is an honorable acquittal by a court of law which has weighed the evidences in a fair trial and not the failure to prosecute a criminal as is in the case of Zakia Jafri case. The BJP leaders tout the failure to prosecute Modi as a ‘clean chit’ which is highly ludicrous. By this yardstick, every criminal (murderers, rapists) who can successfully commit a crime and get away should be treated as having got a ‘clean-chit’.

In reality, there is only one clean-chit gifted by Nanavati Commission ‘acquitting’ Modi from any charge of burning the S6 coach of Sabarmati Express on 27th February 2002! As far as we know, nobody has alleged that Narendra Modi had burnt the S6 coach, yet such a question was asked and answered. This may sound ludicrous but in 2005 Mr Narendra Modi had in fact added 2 new issues enlarging the scope for inquiry of the Nanavati Commission – one of them was to inquiry into “the role and conduct of the then Chief Minister and/or any other Minister(s) in his Council of Ministers, Police Officers other individuals and organizations in the Godhra incident”. Mr Modi got a clean chit from Justice Nanavati commission saying that he had not burnt S6. This is what the Commission said in its report in paragraph 229 (iii):

There is absolutely no evidence to show that either the Chief Minister and/or any other Minister(s) in his Council of Ministers or Police offices had played any role in the Godhra incident….

Such are the clean-chits Mr Rajnath Singh relies upon.

Mr Rajnath, you may be cunning, but Mr Manmohan Singh, however silent is neither dumb or a fool. He has voiced the concern of the vast majority of Indians who have at least understood the danger that Narendra Modi poses to India with his brand of fascism.