Godhra train burning survivor Hariprashad Joshi: Crawled from seat no 72 to seat no 1 of S6 coach. How?

As part of the Godhra Evidence Series, we have presented the evidence of 6 Karsevaks who jumped out of the S6 coach of the ill fated Sabarmati Express on 27th February 2002. According to their depositions:

  1. They had not seen any person coming inside the coach and pouring any fluid
  2. They had not seen any fluid on the floor of the coach
  3. The smell was like that of burnt rubber

We also presented the evidence of then Superintendent of Police of Godhra Shri Raju Bhargava who stated that he had neither seen any flames on the floor of the S6 coach nor did he smell petrol.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Narendra Modi had declared on the 27th of February 2002 that:

The Godhra incident is not the result of any communal conflict but was the result of a pre-planned terrorist conspiracy

After that Modi Government’s police alleged that the burning of Sabarmati Express was a pre-planned conspiracy and the S6 coach was burnt by pouring 60 litres of petrol from one end of the compartment.

Today, lets look at the deposition of Shri Hariprashad Joshi who was travelling in this S6 coach along with his wife and was seated on Berth No 43. This deposition was made before Nanavati Commission appointed by the Gujarat Government.

  • As there was a huge rush near berth no 72 of the coach, to save my life, I had traveled to the opposite side towards seat No 1 by crawling on the floor and had reached to right hand side door.
  • Backside of my jacket near the shoulder and jacket cap had got burnt due to flames of fire. I had burns on both the ears and on the face and I had jumped down from the coach from the door near Seat No. 1

Mr Hariprashad Joshi, who was seated on berth no 43, had first traveled towards the door near berth no 72 to escape the burning coach in order to save his life. When he realized that there was a huge rush near berth no 72, he crawled from berth no 72 to berth no 1 and jumped out of the door near berth no 1.

If the S6 coach was alighted using 60 litres of petrol, there would have been raging flames on the floor of the S6 coach. How would Mr Hariprashad Joshi crawl the entire length of the coach with fire burning right under him? How did Mr Hariprashad Joshi not get any burns on his hands and legs which, while crawling, would have been in direct contact with the floor of the coach but only on his face and ears?

Truth is that S6 coach fire cannot be a petrol fire. Truth is that multiple witnesses state that there were no flames on the floor of the coach. Truth is that multiple witnesses state that there was no smell of petrol.

Truth is that Godhra train burning incident was not a pre-planned conspiracy.

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3 years ago

If the attack was not pre planned, why the train stoped before the station???
The stop and the burning of the train can not be coincidentally.

Manav A. Bhattacharya
7 years ago

It is a perfect case for police and investigators, to find out how the incident happened? Because there are many other eye-witnesses and evidence witch suggests that train was set on fire from outside. It is obvious that without support of petrol or diesel or kerosene it is not possible to burn the coaches immediately.

Salil Das.
Salil Das.
4 years ago

There was absolutely no eye witness who has seen torching the S-6,compartment from out side or throwing liquids. RPF tried to recreate the seen by throwing petrol/kerosene in side the compartment couldn’t succeed locked from inside , the exit was closed another reason mortality rate was high the reason firstly all the doors & windows were completely shut at that time of incident , secondly the train was halted at signal falia which is located at a upper level from the ground ,liquid did not reach at that level of height by throwing from ground level. If it was handiwork of outsider ,why only one, the particular compartment S-6 was torched , they had accessed to torch some other compartment too since the entire train was occupied by the Kar Sevaks, therefore,this may be a accidental case of fire of the particular compartment, an accidental fire can not happen in all the compartments. The Bannerjee Commission which was appointed by Railway authorities for their in house investigation opined that fire caught from inside source , either due to some electrical fire of short circuit , or due to carelessly throwing burning butts of cigarettes/bidi or, tried to prepare tea for kar sevaks with live kerosene stove inside the compartment, these are the sources from where the compartment caught fire. However, Banerjee commission findings could not be used in the case since findings of two commission of inquiry for the same case is not allowed.