2014 Election circus starts tomorrow: At the end, the trapeze artists will decide who forms the Government

Let's defeat the fascist forces
Let’s defeat the fascist forces, let the liberal India win

The tribe of psephologists have been making roaring business ever since Modi was projected as BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate. Most of the main stream TV channels have been upgrading their opinion poll results to make sure that the Modi-graph keeps rising. As long as AAP was berating Congress, the same channels had many good things to say about AAP. Their attitude towards AAP changed entirely once AAP started targeting BJP. The resignation of Arvind Kejriwal as the Chief Minsier of the Delhi Government was the perfect chance for these channels to berate him and brand him as the “Bhagora CM”.

Tomorrow onwards, hopefully, the real voters of Assam, Mizoram and Tripura will push out the paid psephologists, drown the fascist forces in the election ink and press the right buttons. In Assam, they have to be extra careful as an EVM machine was discovered which puts the vote into BJP’s kitty irrespective of what button you press. Let us not allow BJP to win by fraud and sabotage.

This time the youth appears to be actively involved in the process of election. The aspirations of the middle class youth are primarily jobs and a decent life. The sustained propaganda against Congress since 2011 under the leadership of Anna Hazare and later on Kejriwal decimated the Congress in Delhi. The youth have been convinced that all ills with the country is due to the mis-governance of the country by Congress and the rampant corruption by its leaders. Modi took the fullest advantage of this stigma attached to Congress. Till the Delhi elections, BJP was moving ahead unchallenged specially with the top business houses of Ambanis and Adanis sponsoring Modi.

The results of the Delhi elections of course changed that single track march of the saffron brigade. The youth brigade clearly got split in two parts. The youth that worship Modi as a Hindu icon and those who did not. Those who did not, flocked around Kejriwal and AAP. The media managers of Modi and the corporate backers are reasonably worried. With over thirteen million followers on Facebook and Twitter combined, Modi perhaps never imagined that same youth whom he had enchanted by selling dreams, would desert him. Worser still, many eminent personalities of the country joined AAP to participate in the Lok Sabha elections. AAP has even invaded the invincible fortress of BJP at Gujarat and put up contestants in all 26 seats.

The desperation of the saffron brigade can be noticed in their sudden change of electoral tactics. The façade of a corporate CEO, Modi, being the fountain head of development is crumbling. Amit Shah gave a sinister call to take revenge against the Muslims of Muzaffarnagar for “killing” Hindus. Such rabid communal hatred was not heard till now.

The RSS activists have also fanned out across UP asking Hindus to vote for Modi. This perhaps is the reality of India. The rabid hate mongers and the liberal India. The fear is of course that the money-bags who will pour in money after the election results are declared. The MPs will then become trapeze artists swinging from one party to another. Would the Indian voters permit such swingers to decide the fate of India? Let the liberal India win.