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Gujarat BJP Exposed: BJP Car Caught Transporting Cow Meat

Narendra Modi's BJP doing a 'pink revolution' in Gujarat

Narendra Modi’s BJP doing a ‘pink revolution’ in Gujarat An official car of Gujarat BJP was caught by Gujarat Police while it was being used to illegally transport cow meat. According to sources, certain leaders of Gujarat BJP have been indulging in an illegal business of cow meat, since Gujarat Police is usually hesitant to check cars labelled with the… Read more →

The Dumb Dumb Narendra Modi claims Kejriwal has given Kashmir to Pak based on AAP’s Donation Map

The Dumb Dumb Narendra Modi claims Kejriwal has given Kashmir to Pak based on AAP's Donation Map

After Arvind Kejriwal announced his decision on 25 March, 2014, to take Narendra Modi head-on by contesting against him in Varanasi, Modi has been forced to take a pot-shot at Kejriwal. Addressing a rally at Hiranagar near Jammu, Modi said: Pakistan has 3 AKs – one is AK-47, another is AK Anthony our Defence Minister. He says in Parliament the… Read more →

The Modi-Adani Affair Revealed

Narendra Modi, Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani - Exclusive members of the jet club

Modi with Karnataka BJP President Joshi with Adani’s Challenger 605 in the backdrop When his son was married in the coastal state of Goa last year, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani’s guest list included the richest man in the country and many a chief executive and top banker and bureaucrat. Most, however, just stopped by the night before to bless the… Read more →

The story hidden in Anupam Kher’s Twitter timeline – Dadri to #AwardWapsi

anupam kher march narendra modi

— Modi in Election mode before May 2014: Pink Revolution, Pink Revolution Anupam Kher: Vote for Modi, Vote for Modi — Modi in China, Ireland etc: Mocking secularism on every second foreign tour. International Media watches a PM of a country mock a principle which is one of the standing principles in the country’s constitution. Anupam Kher: Silent — Dadri… Read more →

Farmer Suicides in Gujarat – Facts and Figures vs Gujarat Government’s Fiction

Farmer Suicides in Gujarat - Facts and Figures vs Gujarat Government's Fiction

Farmer Suicides in Gujarat have come under the scanner after Arvind Kejriwal’s recent comments in Varanasi. Arvind Kejriwal attacked the Gujarat model of Development by pointing at the high number of farmer suicides in Gujarat. Gujarat Government rebutted Kejriwal’s allegations in an official statement which has been published on various news websites. Gujarat Government states: When he (Kejriwal) came here… Read more →

Gujarat Police’s atrocities against farmers, Modi Government shows how to evict farmers

Gujarat Police's atrocities against farmers

Kanubhai Kalsaria, AAP Candidate from Bhavnagar and 3 time BJP MLA, protesting against land acquisition While farmers were protesting peacefully against land acquisition by Gujarat Government, Gujarat’s Police resorted to unprovoked lathi-charge against protesting men and women in 2010. On one hand Narendra Modi and Gujarat Government claim that all the land acquisition is peaceful and just, Gujarat’s Police have… Read more →

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