Barry Gardiner – Unmasked

Recently, Barry Gardiner who is a British Labour Party politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) for Brent North invited Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to speak at the House of Commons. This invitation is being flaunted around by Modi and his cohorts as an endorsement from the British Government.

We at Truth Of Gujarat decided to do some digging to find out what brand of politics does Mr Gardiner subscribe to. Here’s what we found.

Barry Gardiner is the former Vice Chair of the Labour Friends of Israel and is one of Israel’s staunchest supporters. Labour Friends of Israel does Israel’s bidding in the British parliament. In October 1999, Labour Friends of Israel paid for Barry Gardiner to visit Israel and meet “senior Israeli leaders” so that they can share their vision of Israel with him1.

He had infact sacked one of his officials, Joseph Brown, the charges levied against Mr Brown being that he had demonstrated support for the Palestinians massacred by Israel during the Gaza slaughter.

We also looked into Mr Gardiner’s voting record in the Parliament2. We have chosen the few policies that Mr Gardiner voted for or against and these stand out and show his undemocratic, war mongering, rightist tendencies:

  1. Voted very strongly for the Iraq War – 18 Mar 2003, the definition of the policy being:

    Someone who believes that there was a case to justify the United Kingdom participating in the US invasion of Iraq which began in March 2003

  2. Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war, definition of the policy being:

    Someone who believes that the handling of the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003, including the failure of the intelligence about Weapons of Mass Destruction, need not be investigated

  3. Voted strongly against (64%) no detention without charge or trial, definition of the policy being

    Someone who believes that suspects can be arrested and detained without charging them with an offence or bringing a prosecution in a court of law on the basis of the evidence

  4. Voted very strongly for Terrorism Laws, definition of the policy being:

    Someone who believes that the crime known as “Terrorism” is different from murder and conspiracy to murder, and should have it’s own special category for which the normal rights not to be detained without charge or trial can be summarily suspended at the whim of the Government

And now finally, here’s the secret of ‘Jugalbandi’ between Modi and Barry. They always support each other in their respective elections. Barry Gardiner’s invitation is just a return gift to Modi for his earlier endorsement of Barry.

Modi endorsing Barry Gardiner
Modi endorsing Barry Gardiner


  1. Travel to Israel 

  2. Barry Gardiner’s Voting Record 

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Tee Pee

In any case Modi could fool SOME for SOME TIME, including Rajnath Singh.

Satish Barot

Barry is also a big supporter of Zionist state of Israel


I have always found and maintained that NAMO speaks in public like street side vendors or a salesmen. It is a virtue as also a reality that salesmen speak lies at random, and advertisements are most often misleading. NAMO will collapse with his own weight?