Another comic interlude or was it a classical end game by LK Advani?


The Adanis and the Ambanis in the January 2009 ‘VIBRANT GUJARAT’, had openly declared their choice of Prime Ministerial candidate. It was Modi! A very shocked LK Advani pulled all the strings he had spun till then to be declared as the Prime-Ministerial candidate for the 2009 general elections held later.

On Jan 15th 2009, the Adani's and Ambani's declared Modi as the PM Candidate, on Jan 18, Modi had to issue a clarification
On Jan 15th 2009, the Adanis and Ambanis declared Modi as the PM Candidate, on Jan 18, Modi had to issue a clarification

Come 2014, Modi has quite obviously turned the tables on Advani. Apart from the honchos of the Corporate houses, the big bosses of RSS are also behind Modi this time. The MEDIa had also turned MODIa. Thereafter a long Shatranj game started between the two crafty players of BJP. We may be seeing the endgame now.

The non-declaration of LK Advani’s name as an electoral candidate for the Lok Sabha election till yesterday afternoon had kept Advani in great suspense. Very interestingly the declaration of Advani as the candidate from Gandhinagar constituency in the evening instead of ending the suspense created more shocks and triggers. Just a few days back, L K Advani himself had announced in Ahmadabad that his choice of constituency was Gandhinagar from where he had won on four occasion. What made him turn around after the party announced a seat of his choice?

Our media friends who closely follow BJP politics were of the view that a close coterie of Modi Bhakts in connection with the top brass were considering sabotaging the election of Advani and get him defeated. “Na rahega bansi, Na bajegi bansuri†appeared to be the tactics. Whether it was merely rumour mongering or real, the news had reached LK Advani forcing him to play his end game. The situation on the chess-board is as follows. Modi as the King of BJP has most of the major pieces intact with Rajnath acting as the Queen. Most of Modi’s pawns are also intact. Advani, the King on his side of the chess board, has lost most of his major pieces with his hesitant Queen Sushma Swaraj trying to save the King. Her move to stop Sriramulu entering BJP and pour his black money in support of Modi didn’t work.

Yet, it would be wrong to assume that LK Advani is a lone ranger. Though far smaller in number, Advani still has support all around including a staunch one in Shivraj Chauhan, Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh, who helped Advani in his last move. Chauhan gave Advani the Bhopal option which helped Advani extract an assurance from the Modi camp that he would be fully supported in Gandhinagar instead of the rumoured sabotage. After twenty four hours of drama, he accepted Gandhinagar, saving a lot of embarrassment for the parliamentary board which had allotted him that seat. A quid pro quo for getting unconditional support from the Modi camp at Gandhinagar.

What we saw therefore was a classical end game with some crafty moves coming from the 2 contesting Kings of BJP. There are too many possibilities that may be thrown up in the ongoing power struggle, including the defeat of LK Advani in the election itself. It would be too early to speculate; suffice is to say that LK Advani’s move has forced Modi-the King to retreat and move back a square!