Cracked canals of Narmada

Minor Canal: Valthera, Dholka Taluka

Located 85 km from Ahmedabad, Lothal is one of the most prominent cities of the ancient Indus valley civilisation dating from 2400 BC. Lothal is situated in Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad district. The recent excavation by archaeologists unearthed inlet channels connecting the dock with a river. Lothal’s dock, — the world’s earliest known — connected the city to an ancient… Read more →

Modi’s interview with ABP News: 56 inch ka seena, choohe jaisa dil!

A tweet from Navbharat Times account which was later withdrawn exposed Modi's choohe ka dil

An interview of Narendra Modi which does not ask pointed questions about Modi’s criminal complicity in Ishrat Jahan encounter and the snooping of Mansi Soni is nothing but a ‘fixed interview’. In July, 2013, CBI’s charge-sheet in the Ishrat Jahaan case exposed how the Gujarat Police had sought Narendra Modi’s and Amit Shah’s approval to murder Ishrat Jahan and 3… Read more →

Senior Journalists debunk Modi wave in Bihar based on ground reports

Lalu's revival in Bihar is landing severe blows to the so-called Modi wave

Lalu Prasad Yadav had stopped LK Advani during his rath yatra in 1990. Advani was arrested on October 23, 1990 at Samastipur in Bihar by the then government of Lalu Prasad. BJP patriarch was on his way to Ayodhya from Somnath via central India to garner support for the Ayodhya temple. Lalu Prasad Yadav never fails to remind the media… Read more →

How NDA Government facilitated the flow of Black Money

How NDA Government facilitated the flow of Black Money

A small island nation like Mauritius perhaps generates more black money than all the SEZs put together because of the two-decade-old bilateral agreement between India and Mauritius, the Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC). Indian and Foreign companies masquerading as Mauritian companies have invested in India. Taking advantage of the DTAC, they avoid paying taxes not only in Mauritius which is… Read more →

Baba Ramdev caught on camera discussing black money with BJP candidate Mahant Chandnath

Modi's 'able' compatriot Baba Ramdev was caught talking black money on camera

Baba Ramdev has been pretty loud about bringing black money hoarded by Indian businessmen and politicians in International banks back to India. In fact, he’s pledged that Modi Government will bring back black money within 100 days if Modi were to come in power and has published his statement on his Twitter account. Follow @TruthOfGujarat

Has been sold to Narendra Modi already?

Moderator of is openly asking votes for Modi, Reliance Investment is finally paying off is Network 18 group’s online news portal. Network 18 owns multiple media properties including CNN-IBN, IBN7, CNBC Awaaz etc. In 2012, the sinking Network 18 group was propped up by a Reliance investment worth 2700 cores. Ever since, Network 18 and FirstPost have been pro-BJP media outlets. FirstPost’s editor R. Jagannathan writes ‘advertorials’ promoting BJP in the garb of… Read more →

Narendra Modi lied to SIT during his interrogation – Part 1 – Godhra Train Burning pre-planned or not?


Narendra Modi was asked 71 Questions (PDF Copy) by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) as part of their investigation in the Gujarat genocide. We will analyze Narendra Modi’s answers over several posts and show how Narendra Modi blatantly lied to the investigating officers of SIT and how the SIT completely ignored his lies. We will start with the statement which… Read more →

Narendra Modi’s proxies lie about land allotment to Adani – Proof of Modi’s Toffee Model

Narendra Modi's proxies lie about land allotment to Adani - Proof of Modi's Toffee Model

Kartikeya Tanna, an Ahmedabad based lawyer close to Narendra Modi, has responded to Rahul Gandhi’s claim about Gujarat Model being ‘Toffee Model’ by claiming that it was Shankarsinh Vaghela who had given land to Adani at Rs 1 per square metre and Modi never gave any land in Kutch at the ‘toffee model’. Fact is that, Modi has given land… Read more →

RSS has been the staunchest Anti-Ambedkar outfit, Modi has no right to usurp Ambedkar’s legacy

RSS has been the staunchest Anti-Ambedkar outfit, Modi has no right to usurp Ambedkar's legacy

Even on the solemn occasion of the 123rd birth anniversary of Baba Ambedkar, Modi couldn’t keep his foul mouth shut. While paying his “respect” to Ambedkar, Modi instead of remembering the leader, made yet another acerbic attack on Rahul Gandhi accusing him of continuously insulting Baba Ambedkar! Modi’s main allegation appears to be against Rahul’s claim that the laws like… Read more →

Narendra Modi’s first political success – Conquering the Corrupt Sukhram

Narendra Modi's first political success - Conquering the Corrupt Sukhram

Narendra Modi’s foremost claim to the top job of this country is his promise to root out corruption from the country. He keeps stressing rally after rally that he’ll be the ‘chowkidaar’ and guard India’s coffers. Modi’s critics rubbish his claims of delivering corruption-free governance by pointing to the obvious facts like Modi failing to appoint a Lokayukta in Gujarat… Read more →

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