Join the Caravan of Truth to Defeat the Propaganda of Lies

We just crossed 25,000 friends on Facebook. Lets set a new target, let our tribe grow. Last 7 months have been a very exciting experience for us at Truth Of Gujarat. In a world where information is manufactured by corporate media, we were apprehensive whether Truth had any takers. After 7 months, we feel very proud of Truth Of Gujarat and emboldened by the response we have received from all our friends. We have posted over 300 articles which have been overwhelmingly read and liked. Our slogan “Lies are Transient, Truth is Eternal” appears to have struck a chord.

In the arena of politics, truth of course is the greatest victim and the ruling classes have always resorted to lies, false propaganda and subterfuge to maintain their vote banks. The print media, the electronic media and even the social media are controlled by their agents who make every attempt to prevent the common man from finding the truth. The common folks have very little opportunity to make a space for themselves in this day and age. Our experience of Truth Of Gujarat, however, shows that common folks can come together via the medium of social media to form an honest forum. The fact that in just over 7 months, we have 25,000 friends on Facebook, over 2500 followers on Twitter and around 7 lakh cumulative views on our website, establishes that we can create a space for ourselves which can counter the giants in their propaganda war.

We wish to reiterate that Truth Of Gujarat belongs to all common folks who are participating in this endeavor and we would like all our friends to use this forum to express their own views on the current political affairs. Even counter-views are most welcome, except for those which are abusive.

We also wish to make an appeal to our friends, that we need to expand at a faster rate and we notice that while we took six months to reach the first 10,000, we surged from 10,000 to 25,000 a month and a half. Our friends have to push this frontier to at least one lakh as fast as possible. If every friend invites at least another 3 of their friends to TruthOfGujarat, we can hit this target very easily.

Join the Caravan of Truth to Defeat the Propaganda of Lies.

Invite your friends to Truth Of Gujarat
Invite your friends to Truth Of Gujarat