Gujarat Police in the dock yet again in the 2002 Rath Yatra case

DG Vanzara, NK Amin and JG Parmar, the encounter specialists of Gujarat, are in a fix yet again. Right before the 2002 Rath Yatra, news papers in Gujarat carried the news of a plan to attack the Rath Yatra which was foiled by Ahmedabad Crime Branch in a big way. The Gujarat Police claimed that they had seized large amounts of ammunition including rocket launchers, bombs, revolvers, rifles and so on. Twenty two people were arrested by a team led by Vanzara abd NK Amin. JG Parmar was the investigating officer for this case. Incidentally, all the above three officers are accused in the Ishrat Jahan and the Sohrabuddin fake encounter cases.

In 2005, during the hearing of the rath yatra case before the Sessions Court, it was pointed out by defense advocate that investigating officer Parmar had not carried out ballistic reports of the seized ammunition as required by law and the seizure did not fall under the category of weapons as claimed by prosecution. At this juncture, prosecution moved an application for custody of weapons for the ballistics report. Court observed that such an application was moved to fill up the obvious gaps in the case and rejected the application and questioned the conduct of investigating officer Mr Parmar. Court also stated that a show cause notice should be issued to him as to why action should not be taken against him. Instead of challenging this order in High Court, prosecution moved another application before the Sessions Court which was also rejected. Finally in 2007, the prosecution challenged the order of Session Courts in Gujarat High Court. Recently, after twelve years, Gujarat High Court observed that there is no substance in the prosecution’s petition. The entire case by the Gujarat Police against the 22 accused has thus fallen flat on its face.

Whether it’d be the fake encounter cases or the Akshardham terrorism case or the above mentioned Rath Yatra case, case after case filed by Gujarat Police against Gujarati Muslims have fallen apart. Is there any doubt left that all these cases of fake encounters and bomb blasts were staged managed by the Gujarat Government through Gujarat Police?

In fact this conspiracy by the rightists forces of the country has been going on for the entire last decade. All the cases of Samjhota Express, Mecca Masjid Ajmer blast and the Malegaon blast have now been linked to people from RSS cadre and it’s associated groups. Just a couple weeks ago in Kerala, members of RSS were gravely injured while a country-made bomb that they were trying to home-manufacture bursted by mistake. Incidents like the one in Kerala have happened multiple times in the past as well. The wheels of rightist terrorism are churning everywhere in the country now, whether it’d be Uttar Pradesh or Kerala.

Riots, encounters, bomb blasts are deadly weapons used by the rightist forces to divide the society. People are too simple to understand this diabolic plan by the rightist forces under the garb of development. The leaders from the right wing parties realizes that issues like Pakistan and terrorism can be used to sway people to their side. Hatred is much easier to percolate through the society than good will. It is time for Indians to wake up before this diabolic plan causes an irreparable loss to the country.