Gujarat Riots: A Desperate Email for Help and Gujarat Police’s Inaction

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) received a desperate email on 28th February 2002 at 2:44 p.m. that the police was not helping the victims but, on the contrary were actually with the rampaging mobs. The NHRC took notice and gave a suo moto notice to the Director General of Police, Government of Gujarat annexing the email received by them from a Muslim resident of Ahmedabad.

Email to NHRC on 28th February 2002 at 2:44 p.m.
Email to NHRC on 28th February 2002 at 2:44 p.m.

Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 14:44:12 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Regarding attrocities over minority in ahmedabad


Respected Sir,
As u know that VHP has called band over here and they are now burning muslims shops and have killed 10 and surprisingly police is supporting them. According to one of the big muslim leader when he asked Commissioner of ahmedabad mr p c pandey to take action to stop this he said that it is not in his hands.
Sir we are in great danger and are being covered from all four sides and anytime they may enter with police..our lives are in danger and if nothing is done then till evening there can be a big loss of lives.
please sir do whatever u can do
syed shadabhussain

The Gujarat Government however did not reply to the notice though 3 days were given to them and later on sent a reply to NHRC by it’s covering letter dated May 28th 2002. The defense was that the police resorted to heavy firing at Ahmedabad to prevent the rioters from killing the Muslims on 28th February and 1st February. Shockingly the numbers cited by the Gujarat Government in the same reply are exactly to the contrary which shows the deaths in police firing as under:


Hindu and Muslim Deaths in Police Firing in 2002 Gujarat Riots

27th February 20020 2
28th February 2002107
1st March 20022427

It would shock and surprise people that even in the 2 days i.e. 28th February and 1st March when even websites like Narendra Modi sponsored admit that huge rampaging mobs were on the streets attacking the Muslim houses and killing the happless Muslims and by their own count 600 Muslims were killed on these 2 days, the police had actually killed as many Muslims in the police firing as Hindus. Such an official figure flies in the face of the defense of the Modi Government that police force was effectively defending the Muslims from the rampaging Hindu mobs. In fact the figures show that police were actually firing and killing the Muslims and as evidence has shown in Naroda Patiya, where the young Muslim boys who had stood at the gate of Naroda Patiya to defend their locality by preventing the mob from entering through the only gate of Naroda Patiya were actually shot and killed by the police facilitating the entry inside the Naroda Patiya and thereby killing around 100 Muslims. These are all documented facts in the Naroda Patiya Judgement in which over 30 people were convicted including Modi’s minister Mayaben Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi.

In light of these official records of police firing, the email that we have displayed here actually tells us the contemporaneous truth of 28th February 2002.

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Jignesh Rathwa
7 years ago

Modi hatvo gujrat bachavo

Rajeswari Saroja
7 years ago

Here is an analysis of the farce of Raghavan SIT

SIT lawyer was not able to defend the closure report with any conviction

Sajid Omer
7 years ago

Its amazing that even after so much of evidence this man walks free with a shit load of arrogance .

Zoheb Malik
7 years ago

Who is benefited by this not the HINDU or the MUSLIM only Modi got the benefit rest all got fooled in the name of religion and lost their life or life of their families. So sad we still are getting fooled in the name of religion